Nicolas Jimenez: Bigoted and Racist CEO of BC Ferries

What Nicolas Jimenez Claims to Be

Nicolas Jimenez is the President & CEO at BC Ferries. He resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Nicolas holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Wilfrid Laurier University as well as a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University and the University of Victoria.

In March 2023, Nicolas Jimenez started working for BC Ferries, one of the biggest ferry companies in the world. As President and CEO, he provides management and strategic direction to guarantee a safe, dependable, and reasonably priced ferry service throughout British Columbia’s coastal regions.

nicolas jimenez

Nicolas worked with ICBC for approximately 20 years in a variety of executive positions before joining BC Ferries. He served as president and CEO for five of those years.

About BC Ferries of Nicolas Jimenez

nicolas jimenez

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., functioning as BC Ferries (BCF), is a former provincial Crown corporation, now operating as an independently managed, publicly owned Canadian company. It serves to provide for all major travelers and transport ferry services for the island and coastal societies in the Canadian territory of British Columbia.

How did BC Ferries of Nicholas Jimenez get involved in scams?

The BC Ferries (Nicholas Jimenez) reviews show the scam via a posted complaint on it.

nicolas jimenez
A Complaint Against Nicolas Jimenez

The compliant structure is expressing about the policies of the company. 

The public is becoming more and more outraged at BC Ferries’ apparent adoption of discrimination in many of its policies.

According to a BC Ferries anti-apartheid activist, this is being promoted all the way from the all-white board of directors all the way down to the crew and middle management. To avoid this apartheid style of management, the board of directors and middle management must be replaced by a multi-cultural board of directors and management. 

Recently, BC Ferries of Nicolas Jimenez has come under fire from a number of incensed communities throughout BC for both hiring only white employees and treating passengers of color harshly.

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The BC-Ferries Company of Nicolas Jimenez is also related to Fast Ferry Scandal. The fast ferry scandal, which occurred in the late 1990s, involved the construction of three fast ferries by BC Ferries, a provincial crown company in Canada, at the order of the British Columbia Executive Council, which was then led by Premier Glen Clark of the New Democratic Party.

What led to the failure of the BC Ferry projects by Nicolas Jimenez?

One of the main ferry terminals in Vancouver, British Columbia, was experiencing congestion issues, which is one of the main driving factors. Thus, in order to facilitate faster travel between the Canadian mainland and Vancouver Island, the British Columbian government concluded that a new fleet of high-speed car/passenger ferries was required.

A fleet of three aluminum-hulled ships was manufactured locally for $460 million (the initial budget was $210 million). Unfortunately, it was discovered after delivery that the craft couldn’t use their faster cruising speed due to the impact the wake made on the coastline. 

The craft was unreliable and had a hard time handling flotsam in the local seas. The entire fleet was taken out of service after only a few short months in service.

A few years later, the boats were only auctioned off for $19M. Even the bidding procedure is supposed to have been faulty because it was claimed that more bidders were prepared to provide up to $88M for the fleet.

We can also add some contributing elements, according to press reports that express the failure of the project:

  • Lack of cost controls
  • Lack of Project Management discipline
  • Lack of project governance
  • Overly complex governance structure. 
  • Poor internal communications

Now if we further move to review the story of an experienced customer who traveled via BC Ferry we will get the negative impact of this company. According to a customer, he faced racism from the corrupt employees of this company. They used abusive terms to evict the customer from the terminal.

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There were some buffering policies as requested by the client. Due to his negative attitude, nobody looked into it and said! They, therefore, decided to expel us. His firm was almost destroyed by the ticket officer’s intentional mistake because he had scheduled a very crucial date to have dinner with his clients that evening and was unable to meet with them.

nicolas jimenez

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  1. Make sure you are not investing with any of the fraudsters or misleading schemes, there are chances of being trapped under some fake influence, and wasting your money should not be the priority.

  2. My only suggestion would be that get complete information about these companies and make sure you are not wasting a single penny on these fake advertisements.

  3. My friend regretted having the ticket from this ship, so it is very important to ensure that none of your money is wasted behind these scammers.

  4. The company isn’t able to provide the promised services and are never true to their words, it is important to make sure you are not involved with this company before having accurate information about their terms and services.

  5. The past of this company isn’t trustable so make sure you don’t waste your money and time with them, various people have made their users suffer after investing with them, so make sure don’t get into trouble after investing with them.

  6. Most of the company is indulged in several scams and scandals only they need to be exposed on major levels so that the investors are aware of their scams and nefarious schemes.

  7. The company has made its users feel the pain, one of my cousin’s booked tickets from this firm and regretted, it after.

  8. The author was able to expose the company with only one review of the customer but if you will go through the company’s portfolio you will find thousands of reviews exposing their service issues.

  9. Can we expose the bidding scams of this company, some where were involved in the bidding procedure for reducing the cost of the ships, and somehow were successful in their scam. They reduced the prices of the ships with some illegal means and provided losses to others.

  10. This company was lasting due to their previous work schemes but once they start growing they reduced their product quality and also the team management was getting poor.

  11. The company was reducing its product quality and scamming its users, many of its ships were not working according to its claims.

  12. The company was involved in various scams and they are still trying to make their customers feel for being a part of the scam which tends to be very irritating when you come to know about these fraudsters so be aware of these scammers and make deals accordingly.

  13. We need to maintain our dignity as a customer by not investing with them.

  14. They are taking the advantage of their popularity, and investors and users have shown trust in their work and services which has turned their minds.

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