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Is the National Wealth Center different from anybody else in the business opportunity industry?  My subscribers have requested I take a look into the National Wealth Center and see what they have to offer.  Here is what I have found.

National Wealth Center Scam Claims

Headquartered in historic New York City, located on 5th Ave just seconds from the world-renowned Trump Tower and Plaza Hotel. NWC is driven by a team of dynamic cutting edge 21st century leaders with a proven track record. NWC has revolutionized the home based business industry. Backed by Multiplex Systems Inc. A 16 year old debt free U.S. based corporation with over 700,000 Action Takers worldwide. At this point it’s clear, NWC will be around for decades to come.

Exposing the Reality in this National Wealth Center Review

The National Wealth Center is nothing new. It is a renamed version of a previous scam called Infinity Downline. Infinity Downline was created back in 2009 by Peter Wolfing.

“You may be aware that National Wealth is the new version of Infinity Downline. We gave all members ample time to adjust to this. It has virtually the same back office structure, products, income levels etc.” – Source Peter Wolfing

In my opinion, the National Wealth Center is a pure and simple cash gifting pyramid scheme where you make direct payments to the person that recruited you with the intention of gaining the privilege to do the same.

No matter how these schemes are presented, the bottom line is the same for all – cash gifting schemes are illegal…. – Source Bill Schuette Attorney General

All 50 states have laws against pyramid schemes.

You must become a paid member BEFORE you refer anyone! If you are not paid, your referrals will be passed to your sponsor or qualified person above you! To earn money in the National Wealth Center, you must have paid the required payments for whatever level/s that you would like to purchase. You can not earn money with membership levels that you do not participate in or are not active.

Qualification Requirements

In order to qualify oneself for commissions from one’s downline, one must first “pass-up” two “qualifiers” to his sponsor. Should one or both of those pass-ups drop out of the program they will need to be replaced. One must provide two active passups and they must stay active. If they become inactive one can expect the system to reallocate another member of one’s downline, to pass it up to the sponsor in order to replace the now inactive one.

After confirming your membership status is Active, Promote, promote, promote! Just connect with people and share the NWC story with them by getting them on the 24/7 hotline, on demand auto-webinar or live calls. – Source


National Wealth Center offers discounts, low value, and Master Resale Rights content to provide the cover for a cash gifting pyramid scheme.

Admin Fee ($9.95) Monthly * REQUIRED

Self Development ($25 Level) Monthly

Business Development ($50 Level) Monthly

Wealth Advantage ($100 Level) Monthly

Fitness Advantage Package ($250 Level) One Time

Wealth Advantage Elite ($1000 Level) One Time

Network Marketing Elite ($3500 Level) One Time

NWC VAULT ($7500 Level) One Time

There is a 10% admin fee for one time purchases.

Here is an example of the very limited description that is provided for the products they provide:  

NWC VAULT – The place where everything we offer is archived in one place for you to access 24/7. Over two decades of wisdom and knowledge on various topics including Self Development, Finances, Network Marketing, Health & Fitness, Building Your Credit, The Stock Market, Investing, Real Estate and so much more. It’s an all out synergy of information that will raise your level of impact, influence and income for generations to come.

The problems with 2-up compensation plans.

The only programs still offering the 2-Up, or any such variation, are relatively recent start ups or blatant money games.

The Aussie Two-Up. Or One-up, or Three-Up, or any variation of ups. There’s no way to fix this unredeemable, corrupt and historically failed system of compensation, so any variation of it should be avoided.

So with virtually a 100% long term failure rate throughout MLM history, why has the 2-Up refused to die? In fact, it seems to be experiencing a mild resurgence of late. The reason is twofold:

  1. It actually rolls up tons of cash to the company;
  2. It appears to roll up tons of cash to the distributor – on paper.

The 2-Up looks so good on paper because you only see what you get paid on the first level, but they never tell you that this percentage takes a precipitous plunge starting on the next level. You see the number of people you are paid on doubling upward, but are never shown the massive proliferation of sales you are paid nothing on that you would have otherwise been paid on in every other type of plan. – Source

Legitimate programs are driven by the sales of products and services, not by recruitment of new people. – Source

Did You Know?

According to Fraud Act 2006, a guilty fraudster is convicted according to the severity of the fraud.  

  • For summary conviction the guilty is sentenced to imprisonment up to 12 months and fine (mostly not exceeding the statuary amount). 
  • For conviction or indictment, the sentence exceeds 10 years, along with exceeded fine.

Income Disclosure

There is no income disclosure provided. You have no idea how much people are making on average with this business opportunity.

Return Policy

There are no refunds!

National Wealth Center Review Verdict

With the National Wealth Center scam your income relies on the ability of people to recruit others. You only get your money if the people you recruited (and their “pass ups”) are paying their monthly membership fee. They only get their money if the people they recruited are paying their monthly fee. If the people 4 levels down aren’t able to recruit anyone, they’re soon going to stop paying their monthly fee (why pay $25 a month for nothing?). Once that happens, the people 3 levels down will stop getting income, and then will stop paying their monthly fee, which means the people 2 levels down will stop getting income, and so on. That’s why it’s a pyramid — without the lower levels paying their dues, the upper levels eventually have little or no income. The National Wealth Center is a pyramid scheme that uses discounts, low value, and Master Resale Rights content to provide cover. I would not participate in the National Wealth Center scam.

Here are some other schemes by Peter Wolfing and Multiplex Systems.

“Yes, Turbo Cycler is indeed a SCAM. I joined LONG before the launch as a Founder. My sponsor hounded me to take two positions because Peter Wolfing had promised her that all of his people (I suppose his list) would be joining after her team, and we would cycle quickly and multiple times. This did not happen.

What did happen was that I lost a great deal of money that I could have used to join another program which has, in fact, been very lucrative for me.

I would advise anyone NOT to join this program. Yes, it is gifting. Yes, cash gifting is illegal. Yes, I was deceived. No,I will never join another program structured like this one.” – Source

“Each person in HOH is signing a document to send along with the “gift” they are sending to their sponsor stating that the money they are sending is a cash “gift” and they expect nothing in return. We as citizens of the USA have the right to gift another individual up to 10,000USD without having to report it to the government. It’s our rights.” – Source

3.1 Total Score

National Wealth Center is a recruiting scam which is ruining lives! Please warn your loved ones about this scam and stay safe!

  • Absolute Scam
  • Unreliable Payout
  • No Customer Support Whatsoever
  • Ruining Lives
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