Max Trubitski SCAM ALERT! Review 2023

It is generally agreed that, in 2021, Max Trubitski, is a scammer and has faked a skiing accident to force an early retirement due to an overwhelming negative backlash.

Do not give Maxim your money. Do not give him your personal information. Many of his users have reported being charged the full price (hundreds of dollars) after signing up. No refunds are ever given. His mother was suspended from the BAR. They are crooks.

At the time of writing this review, Maxim’s course was still active but has since been abandoned.

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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been flocking, in recent years, to drop shipping. Most do it as a side hustle – and only a rare few can transition the business model beyond their piggy banks. The first conclusion that most people come to (myself included) is that the profit margin can be ridiculously low.

Who is Max Trubitski

Max Trubitski was born and raised in the southeast part of Brooklyn, Manhattan Beach. Maxim had the urge to be an entrepreneur right from the start. He supposedly began studying business at the age of 14 & has since built several sources of income.

His father taught him the importance of standing out from the crowd – to do the opposite of what most are doing. This became Max’s philosophy & is one of the key points he teaches aspiring young entrepreneurs.

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Maxim saw the potential in drop shipping and designed a variety of online stores via Shopify. His first was a clothing brand, Dio. Maxim claims to have generated over $1,000,000 in online sales with $100,000 profit – this was over a two & a half year period…

He followed this with a modelling agency & eventually started a marketing agency.

Oh yes & then he also managed to release a book in between all of this: 7 Figures by 17.

In 2018 Max founded & act as CEO of VLM Ventures, the largest 1-on-1 Ecommerce automation program found online (this is according to Max…)He has a YouTube channel that you can go check out, although there’s not much content with only 11 videos in total – 4 of which are student testimony… let’s not forget his travel vlogs videos…

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Today, he is a philanthropist, world traveler, & coach to thousands of students. (unverified)

He sounds pretty knowledgeable but is his experience & dropshipping course for real? Will it make you money?

The apparent serial entrepreneur with multiple income streams, thousands of happy students & living THE life.

On the other hand, you have Maxim Trubitski (Max Trub, Max Trubitski, Max Trubisky, Max Trubitsky, Ecom Max – Why so many aliases?) the apparent scammer who’s rude to clients, overcharges your card by 3x to 10x of what the payment should be; while he pretends to live/own some pretty exclusive penthouse apartments – which turns out to be an Air B&B.

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