Massimo Acquaviva Review 2023 – Employee Abuse and Negligence

Massimo Acquaviva is the CEO of 2R Capital Investment Management. Recently, he has received complaints for providing his staff with inhumane working conditions.

Apart from 2R Capital Investment Management, Massimo Acquaviva is also the CEO of 2R Capital SPA. 

He earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2000 and launched 2R Capital SPA in 2009. 

Massimo has been running the company since then.

Recent allegations against Massimo Acquaviva, CEO of 2R Capital Investment Management, have highlighted the importance of maintaining a safe and welcoming workplace for every employee. Several employees have complained about their workplace’s long hours, few breaks, and hostile environment.

These allegations serve as a sobering reminder that even at the highest levels of business, exploitation occurs. The leaders of a company owe it to their employees to ensure their health and safety, as it is the employees who are responsible for the company’s success.

Massimo Acquaviva is obligated to thoroughly investigate these claims and promptly address any issues that may arise within his businesses. It would be unethical and detrimental to the company’s reputation and credibility to act otherwise.

If similar incidents are to be avoided in the future, employers must make it a top priority to provide their employees with safe, fair, and respectful workplaces. This includes providing adequate compensation, reasonable work hours, and a safe and healthy work environment.

In conclusion, business leaders need to ensure that their actions adhere to ethical standards and that they care about the well-being of their employees. Recent allegations against Massimo Acquaviva demonstrate the importance of always maintaining a respectful and dignified workplace.

Massimo Acquaviva

The reviewer shares that Massimo Acquaviva launched 2R Capital Investment Management in 2016. It acts as an angel investor which invests in public equities. 

The reviewer points out that the biggest drawback of 2RC IM is its extremely small team. 

Even though it’s an equity investment firm, it only has a team of 4 people. 

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The first person is Massimo Acquaviva as the portfolio manager, then you have a business manager and two equity analysts. 

Massimo Acquaviva

Also, the reviewer points out that they had a 5th member as well. However, he fled the company as soon as his internship contract expired. 

How Massimo Acquaviva Allegedly Harassed the Reviewer: 

The reviewer lists multiple reasons as to why he left 2R Capital Investment Management. 

He worked at the firm as an equity analyst for 3 years and he says it was a horrendous experience. 

The first reason was the owner. 

According to the reviewer, Massimo Acquaviva uses extremely humiliating and intimidating language for his employees. The reviewer says he had called their Polish intern an “Eastern European motherf***er”. 

Similarly, he would often say “Vafanculo” which means f*** you in Italian. 

The reviewer points out that these verbal attacks were pretty common at 2RC IM. 

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Moreover, he is a micro-manager and would ask for a very detailed account twice a day. Hence, the reviewer says the workplace felt quite toxic and suffocating. 

On top of that, he highlights that the finance industry is already notorious for offering a poor work-life balance. 

However, he says Massimo Acquaviva pushed it to the extreme. The reviewer points out that Massimo makes his staff work 14-15 hours a day.

Furthermore, he says Massimo Acquaviva doesn’t give any paid holidays to his staff. Instead, he encourages his staff to take as few holidays as possible. 

“No Benefits, No Holidays, No Respect”

Massimo Acquaviva

According to the reviewer, people don’t get any insurance, training, or bonuses at 2R Capital Investment Management. 

He highlights that Massimo Acquaviva had verbally promised to give the analysts bonuses for good performances, but he never did. 

Moreover, there is no private health insurance coverage nor any professional development scheme in place. 

The reviewer adds that there is no career progression outlook present at Massimo Acquaviva’s company. 

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He points out you wouldn’t get any clear idea of your career development there because there is no clear framework in place. 

The reviewer says there are no perks available to analysts at Massimo’s company. 

Finally, the reviewer says the constant abuse and the lack of clear career progression compelled him to leave the company. 

He points out that leaving Massimo Acquaviva’s company was the best decision he made and his only regret is not leaving the company sooner. 


Companies that take advantage of their employees lack business ethics. 

According to the review above, it’s clear that Massimo Acquaviva might not be as effective as a leader as he claims to be. 

Recently, cases of employee abuse have started attracting a lot of criticism. 

For example, F1 Solutions, a tech company gaining notoriety for mistreating its staff and depriving them of basic benefits.

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Massimo Acquaviva is the CEO and owner of 2RC IM, an equity investment firm. According to reviews, Massimo doesn’t look after his employees and abuses them constantly.

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    Concern for Staff

    All of the things you said are 100% true.

    2R capital management is a hellhole for employees.

    Constant curses, harassment and ridicule. These are the only perks of working here.

    I wouldn’t suggest anyone trust Massimo because he is a genuine sociopath.

    I think he loves to see his employees suffer.

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    - CONS: Abusive CEO Harassment Low pay Ridicule Constant cursing
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