Niira Radia Hospital: Are They Really Negligent?

Niira Radia Hospital
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Niira Radia Hospital has faced multiple accusations of medical negligence. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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A patient with Covid-19 was admitted to Niira Radia’s Hospital at Neyati Medicity. Bhagwati Verma his wife, who is a Krishnanagar resident, filed the lawsuit after citing incompetence in her husband’s healthcare and refusal to follow Covid rules.

According to the officials, the founder and Chairperson of Nayati Medicity Hospital, Niira Radia, has been accused of alleged carelessness in treating Covid-19 patients that died after receiving discharge from the doctors of Nayati Medicity Healthcare Centre. 

According to the records of the woman’s complaint submitted at Jaint Police Station, the medical staff at Nayati Hospital released the patient without informing his family members. 

She also stated that her spouse suffered a coronavirus infection last year & was confined to Nayati Hospital for an inordinate amount of time, ending on May 10, 2021.  She stated that her spouse received his discharge on May 15 and shortly thereafter died. 

The woman alleges claimed the hospital’s facilities are subpar as well as that they’ve fraudulently taken more than 1.90 lakh rupees as a medical cost. According to the police, an FIR was filed under the Indian Penal Code regarding Niira Radia, the director Narendra Singh, Senior Accounts Officer Sunil, and others. 

According to Praveen Malik, Deputy Superintendent of Police, the incident has been investigated & someone will be apprehended shortly. The healthcare facility has been shut for several months, although there was not an instant reaction to the FIR. 

Niira Radia previously worked as a business publicist. She made waves in 2009 when certain recordings supposedly suggesting her part in shaping choices on second-generation (2G) frequency allocation leaked. 

She was questioned a year ago by the Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police to deal with an investigation whereby three individuals were detained for stealing an amount above Rs 300 crore borrowed through Yes Bank to develop a medical facility.

Charged in Connection with Yes Bank Loan Fraud 


The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police detained three individuals for stealing over Rs 300 crores borrowed from Yes Bank to develop a medical facility. 

Yateesg Wahaal, Satish Kumar Narula, & Rahul Singh Yadav, the founders of Ahluwalia Construction, are the three suspects. 

They were apprehended in Delhi, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, according to reports. The accuser was a stockholder in an organization called OSL Healthcare Pvt Ltd, officials said. 

Niira Radia’s connection

Additionally, Wahaal & Narula are colleagues of Niira Radia, the company’s creator & chairwoman of Nayati Healthcare & Research NCR Private Limited. 

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According to official records, all three of the accused obtained a loan through Yes Bank for the construction of a medical facility, but it was never used for that reason but was rather stolen. 

Niira Radia joined the healthcare industry in late 2014 after becoming ensnared in the 2G license scandal. Throughout 2014 and 2018, she launched four businesses under the Nayati brand namely Nayati Healthcare & Research Private Limited in August of 2014, 2017, & 2018. 

According to Niira Radia’s LinkedIn profile, she started this initiative to change the way that people view healthcare in India. According to Niira Radia’s biography, Nayati has multispeciality clinics throughout Uttar Pradesh to give inexpensive healthcare to the poor. 

Niira Radia has an affiliation with Aluwaliah Construction, in addition to Nayati Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. According to reports, the additional, benami property by Niira Radia was utilized to divert the money. 

Even though the business has a comparable name as Ahluwalia Construction Group, which is among the most reputable companies in development, it holds no connection with this so-called organization. 

Scheduled for 2020

Niira Radia, both of her sisters, Karuna Menon, and SK collaborators SK Narula, together with Yateesh Wahal, were charged by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) for engaging in the 300 crore mortgage scam scandal. 

The complaining party, Dr. Rajeev K Sharma, a Delhi-based orthopedic doctor, claimed that Niira Radia along with others diverted Rs. 300 crores using phony financial accounts in the names of renowned subcontractors. 

It is worth noting that Sharma was instrumental in the building of both the 417-bed Piramed Clinic located in Gurugram & the 90-bed Vimhans Hospital situated in South Delhi. 

The term “loan fraud” or “lending fraud” refers to any dishonest behavior intended to obtain a financial advantage during the loan procedure. ATO loan fraud, payday loan fraud, mortgage loan fraud, and loan frauds are just a few examples of the various sorts of loan fraud.

Furthermore, a record of Rs 119.15 crore found its way to Niira Radia, indicating the blatant plunder committed by her and her friends.

Niira Radia, who used to repair government agencies under the Congress era, was charged with loan theft of Rs 300 Crores

According to the publication India Today, Niira Raida, her sister Karuna Menon, Yateesh Wahal, and SK Narula were all involved in a financial misappropriation scheme. All of the defendants have been indicted and charged with diverting a huge sum of money from Yes Bank. 

The money was obtained to fund the construction of two hospitals, Vimhans Hospital & Primamed Hospital. Dr. Rajeev K Sharma, an orthopedic physician, has submitted an accusation. 

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He was instrumental in the construction of Primamed Hospital, a 60-bed medical center in Gurugram. Rajeev K Sharma claimed that Niira Radia along with others stole Rs. 312.00 Crore through a bogus financial institution in the names of famous businessmen.  

Rajeev K Sharma additionally claimed that financing & capital totaling Rs. 400 crores were stolen fraudulently while the state inside Primamed Hospital degraded. He labeled it brazen deception & suggested that there was sufficient proof to convict Niira Radia. 

She currently runs a pair of additional hospitals, one in Mathura and one in Agra, all of them were named in the press for failing to reimburse staff wages & owing suppliers Rs. 100 crores in extra mandatory payments.

The Radia Tapes Controversy

Niira Radia, a Business Lobbyist, rose to prominence due to her tape recordings, which revealed an association between politicians & lobbyists. Considering how the story was put up, the debate swept across the nation. It covers a wide range of topics, including the shady connection that exists between politicians and the media, as well as the dirt in the electoral brush & their lies.

Most of the objects that play important parts on these cassettes have vanished off the surface of the planet. Others involved in the controversy have dismissed Niira Radia’s recordings as modified & exonerated themselves of any sort of wrongdoing.  

In November 2010, Open magazine was the first news magazine to run a front-page story entitled ‘The X-Tapes,’ which shared a portion of a conversation over the phone that provoked international indignation.

Two days afterward, another weekly news magazine named Outlook, released audio recordings even descriptions of 140 discussions involving publicist Niira Radia & political leaders like  Kanimozhi, A Raja, and Ranjan Bhattacharya, the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s adoptive son in law. 

Front page of Outlook magazine with the description of Niira Radia Tape Case

Political Repercussions

The disclosed Radia Tape proved extremely difficult for the UPA administration, which had a detrimental effect on the Commonwealth Scandal as well as the Adrash Housing Fraud. For a period of three weeks, Parliament was in a state of disarray as members of the opposition requested a joint legislative committee to conduct an investigation into the telecommunications issue. 

The Congress Ecology is reviving the soiled spirits of Niira Radia

The Niira Radia tapes are probably the longest-lasting legacy. It taught us how a story is constructed, Government vacancies are settled on, the terrible connection that exists between politicians and reporters, and the use of political freedom to dismiss the hoax.

The majority of the folks from this Niira Radia tape no longer live and seem to have vanished from the earth. Those associated with the row have dismissed the recordings as altered & distanced from any form of misconduct. 

A presentation hosted by acclaimed reporter Barkha Dutt presented the Niira Radia recording as well as the people associated with this case. Bharkha Dutt appeared to be an intermediary for a Congrees in the Niira Radia tape investigation. 

According to an interview conducted by’s news channel, the Niira Radia tape incident offers a lesson to us regarding possible outcomes that may appear discordant when philosophically different groups come into force to establish a fresh government. 

Congress leader Kapil Sibal has provided a friendly news station that employs favored journalists such as Barkha Dutt. Whether it’s with or without Niira Radia, it might offer the business the boost they need.

Niira Radia Tape Case: A Woman Attempting to Exploit Led to Rat’s Nest

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The Niira Radia tape case will be remembered as an episode that did not just cause embarrassment to the ruling coalition, the UPA, but also cast a shadow on the reporter’s ethics as well. 

The Niira Radia tape case included 5000 conversations among lobbyist-cum-businessmen and it was recorded in the year 2007 to 2009. Niira Radia her clients include high-notch businessmen and politicians. 

This case was probed by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) about the 2G fraud, these tapes rocked the corridors of power with the transcripts revealing a cozy nexus between policymakers and many more.

As per the reports, it is said that the Niira Radia Tape case raised many questions, that showed us how lobbying is done, how this country is run, and how things work. 

About Niira Radia 


Nayati Healthcare & Research Private Limited is owned and operated by Niira Radia. Niira Radia founded a campaign in 2012 to change how people approach healthcare in India. The initiative depends on the idea that residents in Category II, as well as III cities, have the same entitlement to decent treatment as those who live in Tier I as well as Tier II cities. 

Nayati Healthcare & Research Private Limited is the company she founded. Niira Radia’s primary objective is to create specialized medical care readily available inexpensive, and responsible in non-metro cities as well.

The corporation started small, with 4 Healthcare Devices & 36 ambulances & Medical professionals, giving vital assistance to the locals and visitors of Badrinath. 

Over five years, Nayati Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. increased its market share through the help of a pair of hospitals. In the province of Shri Krishna, Mathura, there is a hospital with 37 beds & a super specialization. Along with 60 beds in an Agra satellite center. 

About Nayati Medicity 

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Nayati Healthcare & Research began its adventure in 2012 using 4 Mobile Medical Units & a team of 36 medics and physicians located in the holy lands of Badrinath.

In February 2016, Nayati Healthcare’s flagship Multi Super Specialization Medical Center in Mathura began functioning.

Oncology, Cardiac Sciences, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement, Renal Sciences, Critical Care, Pulmonary Medicine, Neurosciences, MAS GI & Bariatric Surgery, Pediatrics & Neonatology, Trauma, and Emergency constitute the fourteen specialty sections.

Final Thoughts 

Niira Radia was raised in Kenya by a Punjabi couple. Her family eventually relocated to the United Kingdom, where she finished her higher education. The Radias spent almost a decade living in the middle-class, historically Gujarati suburbs of Wembley and Hendon.

The Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing interrogated Nayati Healthcare chairwoman Niira Radia for more than forty minutes regarding her involvement in a Rupees 300-crore credit fraud investigation. A Nayati Healthcare spokeswoman disputed the claims regarding Niira Radia, alleging the FIR is pointless. 

The accuser, according to the FIR, acquired funds for two medical centers wherein Dr. Sharma occupied an important role including Nayati Medicentre & Vimhans. The doctor said they’d deceptively obtained a majority stake in both of the enterprises with him via Narayani Investment Pvt Inc., which was afterward rebranded as Nayati Healthcare.

Niira Radia Hospital: Are They Really Negligent?
Niira Radia Hospital: Are They Really Negligent?

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