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Mouhammed Bousaleh: Lebanon Drug Kingpin Exposed (Update 2024)

The illegal distribution of drugs is a widespread issue that continues to be a concern in many countries; it is responsible for a great deal of suffering both for individuals and for society as a whole. In recent years, Lebanon has been making headlines due to its worsening drug problem, which has led to an increase in the number of people involved in drug trafficking and distribution.

These types of illicit activities are the process by which the individual provides drugs to the public. It involves every part of the making and distributing of the Drugs through the different channels. These people get support from the government to execute these types of illegal activities.

In this context, one of the most well-known names to come to light is that of Mouhammed Bousaleh, a notorious drug kingpin who has been involved in the distribution of illegal substances for a number of years. In this post, we will investigate Mouhammed Bousaleh’s life and crimes in greater depth, as well as throw light on how he was brought to light.

Who exactly is this Mohamed Bousaleh?

Born in 1974, Mouhammed Bousaleh holds Lebanese citizenship and was born in that year. It is thought that he has been involved in the distribution and trafficking of illegal substances for more than a decade, and as a result, he has become one of the most renowned players in the drug trade in Lebanon. Mouhammed Bousaleh is suspected to have been involved in the smuggling and distribution of huge quantities of drugs, including cocaine and heroin. It is common knowledge that Bousaleh has contacts with a variety of drug gangs.

Bousaleh’s Engagement in Illicit Activity

Bousaleh was involved in a wide variety of illegal operations, not just the trafficking of drugs. It is also known that he was involved in money laundering, which allowed him to support his illegal activities and build his drug empire. This information has been gathered from several sources. It is alleged that Bousaleh was responsible for the laundering of millions of dollars through a variety of front enterprises, shell corporations, and real estate transactions.

What Led to Bousaleh’s Disclosing

Following a string of investigations, law enforcement agencies in Lebanon and other countries became aware of the unlawful operations conducted by Bousaleh. Several different organizations, such as the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Interpol, were responsible for carrying out these investigations.

25/11/2023 Update
As of now, Mouhammed Bousaleh has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

In 2019, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) carried out a significant operation that resulted in the arrest of several persons involved in the distribution of illegal drugs and the laundering of illicit funds, including Bousaleh. The operation, which was carried out in collaboration with the authorities in Lebanon, resulted in the confiscation of significant amounts of both illicit substances and monetary assets. Bousaleh’s drug empire took a substantial hit as a result of the operation, which also led to Bousaleh’s arrest and ultimate extradition to the United States.

Mouhammed Bousaleh
Mouhammed Bousaleh: Lebanon Drug Kingpin Exposed

The AFP is holding 16 drug lords responsible for importing most of the ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine into Australia. One of these 16 drug lords is Mouhammed Bousaleh.

These criminal kingpins are based all around the world from Turkey to Lebanon and have a vast network of distributors, and muscle and shell companies. They use these to ship a large number of illegal drugs into Australia and generate billions of dollars in revenue. Shockingly, they operate almost like legitimate organizations, as they have strict rules, managerial positions, and offices. 

They pose like successful brokers, property developers, logistic freighters, telecommunications specialists, car salesmen, restaurateurs, and casino operators. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has been investigating these bad elements for quite some time now.

Mouhammed Bousaleh is a suspected drug trafficker. The Federal Police allege that he is behind the ‘black flight’ drug which is popular in the Australian underworld. 

Other alleged cocaine crime bosses are as follows:

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  1. Hakan Arif From Turkey
  2. Hakan Ayik From Turkey
  3. Mark Buddle From UAE
  4. Mouhammed Bousaleh From Lebanon
  5. Angelo Pandeli From UAE
  6. An unidentified businessman (money launderer) from UAE
  7. Michael Tu from Hong Kong
  8. Unidentified Tu associate from Hong Kong
  9. 2 Drug suppliers from the Netherlands
  10. 2 Undientefied drug barons from Europe
  11. An unidentified middleman from Pakistan (& Cambodia)
  12. An unidentified man from Adelaide

Police have alluded that these men live a very lavish lifestyle. The biggest problem they face is laundering their money out from Australia.

The ACIC considers Hakan Arif and Hakan Ayik as property targets.

Both of these individuals are residing in Turkey. On June 8 the Australian authorities carried out the biggest crime bust in the country’s history. Where they announced 224 people being arrested. The sting operation was made possible thanks to technology designed by the FBI.

A couple of criminal networks in Australia started using ‘AN0M’ branded phones and encrypted messaging 3 years ago. Unaware of the fact that the Federal Police were using the platform to track them down and gather evidence.

Where is Mouhammed Bousaleh?

Mouhammed Bousaleh is a Western Sydney man last spotted in Lebanon and the UAE. He is suspected of being involved in drug shipping. 

Mouhammed Bousaleh’s Press Coverage

Being Australia’s biggest drug bust ever, it was a headline event and was covered in major newspapers and news outlets. This caused major issues for these “alleged” drug lords to continue with their lavish lifestyle and wealth. 

It has been rumored that journalists are being harassed by certain individuals into taking down their coverage.

Australian Government Agencies Rumoured To Be Helping Drug Lords

According to some sources in China, cartel members are also getting support from some government agencies inside Australia and outside it. Some politicians are believed to be helping these drug traffickers and peddlers in getting away with their crimes. 

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Mouhammed Bousaleh is believed to be a member of the cartel as well.

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  1. The famous drug would be no more smuggled to Australia. But no one knows some other dealer would take the responsibility for the Black drug.

  2. Thanks to the legal authorities for keeping us safe and secure from these criminals. But the teens and the chain smokers would be sad after the news, now it would make the drug trafficking chain unstable for several years.

  3. Arresting 224 criminals in an instant is the biggest successful bust of all time, the technological aspects have made this operation successful.

  4. This was a big special achievement by the police arresting 16 drug traffickers at once is appreciable. This piece of work should be in practice for a year and all these criminals will be behind the bars.

  5. I am also a drug consumer I am feeling really bad for Mauhammed.

  6. By the way Black drug is the most appreciated and popular drug in Australia was sold by Bousaleh, and now Australian consumers would be praying to lord for him.

  7. The government needs to make a special investigation into these drug dealers.

  8. Generating billions of dollars after selling drugs, which means the number of consumers is in the hundreds of thousands.

  9. Make them imprisoned and provide them with drugs only instead of food in the prison, which could make them understand what they had committed is a serious crime. Nowadays drug addiction is spreading rapidly.

  10. Now this is something that I was searching for these drug traffickers have made the environment of the country disturbed and made many teens indulge in addiction.

  11. The process of taking the addiction and then trying to leave it is as hard as lifting the Hammer of Thor (Mjolnir).

  12. There should be no bail provided to these drug dealers once caught, they are destroying the future of many teens.

  13. It is very important not to add yourself to the community of this field because it is like a quagmire where if you indulge in it then it will be difficult for you to come out of it.

  14. It is very important to make a special cell for keeping a check on the ground level as this multi-billion business is expanding with a speed of 2X. If not restricted earlier then the days are not far away when you will find it in the stores being sold legally.

  15. I don’t understand why teens are attracted to all those activities which they know will lead them to ruin. When we were teens we had an addiction to beautiful girls and for coca cola but kids these days are getting addicted to cocaine and heroin.

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    I am glad to see a platform like yours exposing the crooks who spread poison in our society. You get my support.

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  17. This article is totally defamatory and has clearly been planted by a disgruntled newsreporter or an AFP source who has seen that the major newswire reporting on this matter has been amended to excise all reference to the subject of the report. This is evidenced by the use of the subject’s photograph to which only the AFP and the Australian Government have access and the following paragraph:

    “It has been rumored that journalists are being harassed by certain individuals into taking down their coverage”.

    No such harrassment has taken place. It is a gross lie. Legal exchange took place between my office and the editorials of three major news outlets in Australia.

    Unless this article is immediately removed, proceedings will be initiated in Australia to disclose the source (or his handler in the AFP if that is the case) and a request will be made for criminal/disciplinary proceedings to be initiated.

    Furthermore, Gripeo will be exposed to civil proceedings for gross defamation given that Mr. Bousaleh never been charged with or suspected of trafficking in narcotics.

    The only reporter whose name has been mentioned and unprofessional reporting complained of is CHARLES MIRANDA whose defamatory article was amended to excise his false reporting concerning Mr. Bousaleh.

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