Max Trubitski’s Shopify e-commerce scam 2023


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E-commerce is becoming a more and more popular way for people all over the world to shop. With the rise of online shopping, there have also been more cases of scams. Max Trubitski, a Ukrainian e-commerce business owner, was accused of fraud through his Shopify shops. This was one of the most well-known cases in recent years.

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Max Trubitski
Shopify e-commerce scam

Who is Max Trubitski?

Max Trubitski is an online business owner from Ukraine. His Shopify shops made him famous in the world of online business. In 2014, Max Trubitski started selling things online by putting them on Amazon. In 2016, he moved to Shopify. Trubitski’s shops sold many different kinds of things, from jewelry to things for the home.

Supposedly Fraudulent Things Max Trubitski Did

In 2018, some customers started to say that their orders weren’t being finished or sent. It was found that Max Trubitski’s stores were using fake addresses and phone numbers, and some of the goods were not as good as they said they were. Max Trubitski was also accused of making up reviews for his shop to make it look better.

Trubitski’s scams were not just limited to his shops. He was also accused of using a digital currency called PlexCoin to run a Ponzi scam. Max Trubitski and his partners in crime were said to have lied about the value of PlexCoin to get people to invest in their plan.

Max Trubitski
Max Trubitski’s Shopify e-commerce scam

The Arrest and Sentence of Max Trubitski

In 2018, Max Trubitski was caught in Thailand and sent back to the US to face charges of wire fraud, securities fraud, and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Trubitski admitted to the charges, so he will spend eight years in jail starting in 2021.

What is an E-commerce Scam?

An E-commerce scam is when criminals engage in illegal activity on e-commerce platforms by using someone else’s payment information to make unauthorized purchases. These fraudsters use various deceptive techniques, including assuming a false identity, stealing credit card information, using fake cards and details, and making up personal and card information.

What Max Trubitski’s Fraud Meant

Many of Trubitski’s customers lost money on their orders because of his fraudulent actions. Shopify’s image was also hurt by Trubitski’s stores, even though the company has been trying to stop fraud on its platform.

As a result of what happened with Max Trubitski, Shopify has taken steps to improve how it stops scams. The company has put in place machine learning algorithms to spot fraud, and it has hired more people to keep an eye on shops for strange behavior.

Max Trubitski's Shopify e-commerce scam

Max Trubitski SCAM ALERT!


He said that he is going to offer a limited number of 7 figure Pre-built Shopify Store for only £15 pounds and it will be delivered within 2/3 days, but since I purchased my 7 figure Pre-built Shopify Store from his website it’s been almost two weeks now still there is no news from him or his them. I kept on sending them emails but there is no reply at all

Max and his associates have a YouTube channel, but they mislead viewers about the purchase of an e-commerce store. I purchased one of his stores, and they harassed me for money with telemarketing calls. I still don’t have access to the store and it’s been a month

I purchased a store, and the owner immediately wanted me to invest in one-on-one coaching. I declined and never received access to the Ecomm prebuilt store or bonuses that were supposed to be included. I requested a refund and was told it was processed a few weeks ago, but there has been no refund… Will be doing a chargeback with my bank and reporting to them

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