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Michel Vermette – Sadist Who Got 110 People Jobless

Industry Q&A: Michel Vermette, President, Mohawk Commercial | 2018-02 ...

After operating for many years in Jackson, the Armstrong Flooring plant will close its doors on Friday.

On Monday, it was announced that 110 workers would be let go when the Highway 80 plant near Battlefield Park closes.

Although the company declared bankruptcy in May with the intention of preventing closures, operations in Mississippi and Oklahoma are ultimately expected to cease at the end of this week.

The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based business agreed to sell itself for $107 million to AHF, LLC and Gordon Brothers.

Did You Know?

LLC stands for limited liability company. LLC protects the businessmen and industrialists at the time of complete loss by removing the liability of debts from the owner of the firm. In simple terms, according to LLC the owner is not responsible for financial losses and the debts are deposited by the firm and not the private funds of the owner. 

According to a statement from Armstrong, “the company is working to support its employees in Jackson and Stillwater (Oklahoma) and plans to explore local employment placement opportunities.”

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A former employee of Armstrong Flooring named Mark Muncie displayed an old photograph and reminisced about his time working at the facility, which was the first commercial building on Highway 80 and was constructed in 1947.

“This occurred in 1960. My father holding me at a Christmas dinner just a few months after I was born, and what I refer to as my first day of work “Muncie remarked.

Muncie expressed sympathy for the fired workers.

“This is not very good. I hope they can find employment at a respectable company like Continental (Tire) or one of the more recent establishments in Madison County “Muncie remarked.

(Source: 110 Armstrong Flooring Employees Laid Off – CBF News)

What Michel Vermette Claims To Be

Senior executive with broad strategic and global knowledge. built world-class, high-performing teams and led turnaround efforts for underperforming businesses. completed significant acquisitions, with successful integration achieved. driven to create a clear road map and focus in order to improve business performance.

He worked at Mohawk Industries for two decades before jumping ship to Armstrong Flooring Inc.


When it comes to projecting their image and preserving their reputation, they are highly astute. It is imperative that we expose them and reveal the truth. Just because a company is large doesn’t give them the right to stifle or twist the facts. WE DESIRE JUSTICE. Please assist me in spreading the word about Michel Vermette’s nefarious motives and illegal activities.

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I implore any victim touched by this to speak up. Be fearless and have no fear of this company. You must file a lawsuit and expose them in the media, on social media, in print, and online. Let it not be. Don’t let them off the hook. Michel Vermette needs to comprehend the effects of his bad behaviour.

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