Michelle Lynn Cangelosi – Drunk Driving, Arrest and DUI

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi is a business executive who ended up losing her driving license after she was drunk driving a golf cart.

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Drunk driving is a serious offense and has serious consequences like imprisonment, license cancellation etc. At some places drunk driving is considered as an attempt to murder. However, the penalty changes with the country and state.

When the police tried to arrest her, she tried to get away as well.

Now, instead of trying to improve herself, she has her marketers promote her as a philanthropist. They don’t want anyone to find out about her shameful act and how she managed to overturn a golf cart when driving under the influence of alcohol.

michelle lynn cangelosi

The following review will shed light on the DUI arrest of Michelle Lynn Cangelosi and how her marketers are trying to preserve her image by burying the incident.

Some of the claims of her marketers are:

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi is an experienced senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in various leadership positions in nonprofit, government, and education. She has specialized in building and developing relationships with various entities in the knowledge areas of international relations, water and sanitation, program management, and partnership negotiation.

Currently, Michelle Cangelosi serves as the Vice President of Transformational Philanthropy for Heifer International. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the organization’s fundraising efforts, as well as building and strengthening relationships with donors and other stakeholders. Heifer International is a global nonprofit organization that aims to end hunger and poverty by providing sustainable agriculture and economic development solutions to communities around the world.

Based on her extensive experience in nonprofit, government, and education, it is likely that Michelle Cangelosi will continue to be an important figure in the field of philanthropy and social impact. Her work at Heifer International and in other organizations has had a positive impact on communities around the world, and her expertise in building relationships and managing partnerships will likely continue to be valuable in future endeavors.

Claims of Michelle Lynn Cangelosi’s Marketers

The Shameful Incident Which Caused Michelle Lynn Cangelosi to Lose Her License:

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi, aged 50, of the Village of Poinciana, pleaded no contest in Sumter County Court to charges of driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

As a result, her driver’s license will be suspended for six months, she has been placed on probation for a year and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

On March 24, Cangelosi was driving a 2014 Yamaha golf cart when it hit a curb and overturned near the Seabreeze Recreation Center in the vicinity of Bailey Trail and Bluffton Road.

According to the arrest report, Cangelosi had “glassy, watery, bloodshot eyes,” slurred speech, and emitted a strong odor of alcohol. Cangelosi claimed that a vehicle drove in front of her, causing her to brake to avoid a collision.

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However, an eyewitness stated that the golf cart accidentally hit the curb and overturned. According to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, Cangelosi had “glassy watery, bloodshot eyes” and her speech was slow.

Her voice tone was changing erratically and she emitted a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage when her golf cart hit a curb and overturned near the SeaBreeze Recreation Center on Bailey Trail and Bluffton Road.

“She had bloodshot eyes and her breath had a strong alcoholic odor”

Cangelosi explained that a vehicle pulled in front of her, and she had to brake to avoid a collision. She claimed her golf cart had a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour, while a witness testified that the golf cart had “erratically braked” and overturned.

A Sumter County deputy attempted to arrest her for DUI, but she pulled away multiple times when the deputy tried to handcuff her.

The deputy warned her that she would be charged with resisting arrest if she continued to resist, but she continued to do so.

After being medically cleared at a local emergency room, she was taken to the Sumter County Detention Center, where she refused to take a breath test or sign a DUI citation. Cangelosi was arrested and charged with DUI and resisting arrest, with a careless driving ticket. She was booked and released on a $1,600 bond.

michelle lynn cangelosi dui

What the Marketers of Michelle Lynn Cangelosi Want You to See:

The following section only contains the numerous claims made by Michelle’s marketers. It only highlights how hard they are trying to hide her criminal past.

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi joined Heifer International in May of 2021.

As the VP of Transformational Philanthropy, she is directly responsible for crafting and implementing strategies for foundation giving and major gifts.

Heifer International is a global nonprofit organization committed to stamping out hunger and poverty by helping families build sustainable food and farming businesses that strengthen rural economies.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Heifer International has provided livestock and education to nearly 40 million families in over 125 countries since its inception in 1944.

It currently has programs in 21 countries and assists approximately 1 million farming families annually through its work to close the living income gap.

Prior to joining Yearling Global, Michelle Cangelosi served in different jobs where she acquired basic experience and the abilities required for working in groundbreaking magnanimity.

Cangelosi’s deep knowledge of multi-stakeholder engagement, business development, international relations, and strategic partnerships makes her an effective leader in philanthropy for an organization that seeks to not only support those in need but also empower them through education and sustainability-minded approaches. Cangelosi’s passion for cultivating meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships is not only key to her success as a VP for Heifer International but has also propelled her career.

Michelle Lynn Cangelosi was the Overseer of the Workplace of Private Area Drives where she administered all gifts to the Harmony Corps through relationship building, coordinated effort, and commitment with different giver associations. Cangelosi directed the Harmony Corps Organization Program, which offered monetary help for volunteer-drove projects in different nations. In this job, Michelle Cangelosi was effective in expanding giver support, volunteer cooperation, and commitment with a bigger base of monetary benefactors.


Drunk driving is a serious issue. More than 32 people die every day in the US because of people driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Surely, Michelle Lynn Cangelosi needs to work a lot on her drinking habits in order to keep herself and everyone else safe. Luckily, she was only driving a golf cart and not an actual car, otherwise she might have ended up in a bigger crash.

It’s shameful how her marketers have tried to hide her DUI arrest by marketing her as a philanthropist. There’s no proof of her claims of helping others except for the community service she was ordered to do.

Beware of people like Michelle.

There are numerous examples of people who rely on cheap marketing tactics to get away with their wrongdoings. Some prominent examples include David Marom, Andrea Riposati and Ron Gutman.

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Michelle Lynn Cangelosi was arrested for driving drunk when she overturned a golf cart. She tried to run away as well but the police present at the scene succeeded in apprehending her. Now, her marketers want to bury the case and market her as a philanthropist.

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  1. )The tactics of being promoted as a philanthropist for suppressing the matter of drinking and driving using her marketing team will not work anymore due to their fake model of marketing team they will not be left freely.

  2. The matter was tried to be suppressed after all making fake news of helping other communities and thus their marketing team was working at full speed to make them not get in the limelight of the media.

  3. The tactic of hiding their past people like Michelle take the help of their marketing team for suppressing the matter after promoting fake positive news in their favor.

  4. Never trust Michelle for any of the instances in any of the cases due to her bad habits of drinking she has been punished. Thus her cases should be taken seriously otherwise she would never understand the meaning of others’ life.

  5. She was drunk the proof was her eyes and the smell coming out of her mouth clarified everything related to the case thus it is very important not to drink and drive.

  6. The rate of people getting hit and killed by cars in the US is 20 people per day which is very high if we will take the total number of people getting killed.

  7. This is interesting firstly she made a mistake and then she is taking the help of her marketing team for getting out of the unprofessional case.

  8. )It is gods grace that she was driving a golf cart only not an actual car otherwise anything could have happened thus it is our responsibility not to allow such people let harm anyone in the future.

  9. The case of Michelle should be taken seriously due to her mistake why could anyone bear his life, people like them get drunk and make others’ life hell thus the court should take action against them.

  10. The government should take serious concern about the cases related to drunk driving so that they can feel their mistake and get them behind bars for their mistakes.

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