Michael Bach Atlanta: Convicted Scammer from Virginia? Is It True? Let’s Explore! (Update 2023)

Michael Bach Atlanta claims to be many things but the various complaints against him say otherwise. According to the man himself, he is an investor and a philanthropist. 

On the other hand, his victims claim that he is a swindler and a scammer. Furthermore, the guy has even been to jail because of his scams

The following article sheds some light on his claims, history and his unethical marketing tactics:

What Michael Bach Atlanta Claims To Be:

Michael Bach Atlanta claims to be an investor, angler and philanthropist. According to his website, he is a sports car collector and has a hobby of photography. 

His bio usually consists of his various interests such as fishing, football and basketball. It also mentions that he has been involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions as an investor. 

Michal earned his degree in Architectural and Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina AT&T State University in Greensboro. 

Lastly, Michael also claims to be a philanthropist as he started the Michael Bach Foundation in 2011. Its proceeds go towards educational efforts and youth sports. 

So far, Michael seems like a credible and honest businessman. However, marketing endeavors tell a different story. 

Keep in mind that all of the above claims are from his own website. In reality, the ‘investor’ spends a lot of money on paid PR articles and promotions to improve his image. 

The next section of this review will shed more light on his deceptive and unethical marketing practices: 

Michael Bach Atlanta Exposed: The Truth

While Michael claims to be a philanthropist and a reliable businessman, the reality is something else. 

There are various complaints against Michael for his criminal history. Below is a complaint highlighting that Drezden Capital LLC (Michael’s firm) lies about its services and earns its revenue by phishing for bank account information. 

Furthermore, the review highlights that Michael lies to people for buying their companies and promises to transfer the money he never does. 

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They also point out that he prepares fake documents to scam others. 

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This isn’t the only complaint against Bach. Below is another one I found online:

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Here, the reviewer highlights that Michael Bach Atlanta is a con artist who makes his living off of other people’s money and trust. They point out that Michael was arrested in Virginia and convicted of theft by deception and obtaining money under false pretenses with several other charges. 

The review shares that the Sterling family suffered a lot because of this scammer. Now, he resides in Atlanta, GA but hasn’t stopped scamming people. The reviewer says that Michael is still deceiving companies and individuals. 

To deceive people and dissociate himself from his crooked past, he has petitioned to change his name from Michael Bach to Michael Conrad Bach. 

Below is an image of his petition:

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And here are the snippets of his mugshots when he was convicted:

Basically, Michael Bach Atlanta claims to be an investment banking professional or a fund manager. Then, he takes funds from companies or people under false pretences. 

Furthermore, he doesn’t have a license for investment banking or anything of the sort. 

What is Investment Fraud?

Investment fraud constitutes a white-collar criminal activity wherein individuals intentionally mislead or deceive investors to achieve financial gains. It is unlawful for any party to conceal essential information regarding investments, including associated risks, with the intent of persuading investors to invest their capital.

How Michael Tries to Deceive Others:

There are many skeletons in Michael’s closet. To ensure that people don’t find out about his criminal past, he pays blogs and websites to write praises for him.

Michael Bach Atlanta has put a lot of effort in his online promotion. He has created profiles and posted articles all with the name and title of ‘Michael Bach Atlanta’. 

This way, he tries to ensure that when people look up his name, they don’t find the various articles exposing him. He wants to people find his PR articles like the one below:

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Apart from such articles, he has created numerous online profiles with the name ‘Michael Bach Atlanta’ on different social platforms. You might think that it’s harmless to create such profiles. 

But his intentions aren’t. His goal is to ensure that people don’t find the complaints his victims have posted all over the internet when they google his name. 

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Notice how in each one of these websites, the title always contains the name ‘Michael Bach Atlanta’. This is SEO 101. He is trying to distract consumers from the numerous complaints he has received all these years. 

Certainly, he isn’t as reliable as he claims to be. 


Michael Bach Atlanta claims to be a respected investor but the truth is, he is a serial scammer who has switched names and states to escape his criminal past. 

He uses unethical marketing tactics to promote himself and tries his best to get away with his wrongdoings. 

All of this suggests you should stay miles away from this guy. 

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Michael Bach Atlanta wants people to think he is a legitimate businessman while in reality, he is a serial scammer trying to launch a new scheme. He has been convicted for scamming people in the past and his unethical marketing tactics suggest that he is still on the same path.

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    Michael Bach Atlanta is a huge scammer. He has scammed people through Drezden Capital LLC by lying about his services. The man has stolen funds from a ton of victims. Don’t trust anything he says. Avoid him and Drezden Capital at all costs!

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