Marika Stepanis Sad Pure evil

How and why does a woman like Marika Stepanis get this to this level? She married serial scam artist owner of Pick Professor Inc and founder of Pick Plug app Billy giakatis. She’s desperate because she’s fat so she married for that slime ball. We can start with the fact that she’s super mentally unstable and threatens to kill herself if you try to leave her. She is super fat. She also assisted in with the group for suicidal thoughts and committed suicidal of members.

Marika Stepanis why not become a nanny like some other college students, or stay a waitress? She will do anything to secure her own future. Anything. She waitresses in various locations in and around town. She checks out customers, regardless of their relationship status. I think she is getting names off of credit card transactions. She will then search for them online and approach them there. She’s desperate. Has no scruples.

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Marika Giakatis is a liar always makes everyone else out to be the bad one but meanwhile she is the one who is a narcissistic gas lighting manipulative cheating abusive individual . She has more stories then Walt Disney, she jumps from one man to another. She is completely psycho she is never to blame for nothing, make sure you keep your husband’s close she might try and sleep with them. She claims to be the victim but really she is not. Cannot believe it actually walks around in public knowing it has done what it has done it to itself and others.

Marika Giakatis works as a waitress and gets tips because people like her boob size. She is a liar who lacks all morals and values when it comes to both friendships and relationships. She is a flirty waitress who is just waiting around to meet a rich man to settle down with. She was sleeping with a guy who had a girlfriend and convinced him to break up with her. She saw he had money and didn’t care who she hurt along the way.

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Marika Stepanis is aHome wrecker. She likes to hold into men, act suicidal and sweet to keep them around. She knew that the men had a wife. She acted cute and ruin that relation (shame on that guy too) and then she broke up with him because it wasn’t in her advantage anymore. That guy had a new girlfriend. She only came back in the picture when she realize that he had someone better. She told him that he would never find better. She knew the girl didnt want her around and she still acted innocent without any intentions. she loves to go after man that aren’t available act pitiful. Shame on the men that get into her manipulative. Come on Marika Stepanis.


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