Mark Hirschhorn – Is He Engaged in a Scam and Insider Trading? Fraudster Exposed! (Latest Update 2023)

Mark Hirschhorn is a fraudster who was caught insider trading and had to resign because of it. Find out more in this detailed Gripeo review.
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Mark Hirschhorn is a fraudster who was recently exposed for insider trading. He was sharing confidential information about his company with an employee he was engaged in an affair with.

The following article explores the professional experience of this insider trader and how he is trying to make himself more credible than he actually is:

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 Who is Mark Hirschhorn (According to His Marketers):

The following section contains the claims made by the PR team of Mark Hirschhorn. Hence, read the section with a grain of salt.

mark hirschhorn

Senior executive Mark Hirschhorn has overseen finances and operations for a number of healthcare and technology firms. He has worked for both private and public firms, where he oversaw finance, treasury, and investor relations and oversaw numerous business acquisitions. He also led negotiations for four initial public offerings (IPOs).

As the CEO of TapestryHealth, a provider of remote vitals management and telehealth services for nursing homes and assisted and independent living communities, Mark Hirschhorn brings this extensive knowledge to his new position. He has concentrated on organically growing and diversifying the company since joining the company in early 2022 in order to prepare it for regional expansion.

2/12/2023 Update
As of now, Mark Hirschhorn has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

In 2012 Hirschhorn joined Teladoc Health as its CFO (and in 2017 was also appointed COO) following its recent Series D funding. Teladoc was generating under $10 million in revenues at the time Hirschhorn joined. Over the next 2 years, Hirschhorn led the finance and business development activities of the company. In 2015 Hirschhorn identified and subsequently managed to acquire the two-person start-up Betterhelp, now the nation’s leading virtual behavioral company generating approximately $1.5 billion in annual revenues.

Complementing more than 35 years of financial and business operations leadership, Hirschhorn is especially well-versed in areas such as strategic planning, business strategy, process improvement, and contract negotiation. Mark Hirschhorn holds a bachelor of arts in political science and government from Rutgers University and an MBA in accounting from Rutgers Business School. He is a frequent speaker for audiences at Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, alpine climbing, running, and tennis.

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Hirschhorn also served as vice president and global controller at RSL Communications, Ltd. and spent the first nine years of his career as a senior manager at Deloitte.

He is a Certified Public Accountant in New Jersey and holds an MBA in accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in political science and government from Rutgers University. He has presented at several conferences hosted by leading financial institutions, including JP Morgan, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Wells Fargo.

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Mark Hirschhorn- About Teladoc Health 

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Empowering everyone in the world. The clear but revolutionary tenet that everyone should have access to the best medical care whenever and wherever they choose, on their terms, is the foundation upon which Teladoc Health was founded.

They now provide whole-person virtual care, which includes primary care, mental health, managing chronic illnesses, and more, in order to achieve their goal.

They are developing technologies to connect with patients and expand the reach of care providers in order to deliver the highest level of clinical quality at every touchpoint, deliver a truly unified and personalized consumer experience, and improve health decisions and outcomes with smart data and actionable insights.

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When Mark Hirschhorn was Caught Insider Trading

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Teladoc Chief Financial Officer Mark Hirschhorn is stepping down from his position amid allegations that he fed stock tips to a company employee with whom he was having an affair. 

Mark’s Words- “While this was a difficult decision, it’s the right one for my family and the company,” he said in a statement. “It has been an enormous privilege to play a role in transforming how people access healthcare around the world, and I know the talented team at Teladoc Health is well-positioned to continue advancing this important mission.”

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Following an investigation by the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (SIRF) that exposed Hirschhorn’s relationship with Charece Griffen, a lower-level employee at the company, investors filed a class-action lawsuit against the company last week. Griffin reportedly told coworkers that Hirschhorn and her enjoyed trading the company’s stock.

An outside legal firm’s follow-up examination into the allegations discovered “violations only of our workplace relationship policy,” the corporation claims.

 What is corruption?

Corruption is the act of using public power for personal gain. This can be carried out by individuals in positions of authority such as elected politicians, civil servants, journalists, or school administrators. Private corruption also exists between individuals and businesses. 

Yet, according to a complaint made by one investor, the corporation failed to implement its own laws against insider trading and neglected to disclose the improper link to investors.

Mark Hirschhorn

Following the SIRF report, the company’s stock fell 6.7%. Following the resignation news for Hirschhorn, shares fell 4.3% further in premarket trade.

In a fresh statement released, Teladoc vehemently refuted the allegations in the investor complaint.

Written Statement by Teladoc Health  “We deny the allegations contained in the lawsuit and reject any claim that we made materially false or misleading statements regarding our business, operations, and compliance policies. When we were made aware of the allegations against Mark Hirschhorn in 2016, we engaged an outside law firm to investigate the claims. The investigation found no evidence of securities law or any other legal violations. We will respond to these claims through the legal process.”

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Mark Hirschhorn- Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Mark Hirschhorn?

Mark Hirschhorn is a fraudster who engages in insider trading and shares sensitive information about his employer with his romantic partners. The man had to leave his executive position after getting caught sharing confidential data about his company.

What did Mark Hirschhorn Do?

Mark Hirschhorn, the chief financial officer of Teladoc, is accused of charges claiming that he gave stock recommendations to a coworker with whom he was having an affair.

Where is Mark Hirschhorn situated?

Mark Hirschhorn is the Chief Executive Officer at TapestryHealth situated at Sag Harbor, New York, United States

What is the net worth of Mark Hirschhorn?

The estimated net worth of Mark Hirschhorn is at least $84,944 dollars as of 2023-02-16. Mark Hirschhorn is the Executive VP, COO, and CFO of Teladoc Health Inc and owns about 2,657 shares of Teladoc Health Inc (TDOC) stock worth over $84,944.

Mark Hirschchorn- Conclusion 

Mark Hirschhorn

After the resignation To fill both of Hirschhorn’s positions, Teladoc has started an official search. Peter McClennen, president of Teladoc Health, has been named interim senior vice president and chief operating officer. Gabriel Cappucci, chief accounting officer, and the controller will reportedly “manage all finance activity.”

Statement by Jason Gorevic “The Board and I are confident that the Teladoc Health leadership team will continue to execute our mission and drive a high level of performance across channels and geographies”.

Mark Hirschhorn
2.6Expert Score

After going through the above points, it’s evident that Mark Hirrschhorn is unreliable and a dangerous business executive. He was engaging in insider trading and was exposed for his fraudulent activities. Beware of such fraudsters.

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Mark Hirschhorn – Is He Engaged in a Scam and Insider Trading? Fraudster Exposed! (Latest Update 2023)
Mark Hirschhorn – Is He Engaged in a Scam and Insider Trading? Fraudster Exposed! (Latest Update 2023)

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