Nihar Gala: Is He a Criminal?

Nihar Gala
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Nihar Gala has received allegations of engaging in criminal behavior. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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The medical license along with the controlled substance registrations of Nihar Gala, a practitioner in Millsboro, have been permanently withdrawn by the state following charges of engaging in a trade of drugs for sexual favors with a patient suffering from addictions. 

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11/20/2023 Update
As of now, Nihar Gala has not responded nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Nihar Gala assumed managerial responsibilities at the Alpha Care Medical Center, an establishment that primarily focused on providing specialist services in pain management & addiction treatment. 

The charges posit that Nihar Gala engaged in an unscrupulous arrangement with a female client who was grappling with addiction. The assertions were outlined in a legal document submitted by the attorney on the state’s behalf.

In response to the grave charges, the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline has decided to revoke Gala’s medical license. Despite Nihar Gala’s denial of being involved in a sexual relationship with the patient, the severity of the allegations led to the permanent revocation of his license. During the administrative proceeding conducted, the Doctor depicted the case as a “conspiracy” directed towards him.

The allegations against Nihar Gala are founded upon medical documentation that he contends was falsified by a different doctor with undisclosed intentions to undermine his professional trajectory and rival medical enterprise. 

According to the press release provided by health officials, Nihar Gala’s previous patients who require recommendations from other doctors are advised to contact Gala’s office or local hospitals.

The allegation against Nihar Gala is related to his employment at multiple “Got-A-Doc” walk-in medical facilities located in Millsboro & Camden. The patient of interest initially received medical care from Nihar Gala. Before that, she had been prescribed Suboxone by various healthcare professionals to treat her addiction to opiates.

The patients under the supervision of Nihar Gala who required assistance for substance use disorder are recommended by the state health department to reach out to the crisis helpline of the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health at the following number: 800-345-6785. 

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Nihar Gala with officer Roger Akin.

Allegations Reveal Unethical Prescription Practices by Dr. Nihar Gala

The lawsuit discloses instances of Dr. Nihar Gala’s misconduct, specifically his decision to discontinue the woman’s Suboxone therapy & instead provide her with an Oxycodone medication for pain management. 

Surprisingly, the aforementioned prescription was issued without the practitioner doing a thorough examination of the patient’s historical medical records or seeking input from her colleagues in the medical field.

According to the lawsuit, Nihar Gala dispensed a 30-day quantity of Fentanyl to the woman, followed by another 30-day quantity of Oxycodone approximately one month thereafter. 

The most recent encounter between the two individuals occurred at the time of which the healthcare provider gave the patient OxyContin in conjunction with her preexisting Oxycodone medication.

Approximately one week afterward, Nihar Gala proceeded to prolong the individual’s medication for Oxycodone and augmented the amount being taken without engaging in any additional patient consultation or providing a medical explanation, as emphasized in the grievance.

Upon the patient’s request for Suboxone, a staffer conducting a thorough examination of her health records noticed that Nihar Gala had just given a 30-day prescription for hydromorphone. 

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Yet again, Gala’s failure to substantiate the recommendation with a medically sound rationale, coupled with his failure to conduct a thorough patient assessment as specified in the claim, is evident.

The individual disclosed to the staff member that Dr. Nihar Gala engaged in the trade of illicit drugs for sexual favors, as stated in the initial allegation.

Upon being faced with the aforementioned charges, Nihar Gala refuted any knowledge of having encountered the patient for an extended period, although having issued a prescription for the drug, as explicitly mentioned in the accusation.

According to the claims put up by the state, it is claimed that following the doctor’s knowledge of the dispute, the doctor purportedly engaged in making various threats towards the client & her family. These purported threats were made to discourage the patient from complying with the present inquiry.

According to Doug Denison, spokesperson for the Department of State, additional details surrounding the decision made by the board will be revealed during its forthcoming meeting.

Who is Nihar Gala?

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Dr. Nihar Gala is the recognized individual who established & currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Care Medical. Dr. Gala’s area of expertise encompasses medicine for addiction, managing pain, & multiple aspects of healthcare. 

Utilizing his adeptness in many languages including English, Spanish, & Hindi, he adeptly interacts with a heterogeneous patient population, so facilitating effective interaction and enhancing the treatment of patients within diverse cultural contexts.

Consequently, he is implicated in claims about the exchange of illicit substances for sexual services. All the assertions made by the doctor are unsubstantiated and implausible. To learn more about him, you may follow the link: Nihar Gala

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The state has made the exceptional decision to permanently revoke the medical license of Dr. Nihar Gala, a Millsboro doctor, in response to claims regarding his purported improper interaction with a patient struggling with addiction. 

The aforementioned incident has hurt Alpha Care Medical, a facility specializing in managing pain and treatment for addiction, which the individual in question formerly oversaw.

Dr. Nihar Gala has vehemently contested the claims and posited the existence of an arrangement surrounding the case. The court procedures are currently in progress, with the defendant’s legal representative.

The ongoing development of events prompts the state health agency to prioritize the welfare of Dr. Nihar Gala’s previous patients, with particular attention to individuals in need of illicit drug therapy.

The objective of this endeavor is to ensure the provision of uninterrupted care for individuals impacted by these advancements. To know more about his mislead, follow the link for the details: Nihar Gala. 

Nihar Gala: Is He a Criminal?
Nihar Gala: Is He a Criminal?

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  2. If I ever got encountered with such doctors, I will surely smash his head. Why the hell people are waiting for justice, patients should have smashed him then and there.

  3. This doctor should be made severely panelized. Drugging patients was sexual is ‘rape’.

  4. A medical professional who should be treating patients against drugs, is drugging them, and calling himself a ‘doctor’!!!

  5. Yes he is a criminal, what’s the point to discuss.

  6. Controversy????, what he thinks of himself? Who is he, a film-star?

  7. He denied of being involved in sexual misconduct, and we will believe him. Because we are empty-heads…

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