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Dr. Mark Amols runs New Direction Fertility Centers, a place that lacks compassion and a basic sense of professionalism. It might seem like an ordinary fertility clinic but it has a ton of complaints for its horrible communication and mistreatment of clients. 

To help you understand the truth behind this terrible clinic, I have written the following review:

About New Direction Fertility Centers:

New Direction Fertility Centers is a fertility clinic located in Gilbert, Arizona. The address of that clinic is 1760 E Pecos Rd #532, Gilbert, AZ 85295, United States. 

Its contact number is 480-351-8222 and the opening hours are 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 12 PM on fridays. 

The man running this clinic is Mark Amols, MD. Their prices might seem a little attractive but their quality of service suggests even such prices are too high for them. 

Apparently, Dr. Mark Amols doesn’t know how to interact with his clients. His staff lacks the professionalism and care you expect to see in a fertility clinic. 

I have shared some reviews of this place to help you understand just how depraved they truly are: 

Woman had a Miscarriage, Dr. Mark Amols Scolded Her for Getting Upset

New Direction Fertility Centers review

This review sent chills down my spine. Jamie here had a mentally and emotionally scarring experience with this clinic. She shares that no one had scolded and harassed her before like Dr. Mark did. Particularly when she was already going through the trauma of losing her baby. 

Poor Jamie had a miscarriage. Instead of consoling her and trying to make the situation better, Dr. Mark Amols shouted at her on the day she found out that her baby had died. 

She shares that you’d think someone in the business of helping women get pregnant would be quite understanding, patient and cooperative with someone who suffers such a loss. However, Dr. Amols is nothing like that. 

He was mad at her because she got upset with one of his nurses who behaved very rudely and impatiently with her while sharing the news. Moreover, he also informed her that he was going to change his family plans to accommodate her on the same call. Remember that he did all this the same day she found out about her miscarriage. 

On top of that, he scolded Jamie’s sister who was trying to mediate the situation. The reviewer shares that he should be ashamed of himself for his behavior and should pursue a career in something that doesn’t require compassion. 

She says, “He turned a devastating situation into a horrific nightmare”.

Would you trust a fertility clinic that lacks compassion? No excuse makes it okay for a doctor to scold someone who just lost their baby. 

This review alone speaks volumes about the kind of service you can expect at New Direction Fertility Centers. No one should have to go through what Jamie here went through. That’s why I thought it was important to write this review. 

New Direction Fertility Centers Doesn’t Respond, Horrible Communication

New Direction Fertility Centers review

This reviewer points out that this clinic doesn’t respond in a timely manner. They emailed the MD but received no response. So, they contacted the place through the chat feature even though it’s not a live chat. It took the clinic several days to respond to the reviewer’s message on the chat. 

Eventually, the clinic stopped responding to the chat as well. 

The reviewer highlights that it’s a “you get what you pay for” kind of place. This clinic doesn’t answer phone calls or respond to emails so if you have a lot of patience, only then consider this place. Even then, it would be better to hire someone else because the waste of time would be just too much. 

Staff Doesn’t Communicate Properly, Lacks Experience with Same Sex Couples

More Reviews on Dr. Mark Amols, MD and His Clinic:

New Direction Fertility Centers Review Conclusion

As you can see from the various reviews on this clinic, it’s not a place you can trust. New Direction Fertility Centers is terrible at communicating with its customers and even though their prices might be on the lower end, they lack the fundamental qualities necessary in a fertility clinic. 

Please find a better clinic that knows how to communicate and how to behave with its clients. This place isn’t worth your time or attention. 

2.5Expert Score
Beware of this clinic

The staff at New Direction Fertility Centers doesn’t communicate effectively and on time. Moreover, they lack the level of care you’d expect a fertility clinic to possess. Hence, it would be better to avoid working with these guys and Dr. Mark Amols.

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  • Lack compassion
  • Lack care for clients
  • Poor communication
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