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Hi, this week has been a really tough one for me because I recently face an experience I never thought I will ever face, this man that goes by the name Mark Eliam scammed me about wanting to buy my channel for 3500$ and he told me once I give him full access to the channel he will pay me. When I gave him full access to the account he just send me a fake PayPal payment confirmation that I believed was real until I contacted PayPal and was informed about how fake it was. He wrote to him again asking for my money and he just again sent me a weird transaction ID were he had sent the money to me but it never appeared in my PayPal.

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I contacted PayPal and found out that was fake too. When I told him, he had nothing to say I told him that I was going to report him unless he gave me my money. Mark Eliam later asked for my bank account number and I gave it to him, the day after that he blocked me and ignored all my calls. I wrote to him via email but all he said was I sent you the money which he never did. Now I am in a position where I have no idea what to do and how to go about this I asked him to give me my channel back and he failed to do so.

I contacted YouTube but the said they can’t help me in anyway possible which is really bad. I am loosing my mind right now I believed this man. His email is [email protected]. I really need help my account was so important to choosing to sell it was because it got big and I felt drained with having to upload a lot but I at least wanted someone to buy it for its worth not to just take it like that. I am truly broken and don’t know what to do. I need help.

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Mark Eliam scammed me and took my YouTube channel. His email ID is ([email protected]). If you can help me in any way then I would be very grateful.

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  1. me too He was going to steal my channel on me, but I found out

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