My Botox LA Med Spa – A Nightmare for Clients

If you’re looking for a medical spa, you might come across the name of My Botox LA Med Spa. This place has received a ton of negative reviews for its careless staff, overpriced services, and shady business practices. 

Many people have shared their disappointment with how this place focuses on selling as many units as it can, instead of caring about how the client would look. 

Hence, before you trust this place with your beauty and health, it would be best to check out the following reviews: 

About My Botox LA Med Spa: 

My Botox LA Med Spa is located at 12457 Ventura Blvd #205, Studio City, CA 91604, US and its contact number is 818-850-3345. The place opens from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and from 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays. It remains closed on Sundays. 

At My Botox LA Med Spa, they offer various services to their clients such as:

  • CoolSculpting
  • Botox
  • Non surgical skin tightening
  • Vampire facial
  • PRP treatments
  • Injectables & fillers

And several more. 

The place is run by Dr. James Kojian and Yana Pechenik. At first, it seems like any other ordinary med spa. However, My Botox LA Med Spa has several issues as it has received a plethora of negative reviews from its customers. 

In the following section of this review, I have shared some of those complaints: 

My Botox LA Med Spa Overcharges for Botox

Jessica shares that My Botox LA Med Spa overcharges for Botox injections. She points out that Botox does not cost $12 a unit. She generally pays $8 a unit. This spa sells different treatments to get people to visit them regardless of how useful they are. 

She recommends checking out other reviews of the place before visiting. However, she doesn’t recommend trusting this company. 

Overpriced and Terrible Communication

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Sarah shares that she and her boyfriend got injectables at this place. But their total bill was $1000+. She points out that she will never come back here because of the exorbitant pricing. 

Also, she wasn’t satisfied with her results. Later, she called the place and they said someone would get back to her. But that never happened. No one reached out to Sarah. 

Lie About Pricing, Insult Client, Threaten to Sue For Posting a Review

Lie About Pricing, Insult Client
4NDo31HPvFhPmiixz5xDN25eKvCyTUnp9zQSuWRQh8AY7WMA dqza0N2OMUO9X8CK8iPAl
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Sarah paid $552 for 46 units of Dysport. They told her it was the same price as Botox, which was a lie. 

Later, Sarah found a $115 Groupon for 50 units of Dysport for 50% off. She realized that this medspa is charging way too much for its injectables and fillers. However, she shares that if they had been more honest with her, she might have spent more money at the place. 

After she paid for the Dysport injections, they offered her several skincare products because she had “tired skin”. She realized that they were simply trying to upsell her into buying more products. 

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Because she had already bought $500+ worth of Dysport, she wasn’t that much interested in listening to their suggestions. 

She points out that she might have even got microneedling at this place. But the dishonest pricing really discouraged her. 

Also, Sarah suggests My Botox LA Med Spa to share their pricing details with transparency. She heard one nurse tell a client that it’s one cost while her nurse was telling her that Botox costs the same as Dysport. 

Sarah also points out that the medspa uses its accent as an excuse to not communicate properly. She recommends having thick skin to visit this place. That’s because the staff will constantly insult you while claiming that they can fix the issue as well. 

She suggests the place to be more tactful with their suggestions. They don’t have to border on disrespect and insults. 

Later, the medspa responded to her complaint and claimed to file a lawsuit because of the same. They said that Dysport requires 3 times as much product as Botox to be effective. To which, she replied by saying that basically, they had given her 3 units as one. 

Yet, she didn’t receive positive results and has shared the pictures of the same. The staff had told her that she can expect to see the results in 4 days. However, the clinic claimed in its response that Dysport takes 2 weeks. 

Sarah ends her review by saying that the medspa lied to her about the effectiveness of the product and the pricing. Certainly, she won’t be coming back here. 

Below are the images of her results. The poor results are clearly visible: 

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Review 3

dDeHTSxcSsD93iZqrzU2uytUVlYoDvz69RVJKmv6333Ysfeq2M oAk10uu g2lZGMhD24vDigisJTnM7wH8bQ1DsRHW4CKbR bhRRCxw3elRduSr6Jc2bV46n0Iq sWar 6jdtuu

My Botox LA Med Spa Cares More About Selling Units Than Your Looks

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The above reviewer had left a 5-star review before. However, she updated it to 1-star after seeing the results of the procedures he had. 

Marni points out that the people here only care about making money. They don’t care about how their clients look. Initially, she thought the provider had made a mistake and gave her another chance because her eyes had drooped terribly. 

However, the second time, the provider put in too many units again. Obviously, they only wanted to sell more units regardless of how suitable they were for the client. Marni got Juvederm in her lips and again, the provider wanted to sell an entire syringe.

The reviewer points out that a whole syringe was just way too much. It made her lips look unnatural and too big. Also, she now has more product above her lips than in them, making her look like a duck. 

She spent $1400 for these procedures and she regrets every penny. In the end of her review Marni says that she doesn’t recommend My Botox LA Med Spa to anyone. 

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They Insist on Taking a Credit Card Without Even Seeing You

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The above reviewer warns other people that this medspa insists on taking a credit card over the phone before you even see them in case you cancel the appointment. Circe isn’t the only reviewer who has complained about the shady cancellation policy of this place. You’ll find plenty of more reviews highlighting this problem. 

My Botox LA Med Spa Doesn’t Respect Your Time and Schedule

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Katy shares that she was on the fence about getting Botox but chose to go with this medspa. She contacted them through the contact form present on their website. 

Later, she received an email from the place asking if she was available at 10:30 AM on Friday. She asked how long it would take and they said that I would be somewhere at 12 but 10:30 was fine. 

Afterwards, the place told her that the appointed time was taken and asked if she could do 9:15. Also, they asked her to text them her credit card to reserve the appointment. 

Katy shares that she wasn’t comfortable in giving her credit card to any establishment which she hasn’t even visited. So, the place suggested calling her an hour before the appointment to get the credit card. 

Then, Katy received a text at 11:07 PM saying that the 9:15 spot was unavailable and they could see her at 8:15 PM. 

Katy shares that she was already asleep by then and had scheduled her entire day around the 9:15 appointment. Shesuggests avoiding this place because it doesn’t respect the time and schedule of its clients

My Botox LA Med Spa Doesn’t Respond to a Client Trying to Set Up an Appointment


Kathy had bought a Groupon for B12 shots. She wishes to review these shots but she didn’t get the chance to. 

Kathy shares that she had been trying to make an appointment with this place for 3 weeks. At first, she called the place. They told her to text so she texted.Then, they said that she shouldn’t send messages through iMessage. 

Afterwards, they gave her an appointment for Thursday at 6:45. However, she didn’t receive a confirmation. Instead, she received a text asking her to change the appointment to a different day. 

Kathy responded but then, the medspa stopped responding. It has been 6 days and she is yet to receive a reply to her text. 

The dates of both of her appointments have passed and the place didn’t even attempt to contact her. Kathy shares that it was the worst experience she has had with any business in any city. 

Put in Too Much Botox Even When Told Not to, Ruined the Forehead of the Client

I5ZUDlQgvQ21rX8cCb33zgfI5KnOXFA5gdw1V1gngaUBl248ESvy5gfnP2m0R7ODU4MbDMgacwAS mjUM9Veqpy2srZP9oVOAL

Danny shares that the people here are very friendly and the place is quite clean. However, they aren’t as good as they claim to be. 

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She had made it clear that she is a professional actress-singer and needed to move her forehead and face. The provider kept telling her that she will be able to move her face after getting the botox. 

Danny had highlighted that she wanted very little dosage of Botox. She had even had the provider lower the dose between her eyebrows when she discussed it. However, she can’t move her forehead or frown at all after the procedure. 

Danny shares that losing the ability to move her forehead will cost her a lot of jobs and opportunities in the coming 4 months. Also, My Botox LA Med Spa froze her eyebrows in one place where Danny had a scar. She wanted the scar to be “lifted” so it wouldn’t remain visible. 

But they did the opposite and the scar is more visible because it folds at a strange spot over her eyes. 

Moreover, her eyebrows don’t feel lifted. Instead, they feel heavier. 

Another thing that bugged Danny was that the provider at this place recommended her to get botox for her jawline. Luckily, she didn’t follow the advice. When she visited another place they asked if she had done something to her jawline because it looked perfect. Danny suspects that this place only cares about selling as many units as it can. That’s why the provider recommended her to get botox for her jawline. 

She points out that her forehead has never felt so stiff before. Now, she frowns with her inner eye muscles which makes her look quite odd and unnatural. Hence, she doesn’t recommend My Botox LA Med Spa. 

More Reviews of My Botox LA Med Spa You Should Read:

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OV9QBJ2gFbaKaK3JFACMbg5W0yYjFif5dlHPwR9LAWFK1JOosrKhemmnL6iJ q3j5BgiWlODtRD5oZKunpR 0oT5ljZ7JMjDEpE MfSpM1l7IcFCtJbsbSU1jWs8Bk1tg wzNm17
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My Botox LA Med Spa is a crooked place which prefers business over its clients. It focuses on taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers by selling them more units than they need. Moreover, it threatens to sue its clients if they share their negative experience online. 

Certainly, that’s very unprofessional. It shows how they view criticism. 

All of the above reviews suggest that it would be best to find a different medspa in the region and avoid this one. 

1.8 Total Score
Not recommended

My Botox LA Med Spa is a place you should avoid. They have received too many complaints for using too much product and to ignore the requirements of their clients. Several people have also complained about how this place doesn’t value your time. It would be better for you to find a different medspa in the region and avoid this place.

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  • Don’t value your time
  • Overcharge for products
  • Poor customer service
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