Marketbull Scam: The Review Unvailed

marketbull review
Marketbull is a blacklisted investment company in Europe. It doesn’t enjoy the trust of financial watchdogs and has questionable practices.
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Marketbull is not a legit investment company for many reasons. Firstly, the website presents a highly ambitious image of the company but it’s not close to delivering what it promises there. It’s not a regulated company which is always a red flag for investment companies. Secondly, there is no investment history and trading results to relate to.

These companies deceive many people. Claims to protect the Investors’ funds they are not worried at all. The Schemes that they are providing are Ponzi schemes and they want to steal the money of the individual investors. It is important to check the background of the company whether it the legit or not.

Marketbull claims to work in cryptocurrencies, futures, indices, commodities and forex. Moreover, there is no demo account for the users so it’s about putting your investments directly at risk. What makes the company more dubious is it doesn’t disclose its working team, so you’re not clear whether the workers are qualified for the job.

Marketbull Review

Therefore, it’s not a great idea to invest without considering the consequences of investments, especially when the trading is so questionable. Because it’s an unregulated company, you can expect it to leave anytime without prior notification.

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The company claims safety of your funds on its website but there is no information about the bank that will provide the accounting services for the invested money. Moreover, there are intriguing promotional campaigns mainly to achieve more sales. You will also find tutorials and blogs on the website, in an attempt to train the investors about the latest trading trends.

But, such marketing tactics only work for amateur investors who are still learning the dynamics of investments. You will also find customer support in more than 16 languages which means that the company targets a global audience even though it’s based in the UK.

You also get a personal assistant probably to make sure you complete the transactions smoothly. However, there is no disclosure about the mechanism, meaning that the forex and online assets are always vulnerable.

There is a referral program too and the company manages client accounts to promise better returns. However, because it’s an offshore unregulated company, the risk factor is considerably high with very few chances of making decent profits.

Trading Conditions at Marketbull

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Marketbull offers the MT4 platform for trading, which is considered one of the best trading software right now. Firstly, it’s not cheap software that poses a high risk to your investment. There are many scammers ready to pounce on your funds.

However, the biggest concern for an investor would be the leverage ratio of 1:1000. That surely is a risky cap because the FCA only allows leverage of 1:30.

Deposits and Withdrawals and Marketbull

Most companies have a fairly low deposit amount but Marketbull has a minimum deposit limit of $1000. It’s way off the market standards as legit companies offer a minimum limit as low as $10.

Also, there is no assurance of when the clients can withdraw their funds. This is how Marketbull puts your funds at a risk, and your future investments are likely to suffer. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from the company and their attractive bonuses.

Moreover, there is no policy for terms and conditions, so there is pretty much no check and balance. The lack of such important information suggests that the company can easily manipulate its clients after they secure the funds. It can increase charges in the future and the clients cannot do much about it. Contrary to that, most legit companies provide essential data to the clients.

Marketbull Regulation Status

Since Marketbull is an offshore company, it’s easy to figure out that there will be no licensing. It’s backed by Market Bull Limited. Interestingly, the parent company doesn’t exist, and even though the company claims to operate in the UK, it does not feature in the database at the FCA.

The FMA has also blacklisted Marketbull because it approached Austrian traders without a license. Moreover, authorities from Luxembourg also warned the traders to avoid investing in Marketbull.

All investment firms in the UK have a license which comes in handy when a company goes bankrupt. These legit companies provide daily reports to the financial watchdogs, and there is no chance of price manipulation.

Unfortunately, Marketbull doesn’t have a license so it doesn’t comply with any of these practices, putting the investment funds at serious risk. Most of the time, the funds go straight to the con-artists as investors have to bid farewell to their money forever.

Therefore, dealing with regulated firms is the only safe option. Your funds and savings will be safer with these legit companies and provide you protection in case of any disasters.

Customer Support of Marketbull

Marketbull is collecting the fund illegally because the email address and phone number that it presents to the customers are fake. So, even though it claims an office address from the UK, its actual location still remains a mystery to everyone.

So, in case you try to reach the company, there is only disappointment. Moreover, there are chances of rude behavior from the CSR and it’s a predictable trend in offshore companies.

Customer Feedback for Marketbull

Even though the company claims exceptional results, there is no information or positive reviews for it on any online platform. It’s only the marketers that talk highly about this company. Moreover, there are several reviews that can mislead potential customers.

There is no evidence for payments from active customers. So, it’s not a great decision to join the company for any trading activities.

Funds Safety Marketbull

It’s quite evident that your funds aren’t safe with Marketbull. It’s an illegal firm with no supervision from regulatory bodies and there are many investment warnings against Marketbull from many regulatory bodies.

So, given the questionable nature of the company, it’s almost criminal to approach the company for investment purposes. Especially when there are legit companies available for different trading activities.

There is no trading history for Marketbull and the MT4 platform is the only thing the company can boast about. So, Marketbull doesn’t provide any proof of trading or release of funds. There is no legal document which is a big red flag for any investment firm.

Marketbull Domain Insights

The global traffic for Marketbull is fairly low considering that it targets an audience worldwide. The domain was initiated in January 2021 and will expire in 2023. However, given that there is no talk about it from the customers, it may never be renewed and the company is likely to flee away.

3.1Expert Score

Marketbull is a blacklisted investment company in Europe. It doesn’t enjoy the trust of financial watchdogs and has questionable practices.
Out and out, it appears as a company that targets a handful of investors, grabs their funds, then leaves without prior notice. So, it’s a bad idea to invest in a company with such mysterious activities.

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Marketbull Scam: The Review Unvailed
Marketbull Scam: The Review Unvailed

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