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Be it the Lambo or the shiny VVS diamonds, Mazi VS (@mazivs) flaunts it all to his ~200k followers on Instagram.

The self-proclaimed “Las Vegas’ biggest sports gambler” seems to have some skeletons in his closet which he doesn’t want any of his fans to know about.

I started investigating the viral gambler when I recieved an email from a friend of mine who had subscribed to Mazi VS Picks subscription and got shockingly low accurate predictions. They said, and I quote:

A coin toss is more reliable than Mazi VS

And after doing some research my doubts about Mazi’s legitimacy & competence were made clear.

Mazi Picks is an unregulated and unregistered operation. Neither FINRA nor SEC oversees this company. As it is quite new, the FTC hasn’t taken notice of this scam as well.

In this review/report, I hope to show you how Mazi VS operates his online scam and why people fall for it. If you are short on time then skip to the review summary, otherwise, let’s get started right away.

Mazi comes from a very wealthy family & has never struggled for money as a result. He rents cars & mansions to produce content, just like most Instagram influencers do. However, unlike them, Mazi lies about his wealth and actually claims to own the mansions and sports cars he features in his videos. All of such claims are nothing but BS.

Mazi VS Picks Review: Unreliable & Exorbitant Subscription Service

Mazi Picks Website

All the money Mazi VS makes, actually comes from his “Mazi Picks” service which is an exorbitant subscription service where the customer is suppoed to get betting picks for sports events so they can make a profit from them.

This is an extremely flawed system and one simple logic shows why this whole “betting picks” gig is a scam:

If Mazi was really making money from sports gambling, why would he even sell his picks?

Think about it for a second.

There is a lot of money to be made in the sports betting industry, however, the people who do actually make a decent income from it, aren’t actually telling anyone their secrets.

If Mazi was accurate about his Picks, instead of selling a service, wouldn’t he just make bigger bets and get bigger payoffs?

The truth is that Mazi VS doesn’t have any respectable skills when it comes to sports betting, he might get lucky every once in a while, but his subscription service is certainly not worth the price.

Talking about the price. Mazi Picks offers five different plans, all of which are horribly overpriced.


  • VIP Plays Of The Day: $200
  • Week Of VIP: $600
  • Exclusive Play Of The Day: $1,500
  • Week Of Exclusive Plays: $5,000
  • Platinum Package: $20,000 (Month of Exclusive plays – includes 1 on 1 personal calls, every play Mazi is playing, bankroll management course, all the exclusive, vip and personal plays for an entire month.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that all the services listed here have zero value. This scam is worse than Andrew Kirby, as Mazi doesn’t even provide any learning material, for $200 you’ll just get an email/imessage from the guy, that’s it.

Mazi VS is not the next Parlay Patz, not even close.

Things get more fishy as we get deeper into the manipulation funnel of Mazi VS. If you click on the “SIGN UP” button on any of the service listings, you’ll be redirected to the following page:

Contact page of the website

There is no payment funnel on the website of MaziVS. It’s highly possible that Mazi’s lawyer has advised him not to use a registered online payment funnel to avoid any lawsuits or attention from the FTC. Maybe he doesn’t want to end up like Jason Bond Picks, who ran a very similar scam on a much larger scale.

The contact page shows you can send money to Mazi through CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle. It also asks to add your email address in the description of the payment. They claim to send you the “package details” through email prior the start of the games.

There’s a reason Mazi VS does not use PayPal. Because you can file a dispute over payments on PayPal and Mazi knows that if that happens, most of his victims will file a dispute, and thus ruin the scam.

It is a major red flag that Mazi receives his payments through personal apps like Velle & CashApp. Actual regulated companies don’t use personal apps to receive payments from their customers, and when they do, they use secure online services like PayPal. Mazi also seems to lack knowledge about basic English grammar, but let’s not dwell on that.

Mazi Picks Review By A Real Customer – MaziVS Reddit

Mazi Picks is a Scammer : sportsbetting (

Reddit is the place you go to find neutral and unbiased opinions (and cats). It didn’t surprise me that someone had already called out MaziVS Picks on his scam way before I did.

Around 6 months ago, user u/ABathingBoy made a post titled “Mazi Picks is a Scammer”, where he shared his review of Mazi VS.

Mazi had taken $500 from u/ABathingBoy for a week worth of picks, however he never recieved any emails from Mazi or his team. So the victim decided to contact MaziVS on Instagram (@mazivs) where Mazi sent him one pick for the day and never sent the week’s worth of picks for which u/ABahthingBoy paid for.

Overall 0/10 Service, guy is a legit scammer.

– Reddit user u/ABathingBoy on the post titled “Mazi Picks is a Scammer”

I won’t be surprised if the post suddenly gets a copyright notice from Mazi’s lawyers as it is proof that MaziVS Picks is a scam. If that happens then it’ll only confirm that something dubious is going on.

No Refunds From Mazi VS: His No Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions – Mazi Picks

If you thought things couldn’t get worse, then you are in for a surprise.

Mazi VS not only charges hundereds of dollars using personal finance apps, but you also cannot get any refunds from him.

This refund policy is not mentioned anywhere on the homepage, not even in the footer, instead, it is hidden deep in the Terms and Conditions of the Mazi Picks website.

It is very likely that after this report is live, Mazi’s team will change it up nonchalantly, that’s why I have attached a screenshot in this section. You never know what a scammer might do to save face.

How MaziVS Uses Sponsored & Biased Articles To Mislead Clients

This might be the only critical piece on Mazi you’ve ever read online, and this is because MaziVS has networked with news websites to post financially biased articles on him.

Just go on Google and search “Mazi VS news”, and every article that you see on the Google SERP is a paid PR article placed to convince naive people into believign Mazi is some kind of a celebrity.

Mazi Picks fake reviews

It is a very common tactic and fake news is a go-to service for scammers. Recently a contributor on Gripeo exposed how Dean Graziosi uses fake reviews & posts to manipulate people, Mazi is quite similar.

This is actually how most of these news websites make their money, however unethical it may be, they really don’t care. In the end they are getting paid and they lack any ethics.

They create a bogus aura of popularity for a scammer who then scams innocents using these articles as social proof.

This is Argumentum ad populum (appeal to widespread belief) in work. When people see dozens of news networks praising Mazi VS as the “Sports Betting King”, they automatically presume that’s the truth. And with their skepticism disarmed, Mazi can easily scam them for hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars.

Mazi VS scam

In most cases, these news websites don’t even realize that the person on the other end is a scammer.


I strongly suggest that the readers report Mazi VS to the FTC, he is a dangerous scammer who will keep taking advantage of people as long as no action is taken against him. Go to the official fraud reporting page of the FTC here, and file a report.

If you have been scammed by Mazi Picks, then share your experience down below and add a review. Don’t let him get away with it!

2.3 Total Score
MaziVS Picks Review Conclusion

Mazi VS (SBK) is running an elaborate sports betting scam. By lying about his wealth, lifestyle and income sources, Mazi manipulates his fans into purchasing his “Mazi Picks” service where he takes $200-$20,000 for inaccurate & unreliable betting picks. Avoid this charlatan!

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  1. 1.3
    Honesty & Transparency
    Trust Factor
    Client Experience
    Value For Money

    When I first took an interest in sportsbetting, it was after I saw Mazi on Instagram. He came off extremely arrogant (calling people peasants, throwing hundred dollar bills out of his car, while doing a million miles down skidrow etc). He was a prick, but at the end of the day it was about business for me. I paid him $200 for a weekend of picks. The first few times I won. I think I hit a thousand for the first time ever taking one of his bets. Lost a few bets with him too tho. It’s an up and down game about money management.
    My advice: watch the sports you like betting on yourself. Do the research. Get familiar with the players and their skills. Get your OWN system going. He’s good at what he does (he really is), but I cant see myself paying someone for a service I’ve gotten pretty good at too. And if you do like handicapping, plan on losing twice more than doubling up. Regardless of the handicapper.

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  2. 0.75
    Honesty & Transparency
    Trust Factor
    Client Experience
    Value For Money

    I DM’ed Mazi VS on Instagram and he literally just asked me to send him $$$ and said I’ll make my money back and then some with his Picks. Even a double-digit IQ brother knows this guy’s cappin’. We don’t need to expert report to see that he is scamming, but I appreciate the effort from ya’ll

    - CONS: Mazi VS is a scammer He just spams people to cashapp him money
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  3. Selling sports picks is a total scam.

  4. Reply
    Mazi Picks is a Scam
    June 24, 2021 at 8:47 am

    The guy is a joke. Most of his followers are bots.

    Check out his Instagram page. There is never much engagement there. Unlike some few specimen, most people can easily see through his BS. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he starts facing trouble from the FTC or another agency for running this sports betting scam.

  5. The guy is all talk. I have tried to contact him several times but he never replies. I’m done trying to join Mazi Picks. Tbh, there are way more better ways to spend my time than follow this insect.

  6. I sent him a few DMs to ask about his program but he doesn’t respond. That’s when I thought something is wrong with the guy.

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