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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was released in October 2015, 1.3 years before I purchased it at full price in January 2017.

3.5 years later, my computer is glitching from a KNOWN hardware issue that Microsoft was made aware of immediately following its release. The manufacturing defect has caused my screen to scramble, making it completely unusable/illegible. What kind of company continues to sell a defective device at FULL PRICE 1+ years following its release? And furthermore, what kind of company makes customers PAY for THEIR error?

I first called Microsoft Customer Support on 09/23/20 – the agent that I spoke to mentioned that because it was a known defect, Microsoft had been generous enough to extend the warranty on all devices to 3 years, which meant that my device was no longer covered. My options were to BUY a REFURBISHED Surface Pro 5 for $700, or receive a $200 discount on any new Surface model, which would still cost me $1200-$1300. How is that generosity? Why wasn’t this device recalled? Why was I charged full price for it? And why doesn’t it have lifetime protection if it is a hardware defect that is completely out of my control? Microsoft literally sold me a ticking time bomb and is making ME responsible for it.

During the second call I made on 09/28/20, I told the agent that I was extremely dissatisfied with the options being offered and that I regretted purchasing a Microsoft device. I mentioned that I should have purchased an Apple computer, since those are practically guaranteed to last 5-10 years and this device didn’t even make it to 4. How could I guarantee that any investment I made in a new device would be without issues if this one was sold with a known defect? He agreed that perhaps it was time to consider a new company, didn’t file a ticket for the interaction, said he couldn’t connect me to a supervisor because he was working remotely, and that he would forward my info so I could get a call back. I never received a call back.

When I called on 10/02/20, the agent put me on hold while he tried to contact his supervisor. He then informed me that his supervisor was on a very long call and was unreachable, but that he would call me back immediately either the same day or the next day. I never received a call back.

I called again on 10/03/20 since I hadn’t heard from anyone all day. During my first call of that day, I explained my situation for the 4th time and was put on hold while they transferred me to the right department. The call disconnected after 1.5 hrs. I called back, explained my situation for the 5th time and was put on hold AGAIN while they transferred me. The call disconnected after 3 hrs. You read that right, THREE hours. For a total of 4.5 hrs on Saturday alone. It’s clear they’re giving me a runaround and have no interest in resolving the issue.

When I purchased this device, I scrounged every penny I had to make a long-term investment. $1500+ is a lot of money and I paid it expecting a Microsoft device to last me at least 5 years, if not more. My career requires that I have a reliable, portable device so that I can work on the road or from home, but now I cannot work at all unless it’s one of the the rare “good days” where the screen doesn’t scramble. In the middle of a pandemic when most jobs are remote, including mine, this is completely inexcusable.

Microsoft has no sympathy or respect for their customers and is a dishonest company. They knowingly sold me a defective device and have not tried to resolve the issue in any meaningful way. They have actively tried to tire me out by putting me on indefinite holds and never calling back. It’s been THREE WEEKS. I’ve called FIVE times. I’m now on my sixth call, but I’ve been on hold for over an hour and probably won’t hear back from anyone.

Why should I have to pay for a second device when they sold me one that never would have lasted to begin with?

Expecting customers to foot the bill for THEIR errors makes this the biggest SCAM I’ve ever seen. I’ve never regretted a purchase in my life, but this has been a gross disappointment. I’ll never buy Microsoft again.

4.8 Total Score
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

DO NOT BUY any Surface device.

  • Unreliable
  • Defective Devices
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • Dishonest Business Practices
  • Lack of Sufficient Resolutions
  • Poor Investment
  • High Price, Low Quality
  • Scam
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