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Nazarian Plastic Surgery is a clinic based in Beverly Hills, California. Its address is 120 S Spalding Dr #315, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, United States. The clinic is run by Dr. Sheila Nazarian, a celebrity plastic surgeon who has appeared on multiple reality shows including her own Netflix series called Skin Decision. 

Unlike the reality show which shows Sheila as a caring expert, her reviews say she is a careless and selfish doctor who only focuses on money. 

Her patients complain about botched procedures, delayed appointments, rushed meetings, and trying to scam patients into paying more. 

Clearly, the image she has maintained on reality TV is the total opposite of what her patients think. However, Dr. Nazarian’s PR and marketing teams ensure that people only hear about the positive aspects of her profession and never the numerous complaints her patients have shared online. 

In the following review of Nazarian Plastic Surgery, you’ll learn about the reviews people have shared on this practice so you can decide whether you should hire Dr. Sheila or not.

About Dr. Sheila Nazarian: Husband, Net Worth, Netflix, Age, Procedures, And More

Dr. Sheila Nazarian had founded her clinic Nazarian Plastic Surgery  in 2013. Apart from Skin Decision, she has appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Revenge Body with Khole Kardashian, E! News, and Basketball Wives. 

She was a plastic surgery resident at the University of Southern California. Dr. Sheila Nazarian age is 42 years old at the time of writing this article. 

Also, Dr. Sheila Nazarian husband is Dr. Fardad Mobin. He is a neurosurgeon who attended the University of California, UC Davis School of Medicine, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the UCLA Medical Center. They have three kids. 

Her clinic performs many procedures such as:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Fat transfer
  • Liposuction
  • Buttocks cellulite reduction
  • BBL backup 
  • Scar revision
  • Cyst removal
  • Mole removal

And plenty of others. Her clinic also offers various non-surgical procedures such as hair removal, thread lift, fat reduction, laser procedures, and more. 

Dr. Sheila Nazarian net worth is unknown. However, it is estimated to be in millions considering the average income of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is more than $500,000. Similarly, there’s no information available on Dr. Sheila Nazarian prices because the cost of a procedure depends on multiple factors such as the client’s age, requirements, budget, among others. 

Her website might make her seem like a God-send but her patients say that she is a greedy and careless professional. Also, she has botched a ton of surgeries, some of them forced the client to get a revision procedure from someone else to avoid permanent damage. 

Nazarian Institute: Non-Refundable Overpriced Courses By Sheila

Dr. Sheila isn’t just a surgeon. She is also an instructor at Nazarian Institute. It’s her teaching company through which she hosts seminars and events for teaching business and surgical concepts. 

However, the events and courses present at Nazarian Institute are very expensive. Their costs go up to $18,000 and more.

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

Still, the courses at Nazarian Institute are very suspicious. For starters, there isn’t a single review on Nazarian Institute on the web. All the reviews on Dr. Sheila concern with her clinic. None of them talk about the institute and the courses offered. 

With such expensive price tags and lack of any reviews, I don’t recommend joining any courses of Nazarian Institute. That’s because the course-selling industry has a plethora of scammers and the lack of reviews suggest that you can’t trust Nazarian Institute and its courses at face value.

Sam Ovens is a great example. He has built a fortune through selling courses but his reviews suggest that his courses don’t help anyone except his pockets.

Beware of online courses that have negative or no reviews. Particularly when the courses cost nearly $20,000.

Dr. Sheila Nazarian Is Using Paid News Articles To Mislead & Scam Patients

Being a reality TV celebrity, Dr. Nazarian gets a lot of media coverage. However, Dr. Nazarian mixes actual coverage with paid content to promote her clinic. It allows her to mislead consumers into thinking that her clinic rarely botches a procedure and faces no problems in performing successful surgeries. 

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Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

As you’ll see later in my Nazarian Plastic Surgery review, many patients complain about the way Sheila handles cases and how many surgeries she botches regularly. 

To bury any mention of her failed surgeries, she uses paid articles and promotions. They help in distracting her potential clients from the numerous complaints against her clinic. 

Below are the numerous Nazarian Plastic Surgery reviews I found online.

Nurse of Nazarian Plastic Surgery didn’t Perform What the Patient Wanted, Performed a Useless Procedure Instead

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

The above reviewer left a complaint for nurse Corie at Nazarian Plastic Surgery. Note that Nurse Corie is also a prominent person on Sheila’s Netflix show, Skin Decision. 

The reviewer shares that they had come to the clinic several months before the review to get her filler dissolved. She had gone through the consultation and wanted to remove the Tyndall effect and the swelling. 

However, when she arrived nurse Corie decided not to dissolve the filler. She told the reviewer that dissolving the filler will cause more swelling and pain. The reviewer reveals that it wasn’t the case at all. 

First, Corie wanted the reviewer to get more filler in the eye that was already overfilled. Then, she recommended getting pelleve, which the reviewer agreed to. 

The reviewer shares that pelleve was a waste of money and caused them a lot of pain. It didn’t do anything for them. In the end, the reviewer had to see another specialist to dissolve the filler. 

Patient had a Poor Experience, Sheila Nazarian Lies to Paint Him as a Troll

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Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

John here shares that Sheila Nazarian is a complete rip off and doesn’t care about her patients. All she cares about is your credit card so she can make more money. The reviewer alerts other consumers that they shouldn’t trust her simply because she is famous. 

In reply to this review, Sheila denied having this person as a patient. Instead of addressing the issue, she simply questioned John’s intent and said it was someone called Dwight, a different client. 

The reviewer updated their review after seeing her response by saying that it was very classy of her to respond in such a manne

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Nazarian Plastic Surgery Tried to Scam a Licensed Esthetician

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review
Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

Dwight had a zoom call with the nurse Corie from Nazarian Plastic Surgery. He is a surgery assistant and a licensed Esthetician. Dwight raised questions on Corie’s knowledge of the procedures and the related subjects. 

For example he shares that he had told Corie he was on Cosmelan (a depigmenting peel) and she responded by asking which one because there are multiple kinds. However, Corie wasn’t aware of the difference between different formulas. 

Dwight shares that no one should introduce heat into the skin while using Cosmelan until after 2-3 months of completing the peel. When he shared these concerns with Corie she said that he doesn’t have to follow any “company protocol” and that she will base the recommendation on his skin only. 

Moreover, Corie said that you can take medicine that’s a few days past its expiration date. Dwight pointed out that it’s very dangerous to take any expired medicine because the chemical might alter and it can even become harmful. 

Clearly, he had multiple disagreements with Corie. On top of everything, she diagnosed him by seeing him through a zoom call. Corie recommended Dwight to get a laser for hyperpigmentation and micro needling with radio frequency. 

Dwight had called to get micro needling with radio frequency but he says that he didn’t want the laser procedure. His stepmother had a laser and it doesn’t work for darker skin, which he has. 

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Moreover, he was still going through the peel process and wanted to do anything after it was complete. 

He made it clear with the nurse but apparently, she didn’t listen. As a result, he received a message from Corie saying that he can come whenever. This was against the manufacturer protocol which Corie had completely ignored. 

Dwight wanted to share this issue with Dr. Nazarian and even booked an appointment with her. However, they cancelled the appointment and said that they won’t take him as a patient. 

According to the reviewer, Dr. Sheila Nazarian stands against medical misinformation herself but her own staff is spreading wrong information. 

As proof, he has shared the screenshots of his discussions with Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Corie. You can see them below: 

MABJuaFOJ1g yjpnn5dobOuTQx14iD0jegJ3GXeM3Rg S1s3keBqIBKo2k6RBwStovwVFR1IzaW8D3ZaITIKC1 tA0v wp8X2fBIi6ygZ3Cl7nsiFkm54Bcw0FjEf 5GKaUY9dqS

Sheila Nazarian Performed Chin Liposuction and Gave Horrid Scars 

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

* update

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

The above reviewer says that they love Sheila Nazarian as a person but think she needs more experience as a surgeon. Their original review was a year after the procedure they had with Sheila and the results were very disappointing. 

A year later, the reviewer shared that Dr. Nazarian didn’t care about their scars at all. Apparently, the celebrity surgeon botched a chin liposuction and gave horrible scars to the reviewer. 

The reviewer had followed the steps Sheila had recommended. She had assured them that the scars would become invisible but nothing happened. The scars are quite prominent and visible. 

They point out that Dr. Nazarian made two entry points for the liposuction and didn’t try to hide the scars. The reviewer says nobody told them that there would be two entry points. 

Even after 3 years, the scars didn’t go away. The reviewer shares that there wasn’t anything aesthetic about what she did to her chin. 

Sheila’s clinic responded to this complaint by saying that they have reached out to the reviewer multiple times but they don’t respond. It is an odd response because if they really wanted to fix the mistake why would review ignore or avoid them? 

Nevertheless, that’s just the reality of most Nazarian Plastic Surgery reviews. Many people share their gripes online and all Dr. Sheila does is respond in a plastic manner. 

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

She has shared her review on other platforms as well:

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

Dr. Nazarian Burnt the Client’s Skin and Couldn’t Care Less for Her Mistake

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

Melissa visited Sheila’s clinic to improve the looks of her skin but they burned her through a botched laser procedure. 

When she discussed the issue with other dermatologists they pointed out that she went “too deep” and had the incorrect setting. 

Moreover, when the reviewer shared her issues with Dr. Nazarian, she said she didn’t have much experience with laser procedures herself and pointed out that the reviewer had signed a consent form too. 

Later, the patient refused to see Dr. Sheila for the problems because she had lost her trust. Moreover Sheila offered no compensation for the costs involved to fix the problems and then sent her a letter dismissing her from her surgery. 

Melissa points out that you Dr. Nazarian is not a dermatologist. You should only go to a doctor who specializes in your issues. 

Dr. Sheila Nazarian’s staff responded to this complaint by saying that every medical treatment has risks and a doctor can only help until the patient allows them to. No apologetic behavior, simply a plastic response, like most complaints. 

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

Nazarian Plastic Surgery Kept Rescheduling Appointments, Client Had to Cancel 

Nazarian Plastic Surgery review

Sam wanted to schedule an appointment with Nazarian Plastic Surgery. He booked an appointment with Corie but the clinic called him thrice in two days to reschedule. Sam points out that he is a working professional and can’t change times like this. He wishes to get his wasted deposit back and says that it’s very unprofessional behavior. 

Dr. Nazarian Tried to Scam a Patient from Abroad

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Nazarian Plastic Surgery tried to scam this person by quoting an exorbitant price of $250,000 for a mommy makeover. Why did they do that? Because the reviewer was from Dubai. They probably guessed that the reviewer would be unaware of plastic surgery prices in the US so they can quote whatever they like. 

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Sheila Nazarian Couldn’t Remove a Small Tattoo

William had gone to Nazarian Plastic Surgery to remove a small tattoo from his ring finger. Sheila said that tattho would be gone in four treatments for the price of $900. Even after going through 5 procedures, the tattoo is still there. 

Now the clinic wants him to spend money on more treatments. Sheila performed the first procedure herself but then handed off the other 4 procedures to someone else. 

William says that the other 4 treatments lasted merely for 2 seconds. He felt betrayed.

William complains that Dr. Sheila didn’t perform the treatments. He says he’s all for teaching but at least they can finish the job. The tattoo is still there and she even added another treatment but none of it helped. 

He says he has been cheated.

Wasted a Client’s Money and Gave Possible Nerve Damage, Responded Unprofessionally to the Complaint

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Suprina had gone in for Miradry but the procedure didn’t work. She shares that it was a waste of money and her arm is numb even 3 months after the procedure. Moreover, she has been trying to contact the doctor but Dr. Nazarian never returns any calls.

DUPYjWaz0eHdnVwIcc51lPTGLxR4ssQoVY3kehJ g8KdYSK7Roxk OWz1V2cOabrwNH7YPpEpZBFIdVr7SZYq7u3fkKl72oVXzvWNxhStLt 2IJhm1mVthCh6zQ6ZGfXm 1GYn j

Later, she updated her review by saying that she only had a call with her once 2 weeks after the procedure. Since then, Dr. Nazarian hasn’t responded to any of her calls. For the prices Nazarian Plastic Surgery charges, this is certainly unexpected behavior. 

Suprina has shared her experience with Dr. Nazarian on other platforms as well:

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Charged $40,000, Botched 3 Surgeries, Then Blocked on Social Media

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Sheila Nazarian performed three surgeries on this person and botched all of them. The reviewer shares that the clinic burned her leg with cream, dented her face, and botched the breast surgery. 

They had paid $40,000 for the procedures and Sheila blocked them on social media after botching surgeries. The reviewer also shares that Sheila is overpriced, unreasonable, and immature. They also highlight it was the worst decision of their life and would have to hire someone else to fix the mistakes she made. 

More Nazarian Plastic Surgery Reviews 

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From burning a client’s skin to failing in multiple surgeries, Dr. Sheila Nazarian has done everything you might expect from an incompetent surgeon. The above Nazarian Plastic Surgery reviews suggest that Dr. Sheila doesn’t care enough about her clients. 

Her main focus remains on her brand and her image on social media. It might have been better if she put more attention on her clients rather than her own brand. 

Sharing these Nazarian Plastic Surgery reviews was vital because many of them were buried under paid articles and promotions. Reading these will help you make a better-informed and unbiased decision. There are plenty of doctors with negative reviews for ruining lives such as Dr. Mary Gingrass or Dr. Daniel E. Rousso.

However, I can’t recommend Dr. Sheila Nazarian after going through these reviews.

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Dr. Sheila Nazarian and her Beverly Hills-based clinic, Nazarian Plastic Surgery are notorious for ignoring their patients. Whether it’s the too much focus on reality TV or lack of professionalism, the patients of Dr. Nazarian are suffering. Best to avoid this “celebrity” surgeon.

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  • Exorbitant pricing
  • Too many complaints
  • Doesn’t listen to clients
  • Buries complaints by using paid articles
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    HA, I knew there was something up with this surgeon. I have watched Dr. Nazarian on Netflix and it all felt so weird to me. Now that I’m reading this review I realize just how pathetic of a surgeon she really is. These celebrity professionals are never what they claim to be on TV.

    Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Dr. Sheila Nazarian aren’t worth my money, that’s for sure.

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