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Unless you are living under a rock, or have zero interest in fitness, chances are you’ve stumbled upon at least one of Noel Deyzel’s many short videos. The new sensation is not merely eye catching, but significant enough for the fitness freaks.

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This South African bodybuilder has been absolutely blowing up on TikTok and YouTube. Noel’s success on social media is no joke, for example, his channel is the 11th biggest YouTube channel in South Africa. And with the way things are going, it might become the #1 pretty soon.

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Source: Top 100 YouTubers Channels in South Africa – Socialblade YouTube Stats | YouTube Statistics

However, we are not here to talk about the phenomenal success this absolute chad has, let’s not be that shallow. I want this post to be a detailed page for Noel’s fans where they can know the basic details about “Daddy Noel” (yep, that’s what his fan base calls him).

Noel Deyzel Wiki: Boyfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Etc.

Before I proceed, I know most of you are confused after reading “boyfriend” instead of “girlfriend”. Well, I have news for you. Noel is homosexual. So he’s not only open about his substance use but also about his sexuality. How perfect can this guy get!

According to this random celebrity website, Noel is 6’2 an weighs 280lbs. They somehow even know his shoe size (which they claim to be 10), but I highly doubt the accuracy and legitimacy of this website.

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Any estimates about his net worth on the internet will be total BS, as he has not revealed anything about his personal wealth, and I don’t think any of us are actually interested in knowing such facts.

Ryse Supplements: Noel’s Brain Child

Instagram (@ryse_supps)

Noel has his own chain of health & fitness supplements called Ryse Supplements.

Noel Deyzel doesn’t have a lot of long form content on his YouTube channel, which means he doesn’t necessarily makes a lot of money from ads. So it can get difficult for his fans to outright support him. If you are one of the hardcore fans, then you can support him by purchasing Ryse Supplements.

I’m in no way affiliated with Noel Deyzel or Ryse Supplements. I’m just a big fan of the guy and want to help the community.

I haven’t used the supplements myself but they do seem to have good reviews on Amazon. So give them a try if you are eager to support Noel.

Ryse Supps

How Noel Deyzel Got Lucky With YouTube Shorts

In their efforts to compete with TikTok, YouTube introduced “YouTube Shorts” in early 2021.

Not many creators were utilizing YT Shorts as most people thought it was just a gimmick which will soon be removed. However, the creators who did put effort in making Shorts, were rewarded with a massive boost from the algorithms. Noel was one of such lucky creators.

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He created concise, high quality content with amazing production quality, which got a lot of engagement and helped him blow up on YouTube.

Marketers have talked about the massive potential YT Shorts have and now a lot of channels have started to jump on the band wagon.

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