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Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center – Scammers (Updated 2024)

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center is a notorious medspa that has received complaints for botching procedures and failing to provide proper customer service. 

On paper, they might seem like an attractive establishment. However, their reviews tell an entirely different story. In the following review, I have gathered some of the many complaints this place has received so you can get an idea of what’s wrong here. 

About Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center is a med spa in Fresno, California. Its address is 7161 N Howard St #101, Fresno, CA 93720, US while its phone number is 559-447-5273. 

Apart from this, the Mystique Medical Spa’s Instagram handle is @mystiquemedspafresno. They offer various services here including: 

  • Kybella
  • CoolSculpting
  • Botox
  • Voluma XC
  • Juvederm
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microneedling
  • OxyGeneo
  • Visia
  • Profound
  • SkinMedica peels

And plenty of others. 

Also, they offer a Diamond membership which lets you enjoy discounts on all of the products and services available here. 

Dr. Syed F. Naqvi, MD runs this medspa while Barbara Krikorian Tryk is the Chief Operating Officer of the place. Other staff members working here are Abby, Justine, and Courtney. 

At a glance, there seems nothing wrong with the place. However, you begin to see the flaws when you read the reviews. Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center has received numerous complaints about its poor services. 

Medspa has faced a lawsuit as well: 

Mystique Medical Spa Lawsuit:

In 2018, Christine Tapia filed a Personal Injury – Medical Malpractice lawsuit against this medspa. She filed the lawsuit in Fresno County Superior Courts, Bf Sisk Courthouse. The case has been dismissed. 

Facing a lawsuit for medical malpractice is no small matter. This Mystique Medical Spa lawsuit exposes the emptiness of the claims this place makes. 

If you want to learn about the case, go here.

Who is a Plastic Surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon is a physician who performs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery on individuals with birth defects, traumas, burns, or infections to enhance or alter their appearance.

In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the many complaints this medspa has received:

Mystique Medical Spa Reviews & Complaints 2022:

Charged $5000 for Kybella and Didn’t Yield Any Results

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Cindy shares that she had kybella done for her chin at Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center in Fresno CA. Her results were slight. They weren’t worth $5000 at all. 

Cindy says that she should have done her research but she trusted the pricing and thought she would get positive results. However, after seeing her results she is convinced that Mystique Medical Spa is way too overpriced as it doesn’t face much competition in the region. 

She didn’t realize her mistake until she was fully healed and saw only a minor difference after waiting 8 months. Cindy highlights that she will need 2 more treatments and will have to take a trip to LA for the same. 

She thinks it’s not ethical for this medspa to charge so much for a non-invasive treatment. Particularly, when it doesn’t generate any results. 

When Cindy complained about the poor results, they told her that she might have gained fat. Cindy highlights that she is quite slim and Kybella’s job is to burn fat that doesn’t come back. 

After her complaint, they never followed up. Also, the staff always seemed lost to Cindy as they hardly explained anything in-depth and assumed she knew everything. All in all, it was a terrible experience. 

Scammed the Client, Lied About the Injected Product, and Took No Responsibility

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Charina had gone to Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center with her friend to get her lips done. Her friend paid for one syringe of Juvederm and the provider injected her with most of it. However, the provider left .2 part in the syringe and claimed he does so when the patient has never gotten injections before. 

The provider told her to come back after the swelling subsides so he can inject the rest of the syringe. He marked it and put it in a brown storage container. It took 2 weeks for the swelling to go down. 

Charina and her friend went back to get the remainder of the syringe. But when they asked for it the staff couldn’t find it. The provider told them that he put it all in last time and had marked the same in the patient’s file. Charina and her friend asked the front desk staff about the file and it didn’t say anything about putting the full syringe in. 

To summarize, Charina’s friend paid for the entire syringe but didn’t get the same. She suspects that they injected the remainder of the syringe into someone else. Charina won’t return to Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center. She doesn’t recommend coming here. 

The negligent Staff of Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center Didn’t Provide the Client with the Necessary Care

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Here, the reviewer shares that she had an adverse reaction to one of their treatments. However, the staff didn’t call an ambulance or have someone evacuate her. Instead, they asked her to sit in a chair until the symptoms went away. 

The reviewer says that she is still facing the patient associated with the injury. She cautions other consumers that the people at Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center act quite amicably when it comes to taking your money. However, all of their compassion goes out the window if something happens. 

The reviewer says that she should have called the ambulance then so there would be a record of her injury linked to the medspa. She highlights that she hadn’t experienced such horrible treatment ever before. It was a nightmare. 

The reviewer wishes to be in a position where she could hold them responsible for their negligent actions. Moreover, she requests other consumers to avoid the medical field if they don’t have a heart as their cold actions might have serious impacts on others. 

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center Has Rude Staff Who Doesn’t Care About You

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Jose had been going to Mystique Medical Spa for 6 months for tattoo removal but her last 2 encounters with the staff were horrible. She arrived for a 4:15 appointment at 4:05. Jose had to wait for 40 minutes and never got called. Finally, they told her that she needed to leave and reschedule. 

Then, she called to get in on the same day and they told her that a 9:30 appointment was available. Jose told them that she would be driving from a nearby town so she might get there by 9:40. The staff told her that there was no problem. 

So, she arrived at 9:38 but they turned her away. She asked them how they could let her drive from across the town and then turn her away, especially when they had discussed the issue before. 

Jose says that it’s sad to see such terrible service when you spend $1000 to $2000 at a place. She will not return to the place and will ask for a refund of all her prepaid services. 

You should be extremely cautious of medspas that fail to offer effective customer service. That’s because you may end up paying a huge price for it. For example, Rejuvenated Medical Spa is a notorious medspa that uses bigoted and discriminatory ad campaigns. When people highlighted the issue, they took down the ads silently. 

Burned the Client with the Tattoo Removal Laser

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Lydia doesn’t recommend going to this medspa. She visited this place for tattoo removal and realized that they don’t know anything about it. They burned her with the tattoo removal laser. Now, she has permanent scars because the setting they used for the laser was unsuitable for Lydia’s skin. 

Lydia suggests seeing a dermatologist or some other expert. She highlights that Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center doesn’t have a dermatologist. Instead, they have an MD from the urgent care next door. Also, the MD had no idea about Lydia’s scarring so he is pretty much useless. 

The botched Procedure Didn’t Generate Any Results for the Client

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Leia doesn’t recommend coming here. She had researched kybella for her chin and decided to go with MMS. They told her that she needed a consultation first. During the consultation, the provider discouraged her from using the FDA-approved Kybella. Instead, they recommended going with CoolSculpting, a procedure about which the reviewer didn’t know anything. 

She paid them thousands of dollars to perform the procedure. However, 2 years later her chin is fatter than it was at the start. Now, she will have to save funds again to find a different provider who would use Kybella. 

Asked the Client to Reschedule the Appointment Because They were a Minute Late

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center

Mandeep says that she used to love this place but now the customer service has become horrible. She points out that they don’t use numbing cream at Mystique Medical Spa so the procedures are extremely painful. 

Mandeep had an appointment for 5 pm but she got late because of traffic. When she was on the way, she begged them to take her in as she had driven a lot to get there. Also, she had been a loyal client for over 4 years. They had told her that if she arrived by 5:15 pm, they would take her in. 

Unfortunately, she was a minute late. Mandeep arrived at 5:16 pm. So, they told her that she had to reschedule and didn’t have any slot available till next month. Mandeep wanted to talk to the manager and she didn’t call back. So, she had to call them instead.

Mandeep says that she was lucky to get a refund and knows for a fact that she won’t come back here. 

$700+ Peels Didn’t Yield Any Results, Scammed the Client

QNGiFdO98r8CHDW 4R0mMr57r5uDikH1sdXwibOIbLsSuAckH95BiF2vbaAEu4icVPPWfWu h nlky0R9v5BkANcFEDI4y0V

Soos doesn’t recommend Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center. She had come here for peels and the experience wasn’t good. 

Soos had chemical peels to get rid of the acne scars present on her back. She spent $700+ to do a series of the peels but didn’t notice any change when she looked at the results. 

At her last appointment, she asked to see the pictures of her progress but the provider ignored the request. Finally, she went to get the pictures and it took her well over 20 minutes. 

When the provider returned, she had the pictures with her. However, they seemed edited. Soos highlights that her skin and background were dark in the initial pictures. Then, they got lighter as they progressed. She points out that the last picture was completely edited and lightened to make it seem as if the peels had worked. 

The peels weren’t suitable for a back. When she shared her concerns with the provider, she blamed the client. She said that the skin of the back is tougher to peel. However, the reviewer says that the provider was well aware of this issue since the beginning. She could’ve used a more appropriate peel and avoided the issue altogether. 

In the end, there was no difference in her back and all the money she spent went down the drain. It was a horrible experience. 

“Mystique Medical Spa Wastes Your Time”


Harpreet shares that if you want to get quality service then this is the wrong place for you. When you want to come in for an appointment, the staff members of Mystique Medical Spa will always find a reason to not complete your service. 

Harpreet suspects that Medspa doesn’t care much about its laser removal clients. Overall, it would be better if they improved their customer service. 

This is a common complaint in the numerous Mystique Medical Spa reviews I have seen online. The staff members at this place are either too pushy or too careless. There is no regard for the clients, only the money.

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center is Unsuitable for Ethnic Women


Vanessa doesn’t recommend Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center for laser hair removal. Before the procedure, they make you sign a paper stating the procedure may not work. Vanessa highlights that she is a Latina who has always struggled with peach fuzz on her lip. When she came here she wanted to get rid of this issue. But they only made it worse. 

The provider zapped her whole face and now she has thick dark hair in places she didn’t have before such as her jaw bones. When she noticed these results, she cried. 

Vanessa highlights that her experience with this medspa has messed with her self-esteem and confidence. She doesn’t recommend ethnic women to visit this medspa. 

Mystique Medical Spa botched the treatment and requested another to correct it

PdCyEHURanOy4cFafQad5ow9C9MUN1moVeNkbxt1URmZa6QhycCP0zWt V3zClWvpCvXtQg yB KMERz4Q5A60C9bzuVSO 4t N140C63zHj

They appeared to be thieves who deceived their clients

XJy5Lxyj0Cp2tA0AvM5mPZwY3NTQxnVNyhNT YEsEZsd4SK0eUxnXcf79uw3B6qR0wE0bwYMQuZ

Mystique Medical Spa failed to deliver adequate Kybella treatment

BZBmFun0WD0TCg9aJ2os8 9YAdLupdB31HY1p0 l4YYeF4wub Mg0h9ZzQYRo39wR0Yh9QkrVzDvKJU2DSGwgowWzlkEzRM OQUCHMn0IWqA51fQP0eZa9eMPzl3vRXmua7bUnh

They appeared to be impolite to their customers

Mystique Medical Spa seems unprofessional and doing this for its fake popularity

CEP2e7QEaFNBDMjwqb2DjVc7Nlpysk7jAov xw2AdbtDYN9uVde6TXIB bAQ7as2RmoSfpH8LdresN2JwO 7 o6fHMRDox2iWPEVzAGevz21Z53tsjSOQEURuTrEa8vyR GZlydu

The staff members were nasty and had poor communication abilities

3scqJMcsWCMkMo Va Z8VdIJoeatR elO8TZ5ZG5AoQKDUUSsGasBAAV2YJJXR4yz7rMjXfIoQhayeWHz2hAbe DZXhS7EKuaUZoFVMSmH1sRPrmIt bycHJz8mcv5TufJ1hPWjW

Mystique medical spa has higher prices and unhappy consumers

zOG1RFHgiDeeGZ9evDH01ndqnX4YLl4l9hF0 Q7XK9pQh JcoR2rQHCPkFLPee3AzcW6s taPy9bmCYa7Ihp6YHLnoppuU1PujfM1gZ5iwPNmzZ7Y8v7kSem1U3Ky jL FP37rys

Patients felt uneasy with their treatment

xtRjLWH6Beqji7U8dqojaT3ofvWMNrUIZfxSosb71WsaZIFRtNRAwp1ftzzmLLtvhdhfsbKXO3Rqjz3KIBpVrv0tQMSmLWPPH5VfFzrmV PJVOSntivBQeMLzqtzPsCTJS7aK69s

Another Yelp complaint about a faulty procedure

8wfG9A8MXdcYA1GA1LVJWTsF90ABw0rO4ZxsuDDYJStz6 OzgLPLDnQ6N3ZsmZkuroatwGBDXc2HrdntxIyUo

Mystique Medical Spa appeared ineffectual

hanbjL61aAyfozCTUT9gMs9viOmklj4o8a ZWHHkB9xWxwJWpb0XB14 QabN81pWse70ns DdW6ThZeduDhyQHPiomHpbBfv6ol8IuHc9SqBAhPuMHWWLEeK801oSlrvTn84Irqm

Mystique Medical Spa was a disaster for those who interacted with them

0McD OwT8YdDFa4LRZpGRaYFhXrTwrkebJkcr tRRDxjL30WRW dd3DXH2folHYcoyHeQfS 13Mt4QESb8j8biaVyyYnwctwDQkwqQNvqrtIQF1IMkhY pr5zTP0R5wI 2nsT1R

They were extremely disrespectful to their customers

oPbEINRASeo2TruwmhA63uZVNzqKk50HOV3TAKkrRtCcehzFrILx5OdWptyOfpjBsxxBgazR41n M2PW P3Y7TsrToSvYCECTaIe

Mystique Med Spa was giving customers false information


They overcharged for surgery that didn’t work

Nothing had changed in their process, which appeared to be more unscrupulous

BDQP91MOUTICTDdi2SvzE b3nXVVUGhLqaDm4InFrRfIIsB1DDKCi6h56ND8NYvJmVdJRg0AvbMLwc8aMc825t

Inappropriate”Very rude! Service was unprofessional from the start”

CnU66FUZxaZA8gpFxk7XiNnoi Wy7b

Mystique Medical Spa was unable to offer a precise botox procedure

rIkgZsEWhc5TZmWAJfprJwDomkxVY9E QKLmmhpLfR7HmBP9bWa0cMh5tX9x2zUIZwtHTEDz5ExiJFhHPPC176cNV1RG8H0zbOHl GauSnm76U4oVPPAhY3RE4NoeCdEPO9Q8Qy4
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They were offering bad customer service

Mystique Medical Spa received a number of nefarious one-star reviews

9DyK gA5ROmy8U4Q840nBzN6zRovcBX2RdfXKehz s6h p1bT9cZwHhkjQG4 oMDDxjxidHqV4R7q0SRpCuwcQINHcYpJOPg3RqXQp4VOEyqnDKMokbTOI6udlXqraFip21 OCc7
ijOVmLKcIrMK5j7V90UDLGQJrhMmExNwg3BIt1GW 34vOYAc 7DjYdAPAyWyfFucgJk8IAt4RbzOlztV1vEGq bAtzaKGbqn7Kx DHfmtjuaRr9cADSVUWs7U3vjOjyXpI3v2oTm

Another complaint was that the staff members were unwelcoming

image 175

Mystique Medical Spa staff insisted consumers use alternative offers

image 177

Time and money squandered

image 182

Mystique Medical Spa lacked experience and appeared to be lacking in skills

image 183

Customers claimed that Mystique Medical Spa overcharged them for standard treatments

image 184

Mystique Medical Spa appears to have engaged in unethical medical procedures

image 185

The erroneous procedure “skin will become too red and scar”

image 186

They seemed to be centred on rushing the therapy, which is unprofessional and time-consuming

image 191

Mystique Medical Spa scammed customers by overcharging for skin care products and other services.

image 192

They had an ineffective management system and an unsafe atmosphere

F83fHBLQbt4IWOpNdF6 3hOMSZx4oUiQT6wLIPlDFlNx5r5 VD6yDoJ5T4ZfW1g8


The above Mystique Medical Spa reviews suggest this place is not a suitable medspa for most consumers. Their staff members fail to provide decent service and the place emphasizes a lot on leeching funds off of its clients. 

According to most of these reviews, the providers here fail to perform cosmetic procedures effectively. Hence, the client ends up paying thousands of dollars while getting no results. 

Due to these reasons, it would be best to avoid Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center.

2 Total Score

Mystique Medical Spa and Wellness Center is a medspa you should definitely avoid. The place has horrible leadership which ignores the prevalent issues and focuses too much on sales. They botch procedures and scam clients.

2.6Expert Score
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  • None
  • Notorious for botching procedures
  • Terrible customer service
  • Untrustworthy
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  1. 0.5

    This place is ridiculous and a huge waste of time and money; they add extra Botox and the results are worse than I expected. When I asked for a refund, they said they had done the appropriate work and there was no refund policy, and the manager of the spa tried to convince me that they didn’t want to reimburse me. If you value your money and time, don’t go with them. They were only practicing a fake medical procedure.

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  2. 0.5

    I went there for Juvederm, and during the procedure, they injected only two syringes into my face, but I experienced pain that I had not anticipated. After the procedure, I discovered bumps on my face and serious injuries, which was very disheartening, as I had paid the full price, but they ruined my face.
    No longer will I return to request a refund, and I have never recommended this place to anyone.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: ineffective unprofessional unpleasant
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  3. I had an appointment with them for the Kybella procedure, but when I arrived, it seemed like the staff was in a rush, and there was a delay in the procedure; during the procedure, the nurse who was doing the injections didn’t know how to inject; and after the surgery, it looks that they did nothing and were ineffective.

  4. 0.85

    My experience with this place was pretty bad. The staff here is so bad that you would run home crying because of their judgmental comments and remarks. Learn to behave professionally people.

    - CONS: Bad staff
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  5. 0.85

    Worst staff ever. Too pushy and salesy. Definitely not recommended ????????????

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