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My parents have been doing business with Mark Hebner for quite some time now. Him and his advisors have been taking advantage of them all this time. These people are manipulative and shady. Mark is the CEO of IFA (Index Fund Advisors). He is a prominent authority in the finance sector. His strong brand has helped him attract many clients, including my parents. Even though he seems like a trustworthy expert, he is actually misleading his clients by suggesting them subpar investment choices. Him and his team are salespeople for specific investment products and their behaviour is proof of it.

They only suggest products from certain companies or organizations. I have noticed how his company is deceiving my parents. Mark Hebner and his staff think it’s okay to act like this. They think it’s alright to manipulate clients into choosing the investments they benefit from. These people are immoral and unethical. It’s shocking to see how they have transformed their brand into such a reliable one. I am writing this review here to ensure that at least some people would find out the truth behind the clean brand of Mark Hebner and Index Fund Advisors.

Wealth managers have a specific role. They are supposed to help their clients make smart financial decisions and reach their financial goals by doing so. Another responsibility of wealth managers is to go about this process ethically while keeping their clients’ best interests at heart. Financial advisors have to ensure that their clients get the best possible results by providing them with the most useful investment recommendations. The way Mark is handling my parents’ accounts is completely opposite of all this. He is not operating ethically and should face consequences for such terrible behaviour. This is not okay. 

He is a renowned financial advisor and has a very prominent image in the industry. Raising a voice against him is usually fruitless because no one dares to speak up against him. It’s not like I haven’t tried to complain about this behaviour of Mark Hebner before. But no one reacts appropriately. Because of his strong brand and reputation, no one thinks twice before following that man’s advice. 

In my opinion, Mark Hebner is a fraud who is using his brand and image to manipulate his clients. There must be a time when he was a good financial advisor but that time is long gone. Now, he is a manipulative executive who only cares about the earnings of his company and nothing else. It’s obvious that he doesn’t care about the finances of his clients. Because if he really cared about them, he would suggest them the best investment products. He doesn’t do that. Instead of suggesting good products, he advertises the investments of a few organizations probably because he would make more commission. 

I think it’s unethical and disgusting for a man like Mark Hebner to abuse his brand like this. He is using his clients to make himself richer. I have tried to tell my parents many times that they should at least get a second opinion but they trust him too much. They have been getting horrible returns from Mark’s suggested investments but they don’t complain because they think Mark wants the best for them. 

If your parents are working with a manipulative financial advisor, you shouldn’t stay silent. That advisor might even drive your parents to financial ruin, which is the last thing they want. So please, if you suspect your parent’s financial advisor is manipulative or is using them to make more money for himself, speak up. That’s the best thing you can do for their financial well-being. And parents, if you have a kid (or kids) who suspects that your wealth manager is manipulating you, please listen to them. They might have genuine reasons for having that suspicion. 

Mark Hebner Review: Conclusion

Mark has been manipulating my parents. He uses his authoritative brand to pressure them into buying subpar investments. I don’t recommend him or Index Fund Advisors. Be wary of those people!

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Mark has been manipulating my parents. He uses his authoritative brand to pressure them into buying subpar investments. I don’t recommend him or Index Fund Advisors. Be wary of those people!

  • Unreliable
  • Greedy
  • Selfish
  • Manipulative
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  1. This is false information. I demand that you take this review off and have the reviewer contact me so we can resolve this issue. If you do not take this down immediately, I will file a lawsuit. Mark

  2. From Wikipedia: Fake reviews
    Detailed fake negative reviews are posted by Gripeo themselves and then another company calls to tell you they can remove the review for a fee. Their business is to intentionally write bad reviews for companies that they’re not even a client of in order to get paid to remove the bad review. Fake review site that then extorts companies.

  3. This is Mark Hebner. Please contact me directly so I can respond to your misinformation with actual facts. If I don’t know who you are, how can I respond to your claims. IFA does not earn any commissions from any funds our clients invest in. We are only paid from our clients. Please see our ADV. We are also fiduciaries and take this responsibility very seriously. I have written several a book (updated 7 times), have a documentary film, an informative website and have a large library of videos and articles. I would like to know what you think is a better investment strategy. You can reach me at [email protected] or our toll free line 888 643 3133.

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