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Neal Schaffer claims to be an expert, but proves to be a charlatan. With fake followers & testimonials he is a pure scammer. Read more here.
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Social media marketing is the current deal in the first growing World. Everyone scrambles to get an opportunity to sell and market their products. Companies have taken a step in employing people who manage their social media platforms. The social media platforms have the largest market as it touches every part of the World. Having a good strategy will earn you lots of money on the social media platform. The excellent marketing is what takes the lamp some profits that companies and industries make.

The role of social media in business is to serve as a communication tool that enhances the companies’ accessibility by those interested in their goods and services while making them visible to those who don’t know their product. Social media gives marketers a way to communicate with their consumers. It personalizes the brand and helps a business to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational style.

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Social media gives marketers a voice and a way to communicate with peers and potential consumers. Social media marketing is possibly the most cost-effective way. Being profitable is essential as it helps you to attain a higher return on investment and hold a bigger budget for other marketing and business payments.

To have a great social media marketers team, you need to consult experts who are well conversant with the media. You have to spend quite the right amount of money on the best services. One of the recommended people is Neal Schaffer. He is said to be the right expert in social media marketing, but my experience with this guy is different.

I have lived knowing that the man provides the best services. Unfortunately, I discovered that he is overrated by his close associates and the fake followers he has on social media platforms. The services he offers about social media marketing are the worst ever, and you cannot recommend anyone. His online presence is not anything good. He has shallow knowledge of social media. Instead of finding him, you can look for better people to help you with social media marketing.

I am a victim of his services, would not like any other individuals or companies to go through what I experienced. The praises you hear people pouring on him are all lies so that he may gain popularity. He uses fake accounts to defraud millions of shillings from the people who seek social media marketing services.

The article will reveal all the evil things Mr. Neal Schaffer does in the social media marketing frauds. The unprofessionalism he shows in the business and the bad things that hide. Many have fallen into his trap, including myself, and I aim to make sure that other victims should not fall into his hands. Avoid all the services that he offers, even if he lowers the charges.

Who is Neal Schaffer?

More about Neal Schaffer

Fake sources have ranked him as a trusted leading educator in the World of social media for businesses. His close friends have claimed that Neal Schaffer is a leading authority in helping businesses through their digital transformation of sales and marketing. This is through consulting, training, and maintaining enterprises large and small develop and execute on social media marketing.

He has written several books that are not to the standards. The books have irrelevant information on matters to do with business. He has to renounce himself as the digital and social media-marketing speaker and consultant. He uses his accounts to market the books and the services he offers. He claims that Forbes ranks him top 50 social media power influencers two years in a row. Still, the top five social media sales are a way of looting from social media followers. The claims earn him many followers on the media, and that is the opportunity to reap money from innocent followers and companies.

Occasions where Neal Schaffer is involved

He renounces himself as a digital and social media marketing speaker and consultant. He has written maximizing LinkedIn for sales and social media marketing, the business of influence, optimize your social media, and many more, which the readers claim they have fallen victims because the books are fake. They do not provide the tips needed for social media marketing.

The demands that he ranked among the top 50 on Forbes magazine is unacceptable because the magazine does not bear his name for the years he claims. He is best known for his definitive book on social media strategy creation, implementation, and optimization. He has launched and managed influencer-marketing campaigns on behalf of his agency’s clients and consulted and educated countless.

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All the occasions and awards he claims he has won are all stage-managed to earn him an excellent public reputation. The reason why he uses the awards is to market himself in a way that he attracts as many followers as possible. Some of the credentials granted to him are from his friends, and in the real sense, they are not recognized.

Where He Gets His Targets

His Social media platforms

As a leader who is exploiting people, Mr. Neal Schaffer has opened different social media accounts. He has dominated Twitter, Facebook with different pages began bearing his names. Neal Schaffer is also on YouTube and Instagram. He holds kind of presentations on youtube, where he uses the opportunity to lure people in accepting his services. The quality of the videos is inferior and does not impress the viewers.

Most of his followers are people he has bribed to follow him and create to the public that he has many social media followers. Many accounts have been opened under his name, and the accounts are used to defraud funds from people. You have to run away from Neal Schaffer’s social media caves because you will be conned.

Through his social media platforms, he has tried to outsell his social media marketing skills without succeeding. People have started boycotting his platforms, fearing that they will fall victim to the money loss.

The day I looked for his services

I owned a production company in the cosmetic industry. I had to look for business promotion services from Neal Schaffer, who I believed would help me in social media marketing. Because when a company advertises with social media, there are several benefits that the company gets in return. The social media platforms have the largest market as it touches every part of the World. Having a good strategy will earn you lots of money on any social media platform.

On getting Neal Schaffer, he did not share the strategy used in social media marketing. Instead, he was focusing on how companies can increase production. I wondered how unprofessional Mr. Neal Schaffer was and the time I have wasted looking for him to help me in marketing my products. Production at that time was not helpful because I had produced more than enough goods and of the best quality. All I needed was to market my products and expand my market network professionally. The reality is that you cannot make profits if the marketing of the products is not that high, and that’s why I needed this guy’s help.

What the services meant

Being efficient and considering how your business is currently operating and be open to the potential of changing the way you work. Neal Schaffer went on to explain that to increase production and to reduce distractions in the companies. You will need to have the right tools and equipment, meaning the quality is a must to check, and also improving the working place conditions of the workers is a must. Offer support and set realistic goals. Practice positive reinforcement and ensure employees are happy.

The things Neal Schaffer shared was not what I wanted. I felt that I had lost my money and time listening to a similar concept we had discussed together with my team. All we needed is the strategy to help us in marketing the company’s products.

My expectations versus the reality

Reaching out to Neal Schaffer expected to do his best in social media marketing. I wanted to know better about things to do with social media marketing because my production and other skills were higher. Through advertisement on the social media platform, I expected to find an expert who has the right skills, and he can change your marketing strategy. However, to my shock, Mr. Neal Schaffer had no clue on the matters concerning social media marketing. I wondered why he had advertised his services and yet he is not able to offer the services to the customers.

The reality was that Mr. Neal Schaffer focuses much on the production of goods rather than the marketing as per social media, and the world recognizes him. The reality hit me that he is no longer an expert, as his colleagues and friends refer. Still, he has remained just a mere villager who is surviving on the loots he makes from his followers and people who purchase his books.

Reaction from Neal Schaffer

I had to make an appointment with Mr. Neal Schaffer after a presentation that did not go as per my goals and expectations. Finding him one on one is not an easy task, and all you need is time and patience for the meeting to succeed. He has surrounded himself with secretaries who are arrogant and disrespectful to clients.

Finally, I met him at his office after undergoing different checkup points. My main agenda was to explain to him how the presentation did not go with the expectation of many attendees. I took the time to explain to him that what we wanted was the skills used in social media marketing. His emphasis was that the presentation was over, and if people contended with the performance, he would organize another and payment done.

I kept on wondering who is that insane person who received the unprofessional presentation and off-target can come again and pay for the services that do not make sense. If you’re thinking of using this fellow, you better look for an old-hand marketer with good quality and results-oriented objectives. This guy will only give you more pressure if you apply any of his ideas.

Neal Schaffer Reviews & Complaints

Complaints from other victims

Many people have raised different issues on Mr. Neal Schaffer. The services he offers to them are not as per the standards they needed. He advertises for certain things, which he later disowns, claiming that they are frauds who do the advertisement.

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Those who have purchased his books are not happy at all with the content of the book. The books are boring from the word to go, the author’s choice of words and rhyming them with the characters is pathetic. The books do not add value to society and lead to the exploitation of the young generation.

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The content of his books is not pleasant reading, and the young age cannot use it for future study. People have also complained about the many social media pages he opens under his name, which end up conning people their hard-earned money. Neal Schaffer must be avoided, and all his social media accounts closed because he swindles cash from people. On the other hand,  his social media accounts advertise kinds of stuff that are not appealing to the public.

Review on the Neal Schaffer presentations

Neal Schaffer is among the worst speakers that should not be allowed to hold any public speaking. Whether they have excellent performances or not. All his social media accounts must be blocked because he is a scammer.

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People should avoid paying for Neal’s useless services and look for other better experts to solve their problems. His books should not be purchased because the content is not appealing or making any sense. The presentations he shares are all lies and below standards. No hotel should allow him to use their hall for his activities because he is just conning people in the name of quality presentation. The public needs to get aware of his practices and how he exploits people. Neal Schaffer should be prohibited from giving any public lecture and skills to society.


Social media plays a critical role in marketing. People use it as a communication tool that makes their companies accessible to those interested in their brands and introduces the product to new potential customers. Social media gives business marketers a way to communicate with consumers by personalizing the brand and help the business in spreading its message in an effortless and conversational style.

Having competent experts in managing your social media marketing is a good start in succeeding with the online business. However, when you fall to frauds like Neal Schaffer, all the pleasant dreams you had in achieving in the marketing will crush. The only thing Neal Schaffer is good at is the ability to pick money from people by offering his worthless service to them.

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Having competent experts in managing your social media marketing is a good start in succeeding with the online business. However, when you fall to frauds like Neal Schaffer, all the pleasant dreams you had in achieving in marketing will crush. The only thing Neal Schaffer is good at is the ability to pick money from people by offering his worthless service to them.

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