Mark Wright – Forced His Ex To Get An Abortion

Mark Wright is the winner of The Apprentice, 2014. He received allegationsof bullying a woman named Sarah Wehren for abortion. 

They both met each other on a dating app and started dating each other. Initially, they were comfortable with each other, Sarah Wehren told the media.

However, just after 3 dates, Mark Wright got Sarah Wehren pregnant. 

When she gave the news to Mark, he became infuriated. 

Sending Threats and More – How Mark Wright Allegedly Harassed His Ex

Then, he started urging Sarah to get an abortion.  

Moreover, Sarah said when Mark Wright got the news, his first reaction was that he would try to get custody of the child. 

She also added that Mark began sending her threats. He began saying she was the one who wanted all this. 

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Sarah says Mark claimed the child was not his responsibility. He even said “you didn’t take the pill” and blamed her for the entire fiasco.

Later, Mark Wright talked to her father ‘Paul’ where he asked her father to sort out the matter “discreetly”. 

Furthermore, in one of their discussions, Mark Wright wrote, “This is a case of Man Rape.” After all this Sarah had no option but to abort. 

She considered reporting Mark to the police but was afraid of the expenses that she would have to pay for the case. 

It’s worth noting that  Mark Wright is an entrepreneur and a director of a digital marketing company but Sarah doesn’t have that kind of wealth.


Mark Wright might be a famous celebrity. But that doesn’t give him a pass to treat women with such disrespect and inhumane attitude. 

It’s clear that Mark isn’t as reliable as he claims to be. 

You should be wary of misogynists and call them out whenever possible. Staying silent in the face of evil is part of the problem and there is no shortage of such guys. 

For example, Amir Ben Yonahan of Clubhouse Media Group has received multiple complaints for harassing young teenage girls.

Similarly, James Gillingham is an entrepreneur who has received allegations of being a pervert at the workplace. 

Beware of these guys. 

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Telling your ex-girlfriend to get an abortion is one thing but harassing and threatening her to the point that she does it anyway is horrible. Mark Wright is clearly not the guy he portrays himself to be.

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