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It is ironic that  Mark Schaefer is being termed as the “global best speaker”. It is ironic and highly exaggerated because he is nothing close to being the best at all. He is millions of miles away from that title, and he does not deserve it. When you hear about a speaker, the mental picture that you create is of a person who will bring light to your life. People who will help you find a way to achieving your dreams and nearing success. I believe you become anxious and hopeful that you will dearly benefit from him or her. When the speaker gets to the podium, the audience is “pregnant” with questions. For example, how did the speaker get to be the best? How can I be like him?

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 When the D-day comes, the audience sits with their notebooks and pens ready to start the success journey. None would even dare to cough so as not to miss a word. They will have rhetorical questions like, after the entire listening, will my life change? Oh my! I can’t wait for the session to start. Wait until you sit to listen to Mark giving his lectures, I bet you with my entire clan that you will doze off because he is so dull. He will try to be hilarious now and then, but all that won’t be of any substantial help. After a brief research on what exactly motivated Mark to become a speaker, you will no longer be willing to listen to him as he will be showing you how to build castles in the air.

 Do you remember Thomas one of Jesus’ disciples who could not believe that Jesus had resurrected and had to see for himself? Well, some of those who are like Thomas, who must see to believe, they will be yearning to attend the sessions. After the session, they will regret not sitting their asses at home to sleep or watch the latest series in town. They will have wasted their precious time and remember time is money, and when lost, it can’t be regained. Owe unto you if you failed to go to your regular spot to work in the name of listening to the life-changing lessons, you would sleep on an empty stomach.

 On the other hand, the said speaker would be enjoying his favorite meal in a five-star hotel alongside a costly wine. I conclude that Mr. Mark Schaefer is a disgrace and should give other speakers who are better than him a chance to benefit the world. If he cannot stop then, he should pull up his socks and offer quality services that will help all the descendants of Adam and Eve.

Who is Mark Schafer (Schafer Marketing Solutions)?

About Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer, the “best global speaker,” cried after he made his first breath of chilly air through his tiny nostrils on June 5, 1948. His mother must have been so happy after delivering a son. Mark was born in California in Santa Monica. He schooled in a high school called Grover Cleveland, which is at Reseda California. He can speak different languages, which include Hebrew, English, and German, among others. When Mark was 23 years old, he was recruited to join San Diego Padres. In 1972, at school, Mark played in the major baseball league, and he has been reported as the best player of baseball as a pitcher.

He was lucky to be called a dad by a bouncing baby boy at the early age of 25. He then studied marketing at Drucker School of Management [1989-1992]. Between the years 1995-1997, Mark pursued master’s in applied behavioral sciences at the University of Bastyr. Mark decided to focus on Marketing in his mid-30s because he says he thinks that this will fit perfectly well with his personality. Marketing would earn him some income, which would sustain his young family. He had a marketing experience of close to 30 years or more.

 Mark also worked in different universities and religion departments as a professor. A good example is an American university in Washington DC, where he mentored a lot of students. Mark gets his Ph.D. in 1994 from the University of Arizona State. He has also taught for seventeen years. He was the tenth chaplain at the University of America.

Additionally, Mark was a summer instructor in theological seminars. In the United Methodist Church, Mark is an ordained elder. According to research, Mark best fits in being a professor since his students are highly showering him with praises on how well he teaches. If not for his greediness for natural materials, he would never have even tried to be a speaker. 

A Horribly Disappointing Speaker

Marks Schaefer’s journey as a speaker

 Mark worked for a long as a consultant on marketing strategies, and in the year 2016, he decided to venture and try to be a speaker. Luckily, he was never disappointed. After he makes his very first trial, he is surprised because Mark made more money than he used to make as a consultant. In short, money made by Mark, a speaker. If at all, he never got the capital during his first trial, he would probably be the same consultant earning peanuts but profoundly transforming lives. Unfortunately, he would not have offered the services without pocketing the right amount of cash. Speakers should not aim at getting money only rather their willingness and attitude towards helping others, which should be straight from the heart. WHAT OF MARK? He is the direct opposite.

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    It was never all about his personality as he claims; instead, he wanted to get time for both his family and business. Right now, people are said to travel from different parts of the world to pay attention to Mark Schaefer’s theories on how to change their lives and become adroit investors and marketers. When those people walk majestically in those conference rooms to listen to Mr. Mark’s lectures, you ought to think that poverty will be like the dinosaur, which became extinct. Don’t be fooled by his ability to make you laugh till your ribs ache. No!!!! It is not an entertainment session; it should be a dire talk.

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     Talks that will make you know the dos and don’ts of life. Training a sick person how to invest yet they don’t have even the money is like showing a disabled person to jump with a rope. Mr. Mark should lay down formulated strategies to be offering at least some loans for those young investors. Since he does none of that, I term him as giving empty talks. If he wanted to help his people, Mark should hold your hand from the word, go till you make it in life. By that, we can praise him without tiring. 

      In as much as Mark still offers marketing consultation services, they are not as reliable as they were before he became a ”speaker.” The reason being he is ever in the rash to get the next coming events so that people will hire as a speaker who will have better pay. The only thing that lingers in his head is money and more money for your information. I would never advise you to match his office if the need arises on consultation services; it will be a total waste of time. Research and you will get the best services elsewhere, and you will never regret even for a second. 

     Mark Schaefer and his team will tell you that if you hire him, the audience will never forget. The reason being they believe they offer the best services in the whole world. That is nothing but an open trap. What they mean is that by the time Mark will be putting a full stop to his talk, the entire audience will be deadbeat. I believe that if your services are good enough, you don’t need to fill adverts on what you do over the whole web. Your good deeds and the people you offered the services will advertise you.

     During one of Mark’s sessions, he wanted to drive a point home. In his book called “Known,” he says that one should be known but not famous. Mark tries to make us believe that there is a procedure that a person can go through to be identified and yet fail to be remarkable. His tricks should not fool us. All he wants is your money since you will have the urge to undergo the “process” of being known and not famous. Mark is good at brainwashing people as he wants you to do things his way. In the end, he benefits. Paying for no beneficial services is what we call “robbery without violence.” He further explains that being famous is when you have lots of fans and a red carpet where you are to walk on. His definition of remarkable is very wrong because we have brilliant people who are very humble, and they do not walk on those red carpets. His description of famous highly fits defining prominent.

     I still support that it is crap because there is no way you can be known and yet not famous. Yes! Your customers will recognize you. His simple definition is why I feel that Mark Schaefer always do more misleading than guiding people. If you fail to be famous, how on earth will people know about you? Also, if people know you, how can you fail to be famous? Mark should save us from the contradiction because it is a stupid statement. Being known and being brilliant works hand in hand. This book gives more motivation than information. Apart from being a consultant, professor, and speaker Mark is also an “author.” 

Books by Mark Schaefer

The Tao Of Twitter, The Content Code, & More.

     Mark has written lots of books that are in libraries worldwide, and they are “best life-changing books.” These books have nothing but bullshit since the books are not life-changing, they are meant to generate income for him. The poor people will use their peanut salaries to purchase those books, yet they will not benefit. If at all the books were meant to change lives, why would Mark not give the less fortunate those books without charging them? An excellent example of a book he made lots of money from is ‘The Tao of Twitter.’

2 14

 ‘The Tao of Twitter’ is a more commercial book than a helping book since it is on the list of the best-selling in the world. The sales indicate that Mark pocketed millions and millions of money. It is not a helping book because many people out there cannot afford to put a straightforward meal on their tables, let alone buying a book, meaning the poor are filtered out. If you aim to help, I believe you should help without targeting a given group of people but preferably all who need your help. 

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 Another booked termed as best-selling is “The Content Code,” which is a marketing book.

3 11

It was ranked among the top five in 2015 by an American business Magazine. On the contrary, this book does not reflect its title when you read it keenly. The book is made up of loads of tips collection rather than explaining more on the “code.”

5 4

If compared to other creative content writers, this book does not match their standard. The reason why most of the people run to the bookshops to get a copy is that they expected more from him.

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If those who read the book would open up and genuinely say if what they read matched their expectations, you would be shocked because it did not. 

Why Mark Schafer Is A Scam:

Mark Schafer Swindles Naïve Business People

     Life is not a smooth road; it got its ups and downs. When we face different challenges, I believe we all face the challenge head-on and come up with a permanent solution. Some people run away from the problem, and among them is Mark Schaeffer. In some instances, after being challenged by three different people, he ends up unfollowing them and blocking them. His principal aim is to cut off the primary form of communication. Who does that? He is too quick to give up and back off, even in instances where one needs to apply wisdom a hundred percent.

     In this era, people are literate, and this makes it easier to reason like grown-ups. If we take one of his scenarios where a guy he had met several times was throwing a tantrum on other people on the web. Mark, as the “good guy,” decided to ask if the guy wanted somebody to talk to. Any sane person cannot go opening up about his problems to everyone whom you have met severally. It becomes even harder for the guy because it may seem like the guy willing to offer a shoulder to lean on have ill motives. The guy turns his insults to Mark. But since Mark is a coward, he backs off and blocks this guy.

    If Mark is as helpful as he claims, he should have used a different technique to approach this guy or give him time. Mark then comes up, saying that he cannot contact such people with friendly chats. The act tells us that Mark is a self-centered man who does not give a damn about other people’s thoughts and feelings. Since he is a public figure, as he claims, I think it will be wise for him to change his attitude and lower his ego. 

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Mark is said to be a known speaker who interacts with different people now and then. Mark should have learned how to handle people with different personalities. But as I had mentioned earlier that his concern is the amount he will pocket and nothing more or less. 

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