Mark Selker Fine Art – Scammer! 2023

Mark Selker is a scammer you should avoid. Learn the truth about Mark Selker Fine Art here on Gripeo. Share your opinion and review.

scam mark selker

Mark Selker rents a room in a very large home in Cielo Estates in Rancho Santa Fe, CA and I was his landlord. Mark operates an art business called Mark Selker Fine Art and also likes to think of himself as an aspiring movie producer. During the time he stayed in my home he caused a lot of problems with the other tenants making up stories about the home and causing general disharmony in the household.

Since he actually paid his rent on time I unfortunately overlooked the problems but he was given notice immediately upon revealing that he had been accused of improper filming of a child during a recent relationship of his. This was information that he offered on his own and immediately tried to backtrack but at that point it was too late.

Mark Selker scammer

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Mark Selker is a scammer you should avoid. If you have been scammed as well, please share your review too.

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