MyChargeBack scammed my veteran father. 

My dad is an army veteran. He is quite old and is learning the ropes of using smartphones and social media. Some offshore scammer cheated him out of $25,000. When he told me about the scam, I looked for chargeback services. 

For those who don’t know, a chargeback service allows you to file disputes about credit card or debit card transactions. They help you recover your lost funds. When I was searching for a chargeback service, I came across MyChargeBack. Those people claim to be industry leaders and promise to do everything they can to get the chargeback. 

The MyChargeBack representative I had talked to was very kind in the beginning. I had no idea that their kind behaviour was only to mask their true intent. 

They told me that they’ll need $2,500 to complete the chargeback process. I wondered why they wanted me to pay them first because they were demanding the service charges in advance. 

However, I trusted them and paid the money. All of a sudden, the representative who was talking so professionally and properly in the beginning started avoiding me. All of a sudden, their behaviour changed. My dad was looking forward to getting his money back from that offshore scammer. Now he is disheartened and to be honest, quite shocked. 

I wonder how this company claims to be such a huge enterprise when they can’t even handle a simple $25,000 chargeback. If the chargeback wasn’t possible, they could have told me beforehand. These people are lying on their website. They claim that they will maintain full transparency but in reality, they will take your money and vanish when possible. 

The fact that these people can resort to scamming retired veterans shows their ethics. These guys have no moral compass and are feeding off of other people’s livelihoods. 

I’m certain I’m not the only person MyChargeBack has scammed. There must be a thousand other people who were scammed like this by this vicious fraudster. 

Other Victims of MyChargeBack Scam

This person had used two credit cards and faced a scam just like my father did. This person had started a chargeback process before they contacted MyChargeBack. They contacted this scam company to get their money back from the initial scammers who had taken their funds. This person paid the fees to MyChargeBack just like I had but before MyChargeBack could even begin the process, one of the chargebacks completed. Then this person  informed MCB about the first chargeback and wanted their assistance with the second chargeback. However, they didn’t get any help from the company at all. According to this person, the people at MyChargeBack aren’t responding anymore even though they have already paid them the fees in advance. 

I can understand the situation of this person very well because I’m in this exact situation. First, those offshore scammers scammed my dad. Then, when I wanted to get a chargeback, these fraudsters at MyChargeBack stole from me. 

According to this reviewer, there’s a lot of misleading information on MyChargeBack. The people at MCB focus on taking advantage of people who have lost funds because of a scam. This person is smart and decides to never become a client of this dangerous organization. 

This person had paid $1000 to MyChargeBack and had done most of the work yet, they didn’t get a chargeback even though a year has passed. I can’t imagine being in this position. They only wanted to get the money they had lost because of a scam but they had no idea that MCB would turn out to be a scam too. Their review goes further as they say that the people at MyChargeBack give no assurances. Moreover, you can’t get any refunds from this company even if they fail to get you a chargeback. This person says that they feel like an idiot because they got scammed twice. 

That’s the worth thing of working with this company. Every person who contacts this firm is a victim of some kind of a scam. MyChargeBack is a scavenger organization. They are hyenas. First, they will chew off what’s left after the last scam and then they will laugh at you for falling for their scam. 

According to this review, they had lost over $309000 with 1,65 BTC. They had paid the required fee to MyChargeBack in May 2020 and expected to recover at least 10% of their lost funds. However, this person didn’t get anything back. 

MCB failed this person just like it failed everyone else. This person thought that they will get their money after they paid the fee to MCB. However, that didn’t happen. This person only received some documentation related to their fund, which they sent to their bank who told them that there’s nothing they can do. 

All the things MyChargeBack did for this person didn’t work. It must have been very frustrating for this reviewer to lose so many funds and then suffer through the terrible service of this scam organization. 

Report them to the FTC

The scammers running MyChargeBack have no feelings or emotions. I noticed that they had responded to most of the complaints I have posted above. At first, I thought that at least these people acknowledge the complaints people post about them. However, I found that most of the responses were automated responses. They write one sentence that acknowledges the nature of the complaint and then they start spewing the same automated responses they have posted everywhere else. 

The people at MyChargeBack are heartless scammers. If they can resort to scamming an army vetaran who risked his life to defend this country, they can stoop to any level possible to make a few extra bucks. I don’t think this company has any ethics or morals. 

We should recommend this company to the Federal Trade Commission. Maybe that will teach these people a lesson. After all, that’s all we can do at the moment. There were a ton of complaints against MyChargeBack, however, I couldn’t post them here. Posting all of them here meant that I would need to write an entire book because there are too many victims of this scam. 

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This dangerous organization scammed my dad, who is an army veteran and risked his life for the country. He only wanted a chargeback but these people stole from him. There are many more victims of this fraud organization that’s why we must take action against them.

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