Martin Rowinski Boardsi: Scammer Exposed (2023 Review)

Martin Rowinski Boardsi is a scammer. Many of his victims have exposed him online and shared their experiences. The following review will shed light on him more:

Boardsi, the company of Martin Rowskin Boardsi 

Boardsi, the company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi advertises itself as a modern recruiting firm that connects CEOs with positions of advice and businesses with top talent. We help reinvent organizations and develop jobs by combining modern technology, personal connections, and a private network.

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Martin Rowskin Boardsi Reviews: Scam Exposed By Clients and Victims 

Let’s directly move on to the reviews given by the experienced clients of the company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi which are as follows:

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martin rowinski boardsi

So, before proceeding to the other reviews, you can take a look at Martin Rowinski Boardi’s overview of the company’s role.

#1. The company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi is “SCAM”

martin rowinski boardsi

In the preceding review, the consumer expressed his worst expectations and experience with this company. He received a bad rating despite having 10 years of experience heading three distinct PE-backed enterprises. He was the CEO of a Leadership Consulting firm. Because of the short time, he decides to go for the corporate trial and take the risk. However, he experienced scams as a result of it. After six months, no board position was presented. Furthermore, when questioned about the analytics underlying their work, they provided none.

#2. Suggestion for not wasting time & money in the company of Martin Rowinski Boardski

martin rowinski boardsi
martin rowinski boardsi

According to the aforementioned assessments, the clients recommend that you do not waste your time or money with this organization. Initially, they are deceptive with their tier activities. 

The costs they charge are not appropriate. They are unhelpful. The Martin Rowinski Boardsi app is useless. Without hours of searching, it is hard to discover anything of interest or relevant to the needed field.

#3. Martin Rowinski Boardsi Management is confused

martin rowinski boardsi

According to the preceding comment, a person is called by the Indian call center’s company to inform him that they have a board post for him and then arrange an appointment with a representative. 

The following is the agenda for the next text meeting. The board then asks him if he wants to become a member of Boardsi. They called him when he replied no. They said that it was their misunderstanding.

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#4. The company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi is a trap

martin rowinski boardsi

According to the evaluation above, the company and its ideas are a trap of wishful misinformation. If you are genuinely experienced enough to merit a compensated board position, the corporation will pay you. There are numerous executive search and board placement businesses that specialize in this.

 They get compensated to find board members, and they require qualified candidates. You do not need to pay to play.

The individual had just gotten off a call with one of these salespeople. They don’t ask for any requirements or do any work to determine if you even qualify for any positions. They hype you up and want $400 ($200 upfront, $195 per month). So avoid wasting your time.

#5. Martin Rowinski Boardsi has a “Bait & Switch Scheme”

martin rowinski boardsi

As per the above review, on the 10th of April, 2023 a person had a Misleading introduction only to learn when he had his call to discuss the positions available. It was someone in a call center who was not prepared for the difficult question he asked.

Below is the verbatim email he received from a Research Team member at boardsi:

It was indicated in the email that if I had a few minutes that week to talk about some open paid advisory and board roles his company is looking for. He added, “Please feel free to find an enjoyable activity for you on their calendar.”

When he called with a different member of the research team, he was absolutely unaware of these precise positions, and when he inquired if the call was a sales call, he stated that they do have a subscription cost. He had no idea what to answer when he told him that the outreach showed specific positions for which they were recruiting.

The only positive aspect was that the fellow on the other line didn’t appear to care whether or not he bought into their database.

#6. Reviews suggesting to stay away from the company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi

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In the preceding review, they begin with the high goal of paying you thousands of dollars for advising and providing fantastic opportunities remotely. You must, however, spend $200 USD to open an account with the company.  Please avoid such fraudulent individuals

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*Please also go through the encircled point of the comment.

#7. Stay away from Martin Rowinski Boardsi its a scam….

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The individual expressed his worst experience with Martin Rowinski Boardsi in the aforementioned assessment. He joined Boardsi and paid the sign-up and monthly costs. I had an onboarding meeting with a Boardsi representative and was informed that there are numerous vacant roles, not all of which are listed on their website. 

Someone will be appointed to pair up with him to discover suitable opportunities, he was told. I had a second appointment with someone to gather some basic information for a Boardsi resume. He was then left free to look through their job postings on their website. He filled out approximately ten applications. 

No one from Boardsi has contacted him at any time, even today. Even acknowledging the programs he created, let alone providing an update. And as for somebody employed in the background hoping to discover acceptable positions among the hundreds that appear to be missing from their website, he never heard back.

He called them on numerous occasions and was informed that they could see he registered for different employment and that things take time. He has now canceled his membership and rejected the whole situation as a bad experience.

He made the decision to avoid Boardsi in terms of job search expectations. They are creating unrealistic expectations regarding the services they provide and accomplish. Nice get-rich-quick idea if you can get a steady supply of customers to pay a sign-up fee, a few months’ subscriptions, and then quit.

#8. Clients do not get what actually they want!

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According to the Board Career Coach’s comment above, there are a few customers who have already registered with the organization of Martin Rowinski Boardski who are dissatisfied. According to them, they did not obtain exactly what they desired to assist them on their path to a board position.

#9. The company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi does not provide any linkage between the individuals & advisors 

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According to the experience holder’s review, it is not possible for him to identify whether anyone has utilized Boardsi, a specific service or platform, to obtain a board of advisor or director post because he does not have access to such information.

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 Boardsi is a website that links individuals with possibilities for the board of advisor and director jobs with firms. It is not commonplace for individuals to use discussions like this to identify chances to serve on a board of advisors or directors. 

However, an individual’s success in getting a board position through an organization like Boardsi will be determined by a number of variables, including their skills, knowledge, and suitability for the role and company.

#10. Do not go with the company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi

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As per the above review, the Boardsi is totally a scam. The reviewer is advising you not to go with it as it is not going to give you any kind of profit.

Now let’s take a quick glance at all the reviews of the organization of Martin Rowinski Boardski by the following screenshots:

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Lots of reviews are there to alert you with the links provided by them that we should go through it before making our faith in the company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi. I will also bring all these links visible to you for your reference and alertness.

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What do you know about Martin Rowinski Boardsi?

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He claims to be a professional specialist with 25 years of C-level expertise and is the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi, a famous SAAS-based executive recruitment organization with global operations.

Martin designed and led the development of their proprietary platform, which enables organizations to easily search for the best-qualified Boards of Directors and Boards of Advisors from a database of hundreds of thousands of top executives across the United States and globally. 

This software also enables CEOs to find positions on boards in extremely competitive organizations in a straightforward, easy, and simplified manner. 

This is how Boardsi claims to focus on assisting organizations in building executive boards more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively in order to achieve exponential development. It also claims for creating a business champion nationwide private network for C-level executives.


Finally, I don’t have much to add because the review headlines tell us that indeed, the company of Martin Rowinski Boardsi is a scam and untrustworthy. Finally, as I previously stated, I will provide you with a few links to investigate more before proceeding with this company.

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