Medspa California, A Professional Corp – Botched Procedures

If you’re looking for medspa services in San Ramon, you might come across the name of Medspa California, A Professional Corp. It is a notorious medspa which sells highly expensive services while delivering dissatisfying results. 

Before you spend your money here, it’s vital that you know what it’s clients are saying. Below are some of the many complaints people have posted against this terrible medspa: 

About Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Medspa California, A Professional Corp is a skin care clinic based in San Ramon, California. It’s address is 5601 Norris Canyon Rd Suite 320, San Ramon, CA 94583, US and its contact number is 925-997-9995. 

The place claims to be the best provider of botox and other cosmetic services in the bay area. It offers various services to its clients such as:

  • Botox
  • Kybella
  • ULtherapy
  • Chemical peel
  • Titan skin tightening
  • Acne skin treatment
  • Dysport
  • Juvederm
  • Laser vein treatment

And plenty of others. 

Anu Verma, RN runs this medspa. She claims to have performed thousands of treatments successfully. Anu has a BS and masters in nursing and hospital administration. 

At first, Medspa California, A Professional Corp might seem like the perfect place to get a skin treatment. However, the various reviews tell a different story. 

According to the reviewers, it’s a horrible medspa which doesn’t respect its clients. You’ll learn more in the next section of this review: 

They Lie About their Pricing Over the Phone, Insult the Client for Raising Questions

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

The above reviewer alerts other consumers about Medspa California, A Professional Corp. She had booked her appointment through phone and Anu had told her she would get more discount than the Groupon price for multiple filler syringes if she bought them in-office. 

This offer made sense to the reviewer because Groupon takes a cut when you buy through them. But when she arrived at the clinic, Anu acted as if she had no recollection of the conversation they had. 

Furthermore, she tried to upsell the reviewer and refused to honor the priced she had discussed over the phone call. 

The reviewer has explained her experience in detail. She wanted to buy 3 syringes of Restylane or 2 Restylane syringes with one Juvederm. Anu had told her that she can get them for a price slightly less than Groupon. 

When the reviewer arrived, she discussed the prices with Anu who acted all surprised and baffled. According to Anu, the prices the reviewer mentioned were ridiculous. She left the reviewer in a room abruptly and went to see another matter. 

When she returned, she asked the reviewer about her budget for the services. Then, Anu started making passive aggressive remarks when the reviewer shared the same. 

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After arguing with the reviewer for a while, she left the room again. She offered to match the Groupon prices for one syringe when the reviewer had already highlighted that she wanted multiple. 

Furthermore, the reviewer points out that Medspa California, a Professional Corp deliberately leaves out the size-related details of the syringes in its Groupon ads. This way, it can deceive people into thinking it offers discounts on normal syringes when in reality, the offers are valid only on small syringes. 

The reviewer ends her complaint by saying that it’s a dishonest establishment you should avoid. 

Medspa California, A Professional Corp Pushes Its Clients to Get More Units

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Fatima had visited this medspa only once to get Botox. However, she felt as if the owner was quite pushy and was forcing clients to buy more units and services. 

Fatima points out that from the start of her appointment, Anu recommended her to get additional 20 units when she didn’t want that and had already made it clear. 

The receptionist had told Fatima that the follow up units cost $3 each. Fatima points out that she had never paid for units after a follow up with her previous doctors. She highlights that happened because the doctors were professional and understood their clients. 

Also, she had a problematic experience with Medspa California when she called them to enquire about a flier. They had a Valentine’s Day deal where they were selling units for $10 each. She called to ask about this offer and they told her that the offer was only valid if you purchased at least 40 units. 

Fatima highlighted that their promotions didn’t mention this prerequisite anywhere. 

Also, she felt rushed during her appointment and the communication was unprofessional. She says that she won’t be coming back to this medspa. 

They Act Nice for the Camera, Mistreat Patients if They Use Any Coupons

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Lori says that this medspa is extremely rude. She had arrived for her appointment on time but no one saw her for almost 45 minutes.The front desk staff had told Lori that she had rewards in her loyalty account. She had also told Lori that the reward included discounts for fillers she was paying for without Groupon. 

When Anu arrived, she was quite rushed and kept leaving the room. Then, she had the front desk staff come in and take multiple videos for her social media accounts. Lori felt quite weird as their behavior was nice on camera but as soon as it turned off, it returned to rude and unprofessional. 

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Moreover, Lori highlights that Anu is extremely rude. When she learned that Lori had purchased her treatment on Groupon, she started yelling at her. After that, she left the room 6-7 times and made things very awkward for everyone. 

Lori says that she had added two other treatments at full price. But they treated her as if she had done something wrong. Also, all the coupons and rewards present in her account had become invalid suddenly. 

Lori says that customer service is a huge aspect of any business and she couldn’t believe how terribly they treated her here. 

Don’t Get Fillers or Injectables at This Medspa!

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Jazmine shares that the only reason this place has so many positive reviews is because if you send a picture of your 5-star review to Anu, she adds your name to a raffle for a free IPL facial. 

She had seen Anu for an under eye filler because of some hollowness in that region. Anu injected the product incorrectly as it distributed unevenly to Jazmine’s left and right eyes and in the wrong location. 

Jazmine points out that Anu had placed the filler too high which left her with a large under eye bag under her right eye. At first, she thought it was swelling but 3 weeks later she realized it was a mistake. 

Later, she called the place to ask if Anu could fix the issue. She came in and Anu added more filler to the area which made it worse. Jazmine says that her family had started asking her if her fiance was beating her because that’s bad how it looked. 

Several more weeks passed and Jazmine made another appointment. This was her third visit and Anu still didn’t remember her. Jazmine wanted Anu to dissolve the filler completely and issue her a refund. She said that she had a product which can soften the filler. However, when Jazmine asked her which product it was she simply said it is a softener. 

She later discovered that Anu had used the same dissolver hyaluronidase which she had asked for in the beginning. Also, Anu refused to issue a refund. She gave the reviewer an ice pack for a few seconds, snatched it out of her hand and threw it back in the fridge when it still had blood on it. 

Jazmine points out that she was done with Anu’s behavior. She scheduled a meeting with another doctor who helped her fix this mess. As you can see, Jazmine has shared a few pictures of her botched results as well. 

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Fillers Made the Client’s Mouth Look Like an Ape’s

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Emmie says that the service here is good but the results were horrible. She had driven all the way from San Francisco because she thought the pricing was good. 

But when she got there, they rushed the procedure and injected her with two radiesse syringes each. Emmie points out that she has gotten plenty of fillers and she knew something was off. 

She had bulges all over her face. Also, the provider touched both her and her friend’s faces in the middle of injecting her which didn’t seem very sanitary. Emmie shares that it has been several weeks since she had the filler and it looks like she has two marbles under her lips. 

Also, her nasal folds are deeper because the fillers made her mouth stick out like an ape. 

She looked forward to becoming a regular here but now understands that it would have been a mistake. 

Below is the picture of the reviewer’s results:

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Wasted ~$1000 of the Client, Gave Horrible Results, Rushed the Procedures

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Sara says that if she could give this place 0 stars out of 5, she would. Her experience with this medspa was terrible. Sara had found an offer on Groupon and thought it was worth a try. 

She came in for her consultation and showed Anu a picture of the kind of results she was hoping for. While Anu assured her of delivering the desired results, she pointed out that getting rid of the cupid bow might be a little difficult for her. 

Sara says that Anu rushed her to sign the consent forms and put in a syringe of restylane right away so she could take another client. 

Later, Sara felt a few small lumps form on her bottom lip and went back to see Anu a week later. She wanted them to dissolve the lumps. Furthermore, the shape and size was nowhere close to what she wanted. 

In her second visit, Anu used a whole syringe of juvederm on her bottom lip and a little on the sides of the upper lip. Also, she injected a part of the juvederm syringe in the mustache region around the upper lip. However, it looked like an under skin pimple. 

Afterwards, a huge lump formed in her bottom lip. All of this made it quite difficult for the reviewer to look at herself in the mirror without wanting to cry. Sara says that she hated how she looked. 

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2 weeks later, she scheduled another appointment to get the lumps dissolved. 

Anu kept telling Sara that her lips looked fantastic. They talked and she started dissolving the lumps and offered a free injection for the inconvenience. Sara points out that her lips were too swollen at this point so she had to schedule another appointment in two weeks. 

Also, she pointed out that it usually took her 45 minutes on a good day to get to the clinic. SHe had paid $446 for the restylane and $504 for juvederm and $25 for the medication. 

In her last appointment they had dissolved 75% of the filler so she was frustrated to go for another one. When she reached the clinic Anu told her that she can’t do anything for her. 

Sara explained to her that she had spent around $1000 and 50 minutes in the traffic to get there. Yet, she ended up with horrible results in the form of messed up lips. 

She said that her $975 went down the drain. 

Moreover, she explained to Anu where the lumps were and how they were lopsided. She disagreed and told her that she will take care of the lumps and inject the fillers. Afterwards, she put on the numbing cream and left the room. 

A while later, she came back in and offered a complementary hydrafacial for the inconvenience. She did the treatment by taking Sara to a different room and completed it in 2-5 minutes. Sara highlights that it was the quickest treatment she has had ever. 

Then, she rushed and dissolved one of the lumps on Sara’s bottom lip. Anu left the rest of the lumps and put the tiniest amount of filler on the two sides of her upper lip. 

She rushed the procedure so she could take care of the other clients. The reviewer points out that she left Medspa California, A Professional Corp with horrible results and nothing to show for the time and money spent. 

It was a painful experience for her and she doesn’t recommend going there. Below are the pictures of her lips:

Medspa California, A Professional Corp
Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Medspa California, A Professional Corp is Not So Professional

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Lena shares that she used to go to a different medspa but had to change cities so she tried out Medspa California. She says this place is disorganized and possesses a weird smell. 

Lena highlights that Anu was condescending and rude to staff. She rambled about “boobs and butts” which was unprofessional and weird. Also, she used a dirty paper towel to draw the reviewer’s face and show where the injections would go. 

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On top of that, she did the math on the same paper towel to show what she would pay. 

Anu didn’t offer her any numbing cream or something to blow cool air on her face when she was getting the injections. Moreover, she was abrasive and didn’t ask Lena to move her forehead before sticking the needle in. 

Lena highlights that Anu was shocked with her knowledge of botox. She got aggressive because Lena knew a lot about botox. Certainly, she doesn’t recommend going to Medspa California, A Professional Corp.

Anu Does Not Care About Delivering Satisfactory Results

Medspa California, A Professional Corp

Leonela shares that she was extremely disappointed with the results she got here. She had a chin augmentation at Medspa California and liked her initial results. But they didn’t last long. 

2 weeks later, she called to get a follow up appointment. Leonela had made it abundantly clear that she was traveling a long way and didn’t want to buy more products since she wasn’t happy with the first one. 

The front desk staff told her that the appointment would be complementary and Anu would ensure she is happy with the results. WHen Leonela arrived for the meeting she felt as if she had wasted her time. 

Anu looked at her results and said, “I see the results”. Even though the reviewer showed her the before and after photos she was adamant that the reviewer had received the desired results. 

Leonela says that it was an extremely disappointing experience. 

Other Medspa California Reviews You Should Know About: 

Medspa California, A Professional Corp
Medspa California, A Professional Corp
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Medspa California, A Professional Corp
Medspa California, A Professional Corp
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Medspa California, A Professional Corp may make bold claims about its expertise and service but most of them are fake. This place suffers from poor management and a lack of competent leadership. 

Numerous people complain about its greedy prices. Many complaints are about the poor results they deliver and how they don’t take any accountability for them. 

It would be safer for you to go to a different medspa and avoid it altogether. 

2.7 Total Score
Not worth the risk

Medspa California, A Professional Corp is the most unprofessional medspa in the region, according to the various online complaints it has received. Many people complain about the lack of accountability prevalent here and how the nurse, Anu Verma, fails to deliver satisfactory results.

2.6Expert Score
2.7User's score
  • None
  • Excessive pricing
  • Manipulating reviews
  • Received complaints for botching procedures
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  1. 1.75

    In my experience the staff needs to learn some manners. They don’t know how to talk to their clients. I don’t like how Anu doesn’t handle criticism so well.

    - CONS: Medspa California corp does not have good staff
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    Anu left a permanent scar on my face and didn’t even do anything about it. Anu burned a hole in my chin and the negligent nurse didn’t try to fix her mistake either. I believe they are among the worst people in the medical spa industry. Don’t go to Medspa California.

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