Michael Lohan Arrested After Allegedly Bringing Addicts to Rehabs in Exchange for Illegal Kickbacks.

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan has been arrested for alleged “patient brokering,” meaning he is accused of bringing addicts to drug treatment centers in Florida in exchange for illegal kickbacks, according to charging documents reviewed by NBC News.

Michael Lohan, 60, was booked Friday and is the latest in more than 100 people arrested as part of a Palm Beach County probe of the treatment industry led by State Attorney Dave Aronberg. He faces five counts of patient brokering and one count of attempted patient brokering, according to the documents.

The documents include references to checks worth over $25,000 paid to Lohan in the alleged scheme.

Said Aronberg, ” Michael Lohan was investigated by our Sober Homes Task Force and he’s being charged with receiving kickbacks for referring patients to drug treatment. Patient brokering corrupts our health care system because decisions are motivated by greed instead of a patient’s needs. This is our Task Force’s 117th arrest and will not be our last.”

Heidi Perlet, Lohan’s attorney, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the charging documents, an investigator spoke to Lohan on April 8, 2021, when he denied being involved in patient brokering.


Michael Lohan’s out on bond following his arrest for patient brokering,but he’s gotta abide by some special rules while his case is pending trial.

Lohan’s bond was set at $6k — $1,000 for each count of illegal patient brokering — but the judge also imposed additional conditions for Lohan’s release.

According to docs … Michael may not work in the substance abuse treatment industry, and can’t have any affiliation with licensed healthcare facilities like treatment centers or clinical lab testing sites.

Lohan’s also prohibited from having any contact with co-defendants or any alleged co-conspirators — and same goes for witnesses in his case, including all involved patients listed in the original probable cause affidavit.

As we told you … Michael’s accused of cutting deals where he referred drug addicts to a rehab center, and got paid — allegedly more than $25k — for those referrals.

His lawyer, Heidi Perlet, told us Michael Lohan “has helped countless individuals suffering from addiction issues” and “should be applauded for his efforts in saving lives — not arrested for them.”

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