Mike Dreher – Fraudster Stole from 100,000+ Victims

Mike Dreher is an MLM scammer who defrauded over a hundred thousand people through his shady pyramid scheme called “Dream Team”.

Once the local media began exposing his illegal activities, he fled to Canada and is now rebranding himself to scam more people.

Mike Dreher made more than $14 million by scamming Bhutanese people.

Clearly, he doesn’t feel any remorse for his fraudulent activities. Moreover, it seems like Mike Dreher only cares about getting wealthier at the expense of other people.

The following Mike Dreher review will explore how the MLM scammer is using dirty PR tactics to bury his criminal history and explain how he scammed thousands of people:

Exploring Some of The Weak Promotional Claims of Mike Dreher’s PR Team:

Mike Dreher was lucky to begin his youth with the mind-boggling experience of moving from Canada to Venezuela. This ingrained an enthusiasm for experiencing and traveling to other cultures that Mike has conveyed with him from that point onward. It likewise gave him a reasonable understanding that not every person in life was lucky as others.

In the wake of moving back to Canada Mike’s family kept a ranch for all of the 1980s, when mortgage rates undermined the job and homes of everybody around them. During this time Mike recollects his parents both holding down full-time jobs while simultaneously additionally managing harvests, massive gardens, and livestock. Mike ascribes areas of strength, hard work, and tirelessness to this time of his life and his parents.

In the end, Mike’s family moved to the city, and Mike would go to college – nonetheless, in the wake of requiring 2 years of formal schooling while at the same time working all day, he concluded that something was absent. To figure it out, he commenced Canada to leave on what might turn into a 3-year adventure of backpacking everywhere. As Mike said “adventure is what feeds the soul and shows you what you are truly made of”.

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Exposing the Shady Past of Mike Dreher

The Bhutanese have found that the two masterminds behind the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Pyramid Scheme in Bhutan selling costly Enagic Water Ionizers are two men named Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert situated in Vancouver, Canada.

mike dreher

The couple run an enormous web-based network called the ‘Dream Team’, which is the principal force behind enrolling numerous Bhutanese in Bhutan and furthermore Australia into its positions as ‘Digital Business Owners.

While Enagic is a MLM organization in Japan, it vigorously uses individuals like Darren and Mike to get individual to purchase their machines.

This network of Mike and Darren has around 100,000 individuals, concentrated for the most part in Asian nations with the greater part coming from the Philippines.

It is this organization where Bhutanese are made to pay USD 149 to get together with USD 20 to set up a site, and one more Nu at least 550,000 in purchasing overrated Enagic water ionizers which empowers them to become distributors.

Mike and Darren are the ones who pocket the USD 149 and furthermore get significant commissions in the sales made by their Dream Team members in Bhutan. 

With around 100,000 individuals all over the planet, the two would make a simple USD 14.9 million (mn) in the USD 149 charges.

What’s more, regardless of whether a big part of the individuals, at 50,000, purchased the machines to be merchants, the two would have made between USD 200 mn to 300 mn in deals, of which an enormous lump of the commission would go to the two. What’s more, in the future when these wholesalers select different individuals through deals, a piece of their bonus would again go to Mike and Darren.

Mike Dreher is Being Investigated by the BBB:

In late 2019, Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-benefit and reckoned business rating office that has evaluated around 400,000 organizations in Canada and USA, opened its investigation concerning the ‘Better Life Buzz’ (BLB) online stage utilized by the two (among different stages) to pipe individuals into the ‘Dream Team,’ after grumblings were recorded against the duo.

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mike dreher bbb

BBB said the free online course of 60 to 90 minutes is optimistic and inspirational rather then informative. BBB brings up that the online course gives no particular insight concerning the affiliate marketing program.

The couple mentions of the program need to offer the required details for watcher to comprehend how the program works or what their venture will be.

They notice admittance to coaches, high commission products, and a sales funnel, yet dive into no insight concerning what the watcher is supposed to do to procure six to seven figures in a year.

BBB says the online course additionally doesn’t specify why they are offering this program to other people.

On 16 August 2019, BBB requested BLB to give some data. One is the median, average and scope of earnings for individuals utilizing the program. Another is that the webinar mentions a sales funnel, and how is the sales funnel demonstrated. It additionally posed different inquiries. The BBB has not gotten any reaction to the inquiries.

With no reaction from its two principal MLM agents, BBB downsized the ratings of the Enagic organization from A+ to C-.

The two likewise have a business Facebook page called ‘Mike and Darren’, which advances their business yet in a baffling and in-straightforward manner coming up short on the particulars, gives nonexclusive virtual entertainment publicizing tips and furthermore participates in way of life promoting of extraordinary food, areas, home upgrades, and so on.

Since Facebook denies publicizing on its page for ‘get rich and quick schemes or plans that offer strange and unreasonable returns like MLM organizations, individuals from the ‘Dream Team’ routinely see their Facebook notice accounts restricted or disabled.

On 2 February 2022, the Darren and Mike Facebook page set up a post offering a live online course to its individuals on making another business page, how to hinder Facebook tracking and cookies, changing the Wi-Fi design, changing the server access and IP address if necessary, when to run new ads, and what kind of promotions to begin with and how to win Facebook’s trust back.

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Beginning around 2014 Mike Dreher has worked online. Today, he supports a local area with a huge number of online entrepreneurs – from all over the world. Mike said, “It’s turned into a development of sorts,” He is exceptionally glad for the way that he’s aided thousands now to awaken to their true capacity, yet additionally to make their own fruitful web-based organizations.

What is Mike Dreher Now? 

After University Mike’s expert career remembered working for public communications, corporate marketing sales & marketing, business coaching, and business ownership. All of this, as well as a long period of movement and degrees focussed ever, culture and legislative issues, have served him in his online career.


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Mike Dreher is not a reliable businessman.

The man is a fraudster who uses cheap PR tactics to hide his criminal history just so he could get ahead and launch more scams. Beware of such MLM scams as there are plenty of new fraudulent schemes popping up in the market.

Some examples include Dacxi, LFI and Riway International.

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MIke Dreher defrauded 100,000+ people through his mulit-level marketing scheme and is now using cheap marketing tactics to get ahead. Beware of him and any of his latest ventures. The man is a fraudster.

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  1. Never invest in any of the schemes related to Mike Dreher.

  2. Never invest in any of the schemes related to Mike Dreher.

    • This article doesn’t mention many people/ families have a good income since they run their own online business. Many owners from different academic background get fool with fraud? Can they claim their tax return with such a called scam business?
      He shares the way and method but not pushing anybody to do so. Some owners don’t have available sources but they want to change their life, help families then they work harder with other jobs to save for investment capital.

  3. This man is a complete package of scams due to his previous records of fraud he should not be allowed to launch any of the schemes.

  4. Before investing your money with these companies please check their license and also check their names related to any fraud and make sure their owner is also a clean and clear man.

  5. People like Mike Dreher are always ready to make their users lose all hope of earning profit after making them part of the firm.

  6. legal authorities like BBB should be developing all over the world so that every citizen all over the world could trust every firm before investing thus we can help our people with an excellent level of restriction for the scammers.

  7. These commission-based business has made the market full of scammers planning to introduce fake schemes to attract investors so that they can fuc# them financially.

  8. The government should take some special account of these companies so that they could never think of frauding any of the citizens of their country and put these bastards behind the bars.

  9. The schemes provided by these MLM scammers will tend to provide you with the most profitable business ever provided and thus will try to make you believe that you will earn the highest return after investing with them.

  10. The business of MLM scams is now capturing the whole world not even a single person is left behind who hasn’t got the messages made by these fraudsters.

  11. Now my mood goes off after listening about these fuc#ing MLM scams, after I got trapped into this shi# I don’t want anyone else to get into these notorious schemes.

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