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Michaiah Hanks’s Amazing Story Will Leave You Speechless (Updated 2024)

Michaiah Hanks is from a prominent acting family. Despite her celebrity grandparents, she wasn’t revealed to the world until her father, Chet Hanks, was ready.

Michaiah Hanks with His Father Chet Hanks

The iconic actor Tom Hanks became a grandfather in 2011 when his firstborn had a child. Two years later, the same son had another child. However, Tom heard about the new member of the family from his second son, Chet Hanks.

Who is Michaiah Hanks?

Michaiah, who was born in 2016, has had an incredible childhood. In 2011, Tom Hanks was already a grandfather. Chet Hanks, an accomplished actor and musician, is Michaiah Hanks’ father. He has been in a number of films and television shows. He learnt the trade from his parents, and he, like Tom, values family above all else.

Full name Michaiah Tiffany Hanks 
Date of birth 15 April 2016 
Age 7 years of age (2024)
Zodiac sign Aries
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA 
Current residence California, USA 
Current nationality American Ethnicity Mixed ethnicity (biracial) 
Hair colour Dark brown 
Eye colour Dark brown 
Parents Chester Marlon Hanks and Tiffany Miles 
Native language English 

The birth of Michaiah Hanks was kept a secret from everyone.

Chet Hanks and Tiffany Miles were not excited to share the news of their newborns, which is unusual for young parents. Chet did not announce the birth of Michaiah Hanks on Instagram or Twitter. He waited a few months before deciding to share. This information was shared with his social media followers. He states that since meeting Michaiah Hanks, his life has changed dramatically.

When did Chet Hanks make an announcement about her newborn daughter Michaiah Hanks?

He only revealed the news of Michaiah’s birth when he felt it was the perfect time and place; he didn’t want unwanted rumours to spread on the internet.

Some followers questioned his decision to keep such an important portion of his life hidden from them. Chet stated to them that he respected his newborn daughter’s privacy and did not want to expose her to the public at this young age.

‘No disrespect to people that post their kids, I just I never wanted her to be dragged into the negativity surrounding my past.’

Chet also didn’t like how some media outlets were targeting the mother of his child.

”It’s really frustrating that the media can just lie and say whatever they want about people that don’t have a voice to defend themselves.

Tom Hanks shared his granddaughter photo

Following Chet’s announcement, the entire family began sharing posts expressing their affection for the baby. Photos of Tom Hanks’ granddaughter began to circulate on the internet, eliciting reactions from a number of celebrities.

Who is Michaiah Hanks’ Mother Tiffany Miles?

Chet Hanks and his parents are famous people in the Western world, but Tiffany Miles, Michaiah Hanks’ mother, is not. She lives in Indio, California, and was last spotted with her daughter in 2016.

Michaiah Hanks with his mother Tiffany Miles

Chet made allegations about Tiffany in 2016, however, the couple recently split up for unknown reasons.

Despite the fact that many on the internet were not kind to Tiffany, her knight in shining armour came to her help and expressed gratitude that his daughter has such a wonderful mother.

How Michaiah Helped Her Father Fight Addiction

Chet wanted to be substance-free in his fatherhood. The 31-year-old musician openly revealed that his daughter was vital in helping him overcome his habits.

He hasn’t used anything since Michaiah arrived.

Chet rushed to Instagram and published a screenshot of his 12-step program, demonstrating that he has been sober for a year.

It would be an understatement to say that Chet Hanks’ life has been transformed since the arrival of little Michaiah. He has achieved success in all facets of his life and has used her as inspiration to grow.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson’s Relationship With Michaiah

image 20

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have always prioritised their families over their careers. This is something they passed down to their children. Chet promised to change his life and become a better person before welcoming Michaiah into the world.

Chet has told the media that Tom and Rita were heavily involved in Michaiah’s upbringing and showered her with love.

He also admitted that they never grow tired of watching over Michaiah.

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