Mark Price-O’Loughlin’s Involvement in the Adele Bailey Murder 2023

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Mark Price-O’Loughlin is one of the cops who refused to help with the investigation of the notorious Adele Bailey murder. 

According to media reports and court documents, he was called to testify against his buddy and the prime suspect of the case, Denis Tanner. But he failed to recall anything at the time. 

Journalists at the time called out this shady behavior of Mark, calling him ‘versed in court procedures’. 

Reports reveal that Mark Price-O’Loughlin had added “Price” to his surname after leaving the force. One of the few things he acknowledged in the court proceedings was his friendship with the prime suspect Denis Tanner. 

At the time, evidence revealed that Denis Tanner knew Adele Bailey, who was a trans prostitute. 

The prosecutor had asked plenty of questions that Mark Price-O’Loughlin found difficult to answer. For example, the prosecutor brought up several insurance claims he had made when he was young. One of them was about some black opals that were stolen from his car when he lived with Denis Tanner. 

While he avoided most of the questions, he couldn’t dodge every one of them. He had to admit to buying a holiday unit at Bonnie Doon with several other policemen in 1978. However, he claimed that he hadn’t attended any parties there with strippers or prostitutes. 

This claim was debunked immediately when the prosecutor brought up another insurance claim. The claim was for the theft of 4 dozen beers, 2 bottles of whiskey, skis, and some additional equipment used in entertaining guests. 

Although he admitted to these facts, it didn’t help the investigation much. Imagine how much things could have sped up if Mark Price-O’Loughlin was truly honest in the court. 

Adele Bailey’s body, which was discovered on a deserted highway near Beerburrum in Queensland, Australia on October 22, 1998, was 23 years old at the time of her death. She suffered a blow to the head before she was strangled, which ultimately led to her passing. Mark Price-O’Loughlin, who was accused of being involved in the murder of Adele Bailey, was apprehended and convicted as a result of the investigation that was conducted by the police. This article examines Mark Price-O’Loughlin’s participation in the murder of Adele Bailey, as well as the investigation conducted by the police and the subsequent trial that ensued.

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More Details About the Adele Bailey Murder:

mark price-o'loughlin


I’m adding this section for those who don’t know about this notorious case. Adele was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and came to Sydney for breast implants. 

Afterward, Adele had several more sex-change operations. 

In 1978, she had planned a visit with friends but never turned up. 

17 years later, some boys found bones and an old assortment of clothes in a property near Detective Sergeant Denis Tanner’s property. 

Dental records revealed that the victim was Adele Bailey. 

Did You Know?

The penalty for murder in federal law depends on the degree of the murder and the circumstances of the case. As, murder too can be divided as first degree murder and second degree murder. The former being the planned and latter, unplanned.

Initially, the investigation failed to conclude anything. Adele’s sister talked about a letter where Adele claimed to be in a relationship with Tanner. Denis denied this claim. 

Also, the letter claimed that Adele was afraid about a court case where she might have to testify against him. 

Mark Price-O’Loughlin was among the witnesses in this case. However, his ‘well-versed’ performance didn’t help anyone. 

32 years after Adele’s murder, evidence was found indicating that she was at a party with several police officers. At the party, Adele had performed sex on one of them (not Denis Tanner). Later, those police officers discovered that she was transsexual and beat her to death. 

Circumstantial evidence suggested that Denis might have helped with the disposal of the body. 

Beware of Mark Price-O’Loughlin

Mark Price-O’Loughlin played a huge role in delaying the investigation. If he had been honest, he could have helped poor Adele Bailey get much-deserved justice. But he chose not to. 

You should be extremely cautious of such crooks. His deliberate testimonies indicate he cared more about his ‘force buddies’ than the truth. Beware of such monsters.

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