Mark Hastings Quillon- Facing Serious Allegation for Professional Misconduct (2023)

Mark Hastings Quillon
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Mark Hastings Quillon claims to be a tenacious, strategically focused, and commercially adept disputes attorney known for his work as a business litigator, particularly in complicated civil fraud cases
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Mark Hastings Quillon claims to be a tenacious, strategically focused, and commercially adept disputes attorney known for his work as a business litigator, particularly in complicated civil fraud cases. Prior to starting Quillon Legal, he claims that he worked as a partner at two well-known international legal firms, one of which he headed the civil fraud department.

Showing off his law skills Mark Hastings Quillon claims to be a skilled attorney with over 20 years of expertise handling all facets of complex commercial litigation in the City of London and abroad.

As asserted by Mark some of the most expensive and challenging lawsuits ever brought before English courts involved Mark Hastings Quillon as the primary partner. He claims to represent hedge funds, insolvency practitioners, significant corporations and their directors, and high-net-worth individuals. 

As mentioned by Mark Hastings Quillon, large-scale civil fraud claims, asset tracking, contentious trusts, warranty and contract disputes, shareholder conflicts, and contentious insolvency are some of Mark Hastings Quillon’s specialty areas. He claims to have a lot of expertise in implementing injunctions, including freeze, proprietary, and search orders, as well as providing advice on them.

Showing off his international connections and links Mark Hastings Quillon claims that many of his cases involve international concerns and legal processes in other countries. Also, he goes on to claim that he specializes in litigation with origins in the Commonwealth of Independent States, South America, the Middle East, and associated offshore jurisdictions. Mark Hastings Quillon asserts to have full audience privileges in the higher courts because he claims to be a solicitor-advocate.

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Mark Hastings Quillon- After terminating a City partner amid allegations of inappropriate behavior, Quinn Emanuel may be the subject of an SRA investigation.

After a QC-led investigation into allegations made by two staff members against litigator Mark Hastings, a US firm self-reports to the regulator.

In response to accusations of improper conduct made by now-dismissed City litigation associate Mark Hastings Quillon, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan referred itself to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

After looking into Hastings’ behavior, the company said earlier today that it has requested Hastings (pictured) to resign on Tuesday, May 8, with immediate effect.

Two employees filed allegations against Mark Hastings Quillon in February, and the company immediately suspended him and hired Alison Levitt QC, a partner at Mishcon de Reya and the firm’s corporate crime head, to conduct an inquiry. Her findings, which were provided to the company in late April, led to his dismissal without pay.

In a statement, the business said: “We can confirm that Mr. Hastings was fired from the company on May 8 with immediate effect and without pay.

The charges made against Mr. Hastings are taken very seriously by Quinn Emanuel.  Anyone acting abusively within the company will not be tolerated. Whenever complaints of improper behavior are brought to our notice, they will be thoroughly investigated, and, in every case, the proper action will be taken.

Due to the complainants’ right to privacy, “we will not comment further at this time. However, we would like to state that we have not asked for and will not ask for any type of non-disclosure agreement from the complainants in relation to the allegations that they have made.”

The SRA will now gather information before deciding whether or not to formally examine the firm as a result of Quinn’s decision to report itself to the agency.

The SRA received a report, and a spokeswoman stated: “We will gather all pertinent information before determining any appropriate action.”

Mark Hastings Quillon worked at Legacy Herbert Smith until joining Quinn in late 2016 after leaving Addleshaws. He was well recognized for his work representing oligarch Boris Berezovsky in a number of issues, including a disagreement with Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich while serving as head of civil fraud at the national firm. Additionally, he took legal action against Salford Capital Partners and Russian metal magnate Vasily Anisimov.

Mark Hastings Quillon cited the Berezovsky litigation as his most memorable case and best professional achievement in a 2012 interview with Legal Week.

Mark Hastings Quillon is the latest partner to leave a legal firm following accusations of unethical behavior.

Bill Voge, the chair and managing partner of Latham & Watkins, resigned from the company in March after acknowledging “communications of a sexual nature” with a woman he met through a Christian support group he was a part of.

This came after a Baker McKenzie partner left the company in February due to an alleged incident that occurred years earlier. The firm had come under SRA investigation for how it handled the alleged incident, which involved the lawyer receiving compensation from the company and entering into a non-disclosure agreement.

Additionally, Dentons put a male partner on administrative leave in February after suspending him earlier this year over claims of inappropriate behavior.

A study conducted by Legal Week last year revealed that over two-thirds of female lawyers had encountered sexual harassment while working for a law firm, with more than half having done so more than once. Following the study, several female attorneys discussed their experiences with sexual harassment in the legal field in an anonymous interview with Legal Week.

For a response, Mark Hastings Quillon has been contacted.

Mark Hastings Quillon- The outcome of the investigation

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Mark Hastings Quillon left the firm in May 2018 after allegations of inappropriate behavior were made against him by two people.

Mark Hastings was the subject of an inquiry by the U.K. Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) concerning allegations of inappropriate behavior that were made against him in 2018.

When the claims of inappropriate behavior were made public, Quinn declared in a statement: “Where allegations of inappropriate behavior are brought to our attention, they will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken, without exception.”

The SRA released a statement on Thursday in which it stated: “We have considered all the material at our disposal and have determined to close the issue with no further action. If new information becomes available, we can revisit the problems.

In October 2018, as the SRA investigation into his behavior was ongoing, Hastings joined the boutique London disputes law firm Grosvenor Law.

In response to the SRA’s most recent judgment, Mark Hastings Quillon issued the following statement: “Two years ago, I left my previous business amid a number of complaints brought against me. I have always maintained unequivocally that the accusations are false, but I was unable to say anything in public until now.

“I am happy that the Solicitors Regulation Authority has determined there is no case for me to answer and it will not take further action after conducting an impartial inquiry and considering all the information.

“The last two years have been stressful for me and my family. Now that the SRA investigation has officially closed, I cannot wait to move forward with my career.

“It is right that I thank my superb colleagues at Grosvenor Law for their faith in me and for all the support they have given me during this difficult time.”

Reference- SRA Ends Investigation Into Former Quinn Partner Mark Hastings | International

Mark Hastings Quillon- Ex-Quinn partner starts his own business after being fired for misconduct

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A former partner of Quinn Emmanuel who was fired due to claims of “inappropriate behavior” has returned with a new firm.

In 2018, Mark Hastings was “expelled with immediate effect and without compensation” as a result of Alison Levitt QC’s investigation into claims made by two staff members.

Although it did not describe the specifics of his alleged wrongdoing, Quinn stated at the time that it “takes allegations of the nature made against Hastings extremely seriously” and “will not tolerate abusive behavior from anyone within the firm.

After the SRA stated in 2020 that it had “looked at all the available information and decided to close the matter with no further action,” Mark Hastings Quillon stayed mute. 

“I left my former firm two years ago amid some allegations made against me,” he stated. “I have consistently and vehemently maintained that the allegations are false, but I have been unable to publicly express myself until now.”

“For myself and my family, the previous two years have been hard. I am eager to advance in my profession now that the SRA investigation is finally over, he stated.

This topic is not covered in the press release for Hastings’ new business, Quillon Law, which instead focuses on how Mark Hastings Quillon “made his name” in the City.

Mark Hastings Quillon and his two co-founders reportedly didn’t check to see if anyone else had already named their company after the hand guard of a sword, which they had. Indian law company Quillon Partners will now compete with Quillon Law for supremacy in Google results.

Ever since Quillon Partners was launched last year, we have strived to forge a unique identity, but we were rather amused to discover that the firm name is now a little less unique than before,” Quillon Partners’ CEO Abhik Ghosh told RollOnFriday.

However, should our professional paths overlap, we would be interested in exchanging notes on how we arrived at the names we chose, Ghosh said.

The similarity of ‘Quillon’ to ‘Quinn’ suggests Hastings’ path to choosing the name may have involved some unresolved fury at the bastards who fired him*, but that’s probably not going to be the official origin story. Quillon Law did not respond to a request for comment.

Reference- Ex-Quinn partner launches his own firm after misconduct sacking (

Misconduct (Crime committed by Mark Hastings Quillon)

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Misconduct is wrongful, improper, or unlawful conduct motivated by premeditated or intentional purpose or by obstinate indifference to the consequences of one’s acts. It is an act that is forbidden or a failure to do that which is required. Misconduct may involve harm to another person’s health or well-being.

By definition, misconduct refers to employee behavior that is unsuitable for the workplace and has a detrimental effect on the person’s work, surroundings, or peers. Misconduct can range from minor infractions to flagrant disregard for corporate rules. Other sorts of wrongdoing call for a harsh response, such as an immediate firing; some can be remedied by training and one-on-one discussions.

To safeguard employees, foster teamwork, enforce best practices, and prevent litigation, misconduct must be resolved quickly. Managing misconduct affects the company’s mission and shows your values as a leader.

Wrap-Up- Disciplinary responses to workplace misconduct

Verbal caution

Before officially documenting wrongdoing, managers frequently issue verbal warnings to employees. This means that they speak with the offending employee to explain business rules and, if necessary, develop an improvement plan. Employees are informed verbally of a problem and given the opportunity to fix it. A verbal warning assists them in changing their behavior because some employees may not even be aware that they have engaged in wrongdoing.

Warning in writing

If an employee’s behavior does not change after receiving verbal warnings, written warnings are frequently the next step. Written warnings should be kept in the employee’s file because they are more serious. Explain the employee’s conduct or actions, the policy they broke, and the next steps you’ll take if the behavior continues. It’s up to you to determine how many written warnings you’ll give before proceeding to direct consequences.


Employees can also be put on a probation period where their actions are closely monitored by their employer. They may have to sign a form acknowledging why they’re on probation. Probation typically lasts for 60 or 90 days and can be subject to extension if an employee doesn’t show improvement.


You can also suspend employees from a specific project, remove certain privileges, or even suspend them from coming to the workplace entirely.


Firing an employee is usually the last resort for employers trying to correct a behavioral issue. In cases of gross misconduct, dismissing the employee may be the only appropriate action for your business. Document how you informed the employee of their termination and file it with HR.

Bottom Line

One of the most crucial duties of an employer is to control employee conduct and make sure the workplace is secure and welcoming. Businesses may eventually experience employee misconduct as they expand. Make sure you comprehend what constitutes misconduct and the best strategies for handling such behavior if you want to deal with it in a way that is appropriate for the workplace.

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Mark Hastings Quillon- Facing Serious Allegation for Professional Misconduct (2023)
Mark Hastings Quillon- Facing Serious Allegation for Professional Misconduct (2023)

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  1. These types of cases were unable to come to the public. People were unaware of these types of cases. Now here came the advancement of the society.

  2. Misconduct wasn’t tolerated in the company. There were numerous complaints from the victim against him for unprofessional conduct.
    I want to thank the upper management who fired him for doing such misbehavior and illicit activity in the organization.

  3. Due to these people, most of the female staff felt insecure at work. These people may be the reason why most of the employees left the job.

  4. Inappropriate behavior of the manager is never accepted in the organization. It makes the work environment of the company toxic. The manager should respect the values of their subordinates.

  5. If the SRA brought the claim against him, then he would be more likely to engage in improper conduct. And any charges made against him would be genuine.

  6. Why do people like Mark Hastings, not understand that it would be tough for the person when they got abused by someone? This kind of behavior can disturb the person mentally.

  7. This same incident happened to my friend, her manager misbehaved with her. At last, she switched to the job. These cases are quite common these days, there should be specific rules to safeguard individual safety.

  8. I appreciate the author’s viewpoint and the employer must make the workplace secure workplace and make it comfortable for the employee. It would also affect the workflow of the company

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