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I wasn’t expecting such a shallow book from a famous and well-known writer. The book is not worth the amount of price that she puts up on Amazon. I feel that she should have been more profound. The book feels like a few blog posts that are published without further research.

There are many authors out there who write on the leadership niche. I never gave it a second thought to purchase the book from Neen James because I thought she had more insight on leadership. I feel like I have lost cash, I should have Googled about leadership tips and am sure I would have read the same things I read in that book.

Her keynote peaking services are also a scam. This article digs deeper into my experience with Neen James after I booked for the keynote speaking services she offers.

Not a good read

Well. If you are starting as a leader, then this book would be a good read if you never take your time to research things on the internet. However, if you are in no rush to find more knowledge on leadership roles and tips, then you should save yourself the cash and the time and read online from different blogs.

Neen James books are very shallow, and you will only find whatever is on the internet and not something unique or something that you can benefit from. Let me cut down the anger and explain to you why I think Neen James’s services are below par.

She never attended the event I had invited her at

I first booked Neen to come and speak during a business workshop that I had early last year only for her to cancel it the previous day to our business launch. On that fateful day, she arrived, and she only spoke for a short time and left the meeting. I called her later that day, and she claimed that she wasn’t feeling herself and she gave me another date where she promised to come and have a talk with our staff for a longer time.

Three days before the appointed day, her assistant told us first to purchase the ‘attention pays’ book before Neen James could come. I thought it was ridiculous, but all the same, I went ahead and bought the book for each of my employees. We made everything ready with an assurance that Neen would attend the meeting, but to our surprise, she never came, and she never responded to our calls or our messages.

After that great disappointment, we decided to read the book and see if we could find something helpful, but we were shocked all the more. The book is hugely shallow for an average leader or business person. I have never been this disappointed in my life and am sharing this predicament with the world, so anyone who wants to purchase her services would think twice before making a purchase.

As a speaker and as an author, she ought to have been professional and at least refund the booking fee we made, but she never did refund the money. I know other people are complaining about her services, but I think my predicament is the most horrible.

Who Is Neen James?

About Neen James

Neenclaims to be an expert speaker, which I highly doubt because expert speakers never cancel plans on the last day. From her well-designed website, you get to see the many vague compliments she gets just to try and win the trust of many people.

She is also said to have earned her MBA from South Cross University, which makes me wonder about the level of education the university has to offer. She also has gained the certified speaking professional designation from the national speakers association. ‘She has received numerous awards as a professional speaker’ what?!! This was the most shocking statement I read from the website. It made me wonder who exactly gave her the awards and what they were looking at before they could award her shoddy services.

Neen James is also said to write books that help people in moving their focus to their work and the essential things in their lives. Neen is claimed to give high-level keynote presentations that are meant to help the audience leverage their focus and move it to their work and life. I also read that the audiences she speaks to are delighted with what she has to offer, but with the little lecture, Neen gave me I highly doubt if people are ever satisfied with what she teaches.

Oh! Did I say that she mentions that she is Australian, is her business based on a nationality basis? Does she prefer speaking to certain nationalities? Does she mean that she loves talking to certain nationalities only? I think she is also selfish in some kind of way. A professional would never mention their nationality as a way of marketing their business.

How She Makes Her Riches

Neen James services

From her website Neen James mainly offers speaker services in that if you have a business event that needs a speaker, you can invite her to speak at the event. She claims to help people focus on the things that are the most important, but unfortunately, she never got to do that on our occasion.

Her website is full of sweet marketing words that change after you have booked her for your event. Her company is a total scam, and the staff is also very unprofessional, and I would discourage anyone from booking her for any event. There are a lot of other speakers around and on the internet itself, but I would not recommend anyone to use her services.

Neen James is also an author of ‘attention pays’ and ‘folding time.’ she claims that the books are full of strategies that will help you to focus on your work and your life. These are complete lies and if you have read any of them and you can be sure that they are full of vague statements and you can also quickly tell that she never put any effort into writing these books. I am greatly disappointed at what she calls a good read.

The fact that the books she has written are all very vague and shallow is the full reason why I do not believe that her talk can change anything or persuade anyone to change their thoughts about anything.

Other people’s negative reviews on Neen James

Experienced leaders who have had a read on Neen James’s books are also not satisfied with what she claims to offer. For instance, check out the screenshot below.

1 15

This is someone who had the chance to read the book Neen James has written, and by what he has written, it is clear that he has been disappointed by the reading. According to this complaint, you can quickly tell that the book has no additional information that one can learn from other than what leaders are used to. It seems that Neen only wrote this book to fill up the word count with her writing.

It also seems that the book was only written for young leaders or leaders who are new in their leadership careers. That is not the only complaint that you can get about Neen James, check this other one and you will see genuinely that her books are not what an experienced leader would call a good read.

2 13

The book is very blunt and shallow. I would not advise anyone to purchase it. If you want to add some knowledge about leadership, there are so many books out there that you can read.

What is expected of Neen James

From her website and perhaps if you have watched any of her interviews, you would have high hopes for her services, but things are entirely different in reality. First of all, Neen James is expected to offer motivational talks that aim to improve the life of any entrepreneur, but that’s ultimately the opposite of what she offers.

There is nothing new about what she speaks about, only the obvious that any leader is used to. I think she tries too much to please people rather than tell them the truth so they can improve and do better. This is not what a professional speaker is supposed to do. She is supposed to mention it as it is so that whoever listens to her will achieve something and improve.

I expected to hear from her after I bought the books only for her organization to cut all communications with me. I expected her to refund my hard-earned money, but she never did. A true professional will opt for a refund if they fail to play their part, but that is not what Neen James did, that shows how unprofessional she is. I am left wondering, did she want people to buy her books?

As an author and someone with an MBA, her books are expected to be filled with information meant to change the way anyone thinks of work and life. Instead, the text is full of fluff. It is just the same way one would search for ‘leadership tips’ on a Google search and read about the information on the search results.

Neen James is expected to cover up for her mistakes, but instead, as in my case, she altogether avoided my team and me, and we never heard from her or her organization after the incident. All I can say is that Neen James is a disgrace to other speakers out there. Her organization is a total scam and unreliable, and no one should be made to undergo what I went through in the hands of this company.

My thoughts

Neen James started the speaker career on a high note, but since she has acquired the trust of people, she now shows no interest in giving what is expected of her. She thinks that because she has the trust of some people she can continue luring other people into spending money on her company and later get nothing in return.

If you require a business motivational speaker, please do some thorough research before booking on any of them that you find on the internet. I have learned my lesson the hard way, and that is why I am writing this negative review to let people know who Neen James is. Do not let the welcoming website fool you, and it is not what you will get after you book her or if you buy her books.

She is very unprofessional and rude. The reason why I am saying Neen is rude is that she would have informed us before the appointed day that she was not herself, then we would have an agreement instead of her lie that she will give us another date for another appointment knowing very well that she would not do it.

My recommendation is if you are still going to book her, do not pay anything for booking. Let her come to your event, and after she delivers her services perfectly, that is where you can agree on paying for the booking fee or any other fee that will be demanded from you. Also, try to window shop other speakers, and until you are sure that they can deliver what they promise, do not book them for their services.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake

There are things that you can do to avoid experiencing the same ordeal as mine. The first thing you can do is you need to ensure that the keynote speaker can mold your audience. What I never did is I never attended any of the events that she was offering her keynote speaking services. As a result, I never had an idea of what she is capable of doing.

Another thing you can do is ensure that you can interact with the speaker well before the appointed day, and this is what I never did. Before I booked Neen James, I only saw her interviews, and I thought that she was already good at what she was doing, but I was very wrong. I should have had countless communication periods with her so that from these conversations, I would know that she was incompetent and rude.

You can also try finding booking speakers who come in the form of referrals. You can be sure that because they did an excellent job elsewhere, they can do the same for your event. Those are a few tips you can use to avoid fraudsters like Neen James.



Neen James is a fraudster and a con artist who has managed to lure a lot of people into buying her services. I know there are a lot of other people with the same complaint as mine who are silent, but I know that from this complaint, they can have the courage to speak out and warn the public about this scam.

Her books are the best evidence of how incompetent she is and how shallow she is in delivering her services. Someone with an MBA should be writing books meant to turn around the way one thinks, but it is evident, they do not have any impact on experienced leaders. She has no passion for what she does, and therefore, she can hardly deliver an excellent service.

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Neen James is a fraudster and a con artist who has managed to lure a lot of people into buying her services. I know there are a lot of other people with the same complaint as mine who are silent, but I know that from this complaint, they can have the courage to speak out and warn the public about this scam.

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