Matt Skinner – Empire West Equity, Inc

Matt Skinner is a self-proclaimed real estate “dealmaker” who has scammed dozens of investors using false promises and is still seen selling a monthly “dealmaker empire membership” to wannabe investors.

He claims to double his investor’s money in less than 4-5 years. He has done business under various names over the years, including Twelvestone Capital and more recently Empire West and Thrive Capital.

His Longacre Estates development project was tied up in court for years……and at this time, there is very little hope of its investors to ever see any of the money they invested with this charlatan. His defunct Freedom Fund never paid back the loan that Longacre made.

Although I never invested in this fraud, I, unfortunately, provided some video editing and marketing services around 5 years ago. Today marks 5 yrs since I sent him the invoices for monies owed, and haven’t seen a single penny of it.

Covid has hit me hard, and I was hoping that Matt reimburses me for the services rendered. I even offered to write off the amount if he agrees to pay a fraction of what’s owed. In that hope, we exchanged multiple emails, and all I received were lies, dates, false promises, and finally, he started to ignore me. This finally went to court…

This was insane. They used me for their work and now are being ignorant about their responsibilities for paying me. The company was operated in the name of TwelveStone and after there were numerous complaints on the internet about his scams, he changed the name of his company to Empire West. He never answers my call and neither does his assistant. This is not only unprofessional but completely unethical.

These guys are scammers. If you think that they will pay you even a penny for your services, you are mistaken. They will keep buzzing you off. However, not everyone gives up so easily. Apart from making all the attempts to get justice from the court of law, I would keep writing about his scams. I want everyone to know what a crook he is.

I even doubt that he would ever show up for the hearing. He is a fraud and should be banned from offering any service to anyone. I am sure he must have cheated many people and if you are reading this, please come forward to spread the word and stop him from cheating anyone else, going forward.

The court date is approaching and the key witnesses I have would be able to testify for me. All I am worried about is him reaching the court for the hearing. He is a bad person and more than that, a bad businessman.

He uses people and does not show gratitude for their commitment to his work. A person like him should be tied behind bars. If you want to save your time and money, stay away from this burglar.

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Beware of Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner is a liar, a cheater, a scammer and if you plan to trust him into investing your hard-earned money, I have a bridge to sell to you.

What he does well
  • Marketing Skills
  • Smooth Operator
  • Has an alibi for everything
  • A Total Scammer
  • Narcissist
  • Pathological Liar

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