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New York Fertility Institute – Shattering Dreams, Ruining Lives

New York Fertility Institute is a fertility clinic reputed for recommending unnecessary treatments and testing to squeeze money out of their clients. Many reviewers share that the place has terrible service and the doctors are too arrogant to work with. 

It’s very difficult to work with arrogant doctors because they don’t listen to you and don’t care about your concerns. For example, Dr. Julius Few is a notorious surgeon who has delivered terrible results to many clients because of his arrogance. 

About New York Fertility Institute:

The New York Fertility Institute is located in Manhattan on the Museum Mile. Their address is 1016 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States and their opening hours are from 8 AM to 4 PM on weekdays. 

You can give them a call on 815-513-6056. 

Some of the services available at this clinic are: 

  • Tubal ligation reversal
  • Egg & embryo freezing
  • Artificial insemination
  • Surrogacy
  • IUI
  • Egg donation

The people running this clinic are Dr. Khalid Sultan and Dr. Majid Fateh. Dr. Fateh earned his medical degree from Ross University in Miramar, Florida and claims to be a compassionate doctor who listens to his patient’s fertility concerns.

But his reviews tell the opposite. According to the New York Fertility Institute reviews, Dr. Fateh cares more about the money than the patient. He is also reputed for acting arrogantly and overcharging his clients. 

Take a look the reviews and see for yourself: 

Dr. Majid Fateh Only Cares About Money and Only Suggests IVF Treatment to Clients

New York Fertility Institute review

The reviewer shares that the doctor only cared about the money and not about the test results or the lack of risk factors. Two previous doctors had told the reviewer that they had high follicle count and no blockage. 

Dr. Fateh told them that they had a slight genetic marker that might affect their grandchildren and so, they should immediately proceed to IVF. The doctor didn’t give them any other option.

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The reviewer suggests asking a lot of questions and get your paperwork because the clinic never gave them theirs. They share that the protocol of the doctor is very insensitive. The doctor told them to proceed to IVF immediately over the phone. 

Moreover, the nursing staff acted very rudely when following up about the billing. The two prominent issues the reviewer had with this clinic was the lost paperwork and the conflicting information they received. 

Dr. Sultan and Dr. Fateh Refused to Take Responsibility for the Pain Caused By Their Procedure

New York Fertility Institute review

The reviewer had laparoscopic surgery with Dr. Sultan and one procedure with Dr. Fateh for endometriosis. When they woke up from surgery, they had a lot of pain. Even after a week, they couldn’t walk and had to be wheeled into their office for an ultrasound. 

Instead of tending the patient, the first thing Dr. Fateh and Dr. Sultan said that the pain had nothing to do with their procedure. They refused to take any responsibility for their procedure. 

The reviewer had to see another doctor to fix the problems caused by their surgery. Turns out, the doctors at New York Fertility Institute had left a staple in the reviewer. 

According to the reviewer the primary cons at this place were lack of trust in the doctors, rushed appointments, unfriendly staff, difficulty in scheduling appointments, and no proper explanation of the conditions. 

Doctors at the New York Fertility Institute Act Like Arrogant Salesmen with Poor Bedside Manner

New York Fertility Institute review

This reviewer says that Dr. Fateh does a good salesman pitch of why you should choose him and even gives you his phone number. But he doesn’t tell you that no matter what you call him about, whether it’s anxiety or a concern, he’ll give you the same exact answer. 

He always talks down to his clients and behaves very arrogantly. The reviewer says that the doctor doesn’t care about the real issues; his only priority is to get you to pay him more. 

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They also highlight that Dr. Majid Fateh charges double or triple of what other NY fertility clinics charge. Moreover, his bedside manner is horrible so the reviewer suggests avoiding him. 

Dr. Majid Fateh Acts is a Scam Artist, Wastes Time and Money Through Outdated Protocols

Dr. Majid Fateh is a scam

The reviewer says that Dr. Fateh is a scam artist. He is well spoken and charging but encourages multiple rounds of embryo retrievals before trying any transfers. Moreover, Dr. Fateh uses very outdated protocols and doesn’t do the full range of genetic testing on the embryos. 

It doesn’t ensure the highest success rate for the transfer and the reviewer highly recommends consulting with other doctors because Dr. Fateh will waste your time and money. 

New York Fertility Institute Review: Verdict

The doctors at the New York Fertility Institute have a reputation for manipulating their clients into getting unnecessary tests and treatments. That’s not a good sign. As you can see in their reviews, many people have raised questions on these practices but the place doesn’t seem to improve. 

Dr. Fateh and Dr. Sultan don’t treat their clients with respect and focus more on their wallets. 

New York is home to many fertility clinics so you can avoid this place and easily find more compassionate and caring professionals. To put simply, avoid the New York Fertility Institute. 

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Dr. Majid Fateh and Dr. Sultan run New York Fertility Institute where they put their clients’ futures at risk. They give wrong diagnoses and deliberately make you go through unnecessary treatments to make more money. Avoid them.

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  • Recommend unnecessary treatments
  • Greedy doctors
  • Take no responsibility

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