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Marianne Liljenquist of Blatic Born: Scamming Clients Exposed by Reviews (Update 2024)

marianne liljenquist
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Marianne Liljenquist is a scammer. She has received numerous complaints for defrauding her customers. Beware of her and Baltic Born.
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Marianne Liljenquist has received numerous complaints for defrauding her customers. The following review explores why you should avoid dealing with her and her company:

The simple lines, striking neutrals, and delectable texture of Baltic Born Company by Marianne Liljenquist are explored throughout their website. They claim to give you stylish, comfy clothing and accessories.

They say they think that wearing the right clothes can make anyone feel attractive, and they want to be the ones to do it for you. They pretend to assure you that they will only offer you things that they would desire in their closets.

These demonstrate the quality of the materials and claim it’s quite exquisite.

However, don’t fall for these claims.

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8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Marianne Liljenquist has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

Marianne Liljenquist is a liar and a fraudster. The following points will help you understand why:

marianne liljenquist

At this point, if we observe the Baltic Born company of Marianne Liljenquist from a distance, we may notice that

  • Its size is undetermined.
  • Its income is either unavailable or inapplicable
  • It doesn’t have any rivals, which slows its growth
marianne liljenquist

Reviews & Feedback of Baltic Born Expose Marianne Liljenquist

Naturally, we can evaluate Marianne Liljenquist and her business based on the testimonials and comments made by those who have used its products and services.

Fraud is defined in law as the willful use of deception to obtain unfair or illegal gain or to deny a victim a legitimate right. Fraud can be a violation of either civil or criminal law, or it may not result in a loss of money, property, or legal rights but yet constitute a component of another civil or criminal wrong.

So, let’s move to the reviews for Marianne Liljenquist and her company Baltic Born.

#1. Poor-quality items are sold by Marianne Liljenquist

marianne liljenquist review

According to a recent review, the customer gave a review against Marianne Liljenquist and her sister who owes Baltic Born for providing bad quality products.

Her return was handled as a shop credit, and a request for full reimbursement to her credit card was turned down. Following that, Baltic Born Clothes went on to offer her a 50% refund to get her to go and make them feel better about just having stolen 50% of her money. 

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Their “customer care” states that it is their policy to safeguard their little business, but they are doing this by robbing people of their money for returned goods. 

For illegal and unethical business methods, Baltic Born Clothes needs to be looked into. The consumer was dissatisfied because she did not receive a $199.35 full refund to her credit card.

She posted this review in hopes that it may inspire other ladies to feel confident about purchasing from a company that respects its clients. 

The owners of Baltic Born Clothes, Allison, Angela, and Marianne Liljenquist, were not there to give women a sense of empowerment; instead, they wanted to steal your money and then hold you, hostage.

#2. Terrible return policy review of the company of Marianne Liljenquist

image 70

The aforementioned review claims that the company’s return policy is unacceptable. Returns are only eligible for store credit, however, this is never made abundantly apparent outside of the fine print. When making a purchase, this is not mentioned. 

Though it is natural to believe returns can be made, the corporation is very unforgiving when it comes to accommodating those who were duped and spent far more money than anticipated.

#3. Baltic Born & Marianne Liljenquist are “Thieves”

image 71

The woman’s allegation mentioned above establishes Marianne Liljenquist and her colleagues as a gang of robbers. She claims that they stole her money. They don’t properly reimburse the money.

#4. Loss of refunds & original discounts

image 72

The issue of a missed refund and discount from the company of Marianne Liljenquist is illustrated in the review above. The consumer who purchased the outfit in the hopes of receiving a 15% discount shared a bad experience via this review.

#5. Marianne Liijenquist and her team are “SCAMMER”

image 73

The team and business of Marianne Liljenquist are regarded as scammers by the aforementioned unfavorable rating. Instead, they are charging extra for apparel that is of inferior quality. Hence, the knowledgeable client advises against purchasing dresses from Baltic Born.

#6. Badly fitted dresses that faded after washing

image 74

According to the aforementioned complaint, the dress that the customer ordered from Baltic Born online was poorly fitted, and after she cleaned it as directed, the front of the garment developed faded marks. Thus, it was a manufacturing problem. Finally, the customer complained that it was a horrible business.

#7.  Horrible Customer Service

image 75

The aforementioned issue is connected to the size of the dress that a buyer ordered. After ordering a size down as advised, she received a huge size despite having ordered the dress according to her fitting. Not even an exchange or credit toward something else was available to her.

#8. The money is Non-refundable

image 76

Marianne Liljenquist and her business will not accept refunds in light of the customer’s abovementioned experience. It was incredible to think of an online store that would not accept returns in 2023. She started the return process, got her return label, and wasn’t ever told that she would just get a store credit instead of her money back. 

Nevertheless, at a discount after deducting postage from the customer’s reimbursement. It should be criminal how this feels. Particularly because she returned everything right away, well inside the standard 30-day deadline, and with all of the tags still attached.

 She finds it unbelievable that a business can act in such a selfish manner while feigning a sister-owned, girl-power attitude.

Additional Criticisms of Marianne Liljenquist & Her Company

#9. Do not take online products from Baltic Born


#10. Marianne Liljenquist and her Team are “Penny Pinchers”
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#10. The company is awful

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Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Marianne Liljenquist, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

The negative reviews by the employees of Marianne Liljenquist 

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Avoid Them

Thus, as we can see from the assessments above, Marianne Liljenquist’s working style is quite poor and tedious. If we take into account management with their client, employee, or product development. 

A final point that I’d want to make is that Marianne Liljenquist and her business have achieved their goals, as demonstrated by the image I’ll use.

image 77
Marianne Liljenquist of Blatic Born: Scamming Clients Exposed by Reviews (Update 2024)
Marianne Liljenquist of Blatic Born: Scamming Clients Exposed by Reviews (Update 2024)

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