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Nicholas Bayerle Promotes Mental Illness and Only Cares About Your Pocket 

Advertisement, as we know, it uses the politics of promotion to further information on a particular product, services, and person, be it negative or positive. Often at times, wealthy and successful people use the media as a tool to create their social personality and further their agenda and business without the public, knowing an example of one of these persons is Nicholas Bayerle. The need to develop accurate and factual information about life is needed in advertising products, services, and persons.

Nicholas Bayerle cannot be left out as he uses his life experience to brainwash listeners into thinking life is secure, and we can all become rich through following the footsteps of his life encounters. I am going to give a brief history of who this man is, his teachings, and how he claims became successful, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

What kind of man is Nicholas Bayerle?

Nicholas bayerle is from southern California (San Diego) in the United States. He highlights the fact that he is  from a broken home as his parents split up when he was 4. Believe me, when I say he keeps on about this because he wants your pity and that you will keep your hands into your pocket just because of this. Everything he has done or said is for a reason. His wife is Amanda Bayerle. Nicholas claims to be a rising entrepreneur and the current CEO of his company billion-dollar body, a company which he also claims he created to help men reach their full body potential and billion-dollar brotherhood.

While growing as a kid he also said was obese for a while and that he eventually found out that begin fit and loving yourself actually is the path to” greatness and begin rich” there is a difference between beginning high and begin rich as I will do further explanation on these concepts in the later part of this write-up.

Besides, being obese for a while is not enough motivation to have a career in bodybuilding. Many people have been overweight at one point in their life, but they didn’t all run to set up a bodybuilding business now, did they? 

Nicholas has successfully brainwashed society using his story as every other business person, influencer, or entrepreneur does. Let’s take a quick look at his life history through an interview and how he narrated his story. Every single word staged for effect.

Here “I was always a high performer, so maybe someone’s out there like you want to be the top of your class, you want to be a top athlete or whatever it is. I’ve always noticed that a lot of times, we find different avenues to express ourselves. My first place was being the youngest kid in the world to start racing bicycles. My dad helped me do that, two years old; I felt quite impressed by myself though I can hardly remember it”. 

This is an underlying story every successful person tells to draw attention to what they do so they can make more money selling their books or advertising their business and also become more and more popular. The more popular, the more money. We do not need people like Nicholas Bayerle. We need honest business men who want to make a difference, a real difference not someone as fake as this guy who pretends to do something meaningful in the guise of having a career out of it.

He continued his brainwashing story adding his father to the scene. In an interview he narrated thus “Four years old, I started racing motocross, motor bicycles basically, and I decided I wanted to be the best motocross racer in the world. Around 12 years old though, my dad taught me something really awesome which was if you had a weed Wacker and a lawnmower he would never be able to go broke because he would always have something to do. He could always go out there in every single economy and go make an income”. 

This is a contradictory statement became he said later that he had a falling out with his father. We have seen successful men use the media as a tool to further their agenda; this also statements he uses to tell listeners of his struggle; he said the exact opposite in his book that he can help men achieve success without sacrifice. When you are struggling to become someone in life, you will have to make sacrifices. No need to punctuate unbelievable things to sell a couple of books. 

He continued this childhood narrative in an interview saying, “From there though; life went downhill really quickly for me. My dad and I had a big falling out, and at that point, I realized I was never going to be the best in the world at the motor cross. That made me depressed. Through that, I started going through dependence on video games. Then it became a dependence on food. I gained 60 pounds. I lost all my vision for my life, which is a common theme. So all these different things, these external manifestations of graduating high school with a 1.8 GPA, being 60 pounds heavier, having no girlfriend for seven years. Those weren’t necessarily the problems. Those were external, physical manifestations of something that was going on inside of me”. 

Nicholas came up with the perfect way to make his alleged story catchy by bringing in abandonment and lack of support so the audience will feel remorse and antagonize his father in the process, which is very bad. I am giving you word for word just as he says them to show you how he contradicts himself and seek out our emotions to sell BOOKS!

He also indicated that he is a college dropout who struggled with depression, as all advertising messages of successful men have a sad story and a perfect ending like in the cases of Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook and Bill Gates founder and owner of Microsoft corporation, who were school dropouts. 

Nicholas Bayerle Promotes Mental Illness And Misogyny

Nicholas claims that the billion-dollar body is an organization set up to help men reach their full potential body-wise. According to him it was set up to make “every man feel like a billion buck,” this statement is wrong and the name and concept is all gotten wrong having a fit body is not a determinant of success and the media today always portrays men begin fit through advertisements, movies, reality shows and documentaries, passing across the wrong information has detrimental influence on audience. 

An example of such influence is self-esteem, individuals who are not fit feel inferior to other individuals who are. Also in movies the protagonist is always portrayed fit and in magazines too using models thereby insinuating that all men should be. There are many individuals who are successful today and are not fit but eat well. 

Thus the name billion dollar body should be stripped down and named accordingly like every proper gym should be named. The success of any man is not dependent on having a fit body is only an added advantage. Nicholas Bayerle promotes mental health. With his billion dollar body, he intends to make money off making people feel like whoever they are is not sufficient enough. 

People ought to be proud of who they are. Whoever they are is worth as much as the billion Bayerle illustrates. No one should feel the need to change who they are. Nicholas Bayerle is a bad influence on the society and deserve to be shamed for it. There is no perfect body. No one should be taught to believe that. People are committing suicide believing they will never be as their mate, and we have someone proud to make people believe such a claim.

Bayerle also claims that his organization is built only to favor the masculine gender. This is not very fair as women are also a part of society, too, neglect by Nicholas Bayerle. Some women probably want to get in touch with their inner soul and become the best they can be. 

This organization is built on a lie and goes against all an organization of its type is supposed to stand for it is often said that what is worth doing is worth doing well; thus, Mr. Nicholas Bayerle has most certainly knowingly failed in his effort to reach out to the audience.  

Nicholas Bayerle Is A Confusionist

In his book, the modern-day businessman, several irregularities contradict the aim of the paper and go against ethics. I will show you briefly what I meant, as illustrated in chapter one, to prove to you exactly what kind of person Nicholas Bayerle is.

I listened to Nicholas Bayerle on one of his podcasts, which looked at Kanye west success secrets and using him as an example for people who are interested in succeeding. He said speaking with confidence converts information into truth, now speaking and wanting something is partially a way to get it the other half is work.

Also what is begin spoken may not be true until proven so. There are a lot of contradictory statements, Nicholas Bayerle made without any regard whether he spoke the truth or not. He can’t seem to be straight in whatever he is saying.

First, Nicholas Bayerle wrote at the beginning of the book towards on the tenth page “on May 2, 2010, and my life changed forever with a phone call: my friend of four years had committed suicide.” 

Now, I understand him trying to prove a point about his history but starting the main idea of a book with suicide is gory, and it gives readers the wrong impression and makes them check the cover of the book once more to see if it relates to what is begin talking about. He even admitted to the book saying, “so why I am opening a book talking about suicide?” The question here is, how come a business book began with the talk of suicide? 

How are the two related? It should not surprise you to find out that the book was probably ghostwritten.

Nicholas believes that man is three dimensional, which is a load of crap. He stipulated this in his book, concluding that there are many dimensions to becoming a successful businessman, and having three of those skill sets does not complete the job. 

He failed to indicate that there are many skill sets to become a successful businessman and that he will only be concentrating on just three. This confuses the reader looking to find in the book the whole ways and skill set of becoming a successful businessman.  

How does a man who writes a book hate to read a book? He said, “one of my biggest pet peeves with books and why I don’t read a lot is they are only relevant for a time. They teach tactics rather than strategy.”

For a man who expects you to buy his book and read them, he is certainly not interested in reading. Here, writers are often readers, and this is a reason that you should believe that Nicholas Bayerle doesn’t have what it takes to write a book, doesn’t care that much about the content and probably went on to hire a ghostwriter, so all he has to do is talk and make money. A man who does not have any regard for ethics

His book should be banned and subject to edits because it is contradictory. He said he doesn’t read a lot, and still yet he has a book, the message here is telling readers that the author does not read. Have you ever come across a writer who doesn’t read?

Nicholas said in an interview that he lives to serve only people in business, and thus, he wrote a business book. Now, these two statements match, but in his book, he said: “This book is not for a specific industry that may come and go; this is for a businessman who wants to build and succeed in every area to have success without sacrifice.” This man is something else, does he not think before he talks? You see, if he had written the book, he would know its content.

Bayerle laughs at us all because even if he had gotten the book ghost written, he still did not take the time to read what was written for him. All he wants is the money in my pocket and in your pockets also. He will do and say everything to get that.

He claims to serve only business men; meanwhile, in his book, he says the opposite that his business book serves more than one industry. 

For instance, a banker who needs a book about finance for an interview cannot read a business book and expect to find what he needs. Every book is designed for a particular sector. Every successful man has paid some form of sacrifice to get to the top.

Nicholas Bayerle lied when he promised to help individuals attain success without sacrifice. Sacrifice comes in different forms like time, attention, love and relationships, and more. It is not quite possible to reach a peak without putting in time, effort, and attention into something.

This Nicholas Bayerle is just another rich and successful man using the media to further his agenda and aspirations.  People who listen to his false and confusing teaching should be careful so as not to digest the wrong information.

Just like every person in business, he is more interested in profit but using the media systematically to generate revenue. He earns vast amounts of money from the sales of his crap of a book and websites. His fundraisers are also ways of looting money from people intentionally. 

His advertisements are well-designed propaganda and to make you and I spill the content of your pocket. You should not allow that. Shame the man instead.


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    You couldn’t be further from the truth. So much speculation. With so much reaching critique, you deserve one yourself: please improve your English writing. This article was written very poorly, and with a lot of emotional statements that are very unfair. Nicholas is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and he has improved my business, my marriage, and my relationship with God. This doesn’t deserve a single click.

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