Met500: Reviews Exposed the Scam Story. (New Update 2023)

Do you have any knowledge of Met500? Let’s learn about this potential scam in the following review.

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A website called Met500 claims that it can satisfy the requirements of cryptocurrency investors who want a straightforward method of staking their holdings without having to engage in complex exchange operations on numerous decentralized exchanges, buy tokens with questionable value, or go through other complicated steps.

Met500 Is fake or trustworthy?

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What do you believe is actually true about the falsely optimistic elements that Met500 uses to advertise itself?

What is Cryptocurrency?

A digital type of money known as cryptocurrency has no tangible counterparts, such as coins or bills, and only exists electronically. Electronic tools like cell phones, PCs, or specialist Bitcoin ATMs are frequently used in cryptocurrency transactions. Even though Bitcoin and Ether are well-known examples, there are many other virtual currencies on the market, and more are constantly being created. These cryptocurrencies offer distinctive features and applications in the fields of technology and finance, operate on decentralized networks, and are defined by their digital nature.

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12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Met500 has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

An extremely low trust rating is held by Met500. Why?

After checking for various red flags, we believe the website might be fraudulent. When utilizing this website, proceed with the utmost caution.

Each website is automatically reviewed by Scamadviser for 40 distinct factors, including who owns the site, whether or not the contact information is visible, where it is stored, what technology is employed, and a whole lot more. We generate a trust score based on the total amount of data collected.

Our algorithm gives a very poor trust rating. Computers might be incorrect, though. Although there is a strong indication that the website is a fraud, it may still be safe to utilize.

Met500: Pros & Cons


  • We discovered a cookie consent.
  • The certificate is valid, as shown by the SSL check. 
  • The website is safe according to DNSFilter.
  • Nothing malicious or fraudulent was discovered by Flashstart.


  • By paying for a service, the owner of the website conceals his name on WHOIS.
  • The same registrar is utilized by several spammers and scammers.
  • Financial products and services (or content) recognized as having a high risk/return were found to be Bitcoin services that can.
  • This website has a list of anonymous payment options.
  • There were a few reviews, primarily bad ones, for this website.
  • Earlier than a year ago, this website was only registered.
  • On this website, it appears that NFTs are traded.
  • Trend Micro has no faith in this website.

Detailed analysis of Met500

Analysis of the Business

His identity is unknown, according to the website’s owner. Using this information, spammers approach website owners to advertise their services. 

Therefore, a few website owners decided to conceal their contact information. On the other hand, con artists might abuse it. If the real name of the website’s owner is revealed, our algorithm rates the site highly.

A high-return/high-risk investment opportunity appears to be offered on this website. Although, there isn’t a magic solution. Any investment with significant revenue expectations is by definition also a risky one.

 If you plan to put your money in a high-risk business, please think about whether you are prepared to lose it.

Evaluation of Webstore

According to what we’ve found, the website might provide resources, goods, or services relevant to cryptocurrencies. We view the consumer risk associated with these services as high. 

Even cryptocurrency professionals have difficulty separating legitimate digital currency businesses from frauds and swindles. We advise you to verify websites offering crypto-related services thoroughly before making an investment or using their services.

Only recently was this domain name registered. As a result, very few, if any, users have had the opportunity to post reviews or comments on social media, indicating that the platform is truly fairly new. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly examine this website to ensure that it wasn’t created by a scammer.

NFTs are fantastic for spreading online assets, but like any commercial venture, they have unique risks that must be considered in the account. One of these risks is ownership and price volatility, which enables the sale of several fake NFTs to buyers at a substantial loss.

As a consequence, it can happen for naive clients to fall into illicit financial transaction traps and risk persecution as a result. Another issue is that many countries’ federal legislation has yet to acknowledge NFT trading. We firmly recommend that you proceed with extreme caution when trading NFTs.

Met500: Analysis of technical issues

We constantly verify whether other web pages are hosted by the same provider as the one the website is utilizing. 

In this instance, we found that the domain is helping a lot of websites with bad to very bad review scores. 

This might just be a coincidence, but the domain registration bureau’s inadequate “Know your customer” procedures could be to blame. The website now has a lower trust rating.

To set cookies, the website needs your consent. The website makes an effort to comply with the law in this manner. The credibility Rating of this website has therefore been marginally raised as a result.

We discovered a trustworthy SSL Certificate. Your computer’s connection with the website is protected by an SSL certificate. SSL certification is available in various degrees. 

Another option is a free one, and internet scammers frequently exploit this one. However, lacking a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is still worse than holding one, particularly if you need to submit your contact information.

Met500 Reviews

We may presume that Met500’s reviews are unreliable because we’ve already established that it’s unreliable as a source of investments. However, I still feel the need to offer these client testimonials to help you understand this field better. 


What is the rating offered by previous customers, as you can see? It’s terrible. Now let’s go to our reviews:

#1. Convinced to invest all money in a scam


According to the review above, the client put all of his cash in the Met500 program mentioned below, however, he was unable to withdraw any money even though the payout was still visible on the website’s dashboard. 

#2. They are thieves


They don’t pay their clients, and the client thinks they are crooks, according to the review mentioned above.

#3. They are all thieves

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According to the comment above, they removed the option to speak with support. Long-pending payment requests that were never honored.

Be aware of anyone offering you a percentage that is too high. They’re all crooks.

#4. Showing the bad experience with Met500

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According to the comment above, the client is merely expressing his anxiety by signing up for Met500.

#5. The website is scammy

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As per the above review, the smallest stake quantity is $200, which seems fairly large and typical of a fraudulent website’s request to enable them to steal more money all at once, making the website very dishonest.

The website might also be created in a short amount of time because the design is also rather simple to duplicate.

Additionally, the website’s profit calculator is flawed, indicating that it was rushed to complete it because it is such a prevalent function.


Finally, I have nothing else to say because it is quite evident from the reviews and information provided that Met500 is a fraudulent and dishonest website. 

What else do you need to know? Come I will tell you.

What is Crypto Staking?

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By putting money into and keeping it in a platform for staking or staking pool, staking cryptocurrency is one of the smartest and simplest ways to receive rewards on your cryptocurrency. 

Staked assets are utilized to assist transaction validators in their work, which helps to improve the blockchain’s general usability and security.

How does it work?

You can stake your tokens if you hold a cryptocurrency that operates on a proof-of-stake blockchain. 

Your assets are secured by staking, which enables you to take part in and support the blockchain security of that network. 

Validators get paid in that cryptocurrency called “staking rewards” for locking up their assets and taking part in network validation.

Additionally, you could create a staking-compatible Bitcoin wallet.

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