NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group – Bribery, Threats, and Fraud  

NJ Ayuk is a prominent lawyer in Africa and runs the Centurion Law Group. Repeatedly, he has used his influence and wealth to abuse others and make himself richer. 

In 2011, a veteran investigative journalist launched a hunger strike against the rampant corruption of Equatorial Guinea’s government. Juan Tomas Avila Laurel has always been renowned for his criticism of the government’s staggering corruption.

Sadly, the hunger strike didn’t work. The journalist had to go to Spain after getting harassed for his hunger strike.

Him and other investigative journalists exposed the corrupt dealings of Obiang Lima, one of the most prominent African politicians. They revealed that NJ Ayuk played a major role in carrying out the corrupt dealings of the African politician

One of the most prominent corrupt deals was the construction of the National Technological Institute of Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea. 

Apparently, Obiang Lima handed over the facility ‘s construction for millions in bribes. Moreover, he increased the budget and changed the location of the facility to line his pockets further.

The complaint highlighted that the construction firm had paid 10 million EUR to various companies all under the control of Obiang Lima and his associates. Moreover, the money was funneled through various shell companies in Cyprus, Spain and the Netherlands. 

The media report was certainly sensational. 

So, NJ Ayuk of the Centurion Law Group didn’t like that. He wanted to silence the journalists who were exposing him and his involvement in one of the biggest scandals in Equatorial Guinea. 

It’s worth noting that he is quite close to Obiang Lima who had even attended his wedding along with his wife

Threats and Defamation: When NJ Ayuk Tried to Silence the Media

After media reports came out exposing the corrupt dealings of the Centurion Law Group director, he got infuriated. 

Instead of acknowledging his fault or trying to clarify his position, he went on a social media tirade against the publications exposing him. Furthermore, he targeted the journalist who had written the report. 

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Apart from ranting on Twitter to his 200,000 followers, he released a statement on the website of Centurion Law Group. 

There, he accused the journalist of extortion and claimed that he had teamed with a corrupt Spanish police officer to publish inaccurate stories about him. 

nj ayuk wiki

He wrote, “We are going to catch him.” 

NJ Ayuk also called the media publications “money-hungry charlatans” and claimed that he is looking forward to questioning them.

However, the efforts were in vain as a judge of a superior court in Johannesburg, South Africa, ordered him to apologize and retract his defamatory statements against the journalist. 

The court noted NJ Ayuk had made ‘untrue allegations’ against the journalist. Moreover, the court ordered him to issue a formal apology and cease the publication of any future unfounded claims against the journalist. 

According to an expert, NJ Ayuk’s law firm, Centurion Law Group, acts as a channel for businesses to win oil-related contracts in Equatorial Guinea. 

Apparently, companies can try going with others but if they would find themselves losing bids against other, less capable firms simply because they were with Centurion. 

Moreover, NJ Ayuk has a shady history of criminal activities and arrests: 

The Criminal Past of NJ Ayuk

In 2007, NJ Ayuk had to leave the US after pleading guilty to impersonating US Congressman Donald Payne. Ayuk used to work as an intern in Payne’s office and in 2003, he began impersonating the congressman to issue visas to ineligible people.

Moreover, he had sent a letter to Germany claiming that a certain man named Francis Donfack was invited to the US to attend the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation meeting. 

He impersonated the congressman and claimed that the foundation was bearing all of Donfack’s expenses. 

Furthermore, Ghanaian media reported that he was charged for money laundering a few years ago. 

There, NJ Ayuk had laundered $2.5 million with the local director for Centurion Law Group. That same local director is responsible for the construction of a property in Aburi which Obiang Lima uses as a villa. 

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Apart from threatening the publication, he has also used illegal marketing tactics to take down media reports exposing his criminal past

The fake DMCA notice had succeeded in taking down the media report. I have shared it on Gripeo as well: 

nj ayuk wiki


Clearly, NJ Ayuk is a corrupt and dangerous individual. 

He doesn’t hesitate to use illegal tactics to silence anyone who dares expose his truth. Beware of him and his criminal dealings, particularly his firm, Centurion Law Group.

It would be best if you share this article on social media or with your friends. The more people learn about these corrupt dealings, the better. 

Information is the only weapon we can wield against these criminals.


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  1. Law is a respected field but because of people like NJ Ayuk, it is getting notorious. Many people are now thinking that it is full of corruption and bribery because of a few corrupt individuals like Ayuk bringing a bad name to the industry. He is the rotten apple of the bunch. Because of him, lawyers are getting a bad reputation.

  2. God Bless, thank you for sharing!

  3. The US court did a huge favour on Ayuk by not putting him in jail for multiple years. I am suspecting that Ayuk learnt about bribing politicians and other powerful people from that incident. After all, he must have made a lot of money by offering free visas to all his friends and clients. There is a lot of demand for US visas in Cameroon. The fact that he was able to issue so many fraudulent visas is extremely alarming. If the US court had punished him right then and there, then maybe he wouldn’t have kept spreading his corrupt ways in Africa.

  4. I read about him on Mail and Guardian but didn’t hear a peep since. Maybe Centurion Law Group paid off a bunch of officers to make sure nobody hears about the criminal history of this criminal. 😠

  5. The story of NJ Ayuk and Mochache should be a lesson for everyone who think that the truth can be silenced. It can never be silenced. No matter how much you try, in the end, the truth always wins.

  6. Reply
    interpol should look into ayuk
    January 13, 2023 at 6:43 am

    INTERPOL should open a file on NJ Ayuk and start issuing arrest warrants against him. He is involved in so many illegal operations that a single person cannot even count them by themselves. You would need a team to keep track of all of his illegal activities. Only an organisation like the INTERPOL can do some serious damage to such a powerful person.

  7. It is baffling to see a criminal lawyer get so powerful that he can threaten a respected publication like this. You can’t even blame the government of that place because they all seem to be in his pocket.

  8. Of course he went to social media to criticise the journalists exposing him. Ayuk is well acquainted with the law.

    He knows that his lies will not stand in the court. But social media does not follow such rules.

    So he can say whatever he wants on those platforms and make up fictional allegations.

  9. Centurion Law Group is a bully.

    There is no way that law firm is actually helping people. It is only helping the rich get richer.

    A proper example of crony capitalism.

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