Nordin El Hajjioui – Drug Trafficker and Criminal Based in Dubai 2023

Nordin El Hajjioui is a drug trafficker being pursued by the Belgian government. He is notorious for his drug enterprise in Antwerp and has multiple nicknames including ‘dikke Nordin’ and ‘Fat Nordin’. 

Nordin El Hajjioui is facing charges of international drug smuggling and running a criminal organisation. 

The Interpol has issued a Red Notice against the guy. A Red Notice is a request for all international police agencies to locate and provisionally arrest a person.  

Nordin El Hajjioui

According to the Antwerp judicial authorities, he has been their target for years. The authorities consider him to be one of the key players running the city’s vicious cocaine industry. 

Also, the authorities have linked Nordin El Hajjioui to multiple arson attacks and shootings. 

Did You Know?

Drug trafficking is a felony that involves manufacturing, distribution, or importation of illegal substances. The penalty for drug trafficker varies on the types & grams of drugs trafficked, along the frequency. Anyways, the minimum penalty for the crime is 4 years of imprisonment, to the maximum of 40 years in custody.

How Dock Workers Exposed Nordin El Hajjioui:

In March 2022, the authorities were able to get a grip on El Hajjioui’s illegal trade when they arrested eight dock workers suspected for working on behalf of Dikke Nordin El Hajjioui.

One of those dock workers was Tommy ‘Unbreakable’ Depret, a professional boxer. 

Five of the arrested dockers were placed in custody while the other three were released on conditions. Apparently, Tommy Depret is a legend among dock workers. 

He is responsible for popularising martial arts locally in Antwerp and has been active in multiple competitions. 

image 8

According to the Antwerp authorities, the dock workers had helped the removal of at least 11 tons of cocaine. However, they were only able to seize two loads of 461 kg and 404 kg during the investigation. 

Also, the authorities revealed that El Hajjioui Dubai had expanded his reach into Antwerp docks after his team around De Tank had disappeared. 

These arrests played a crucial role in helping the Antwerp authorities build their case against this Dubai-based drug lord. 

Journalists revealed that traffikers are always looking for workers and people in law enforcement facing financial problems or with other vulnerabilities. They would appear at bars in the ports to talk to workers but use Instagram and other social media to recruit them. 

Sometimes, these traffickers simply resort to violence to get recruits. 

People like Nordin El Hajjioui look for people who can locate a container at the terminal. They require the help of crane chauffeurs who place their South American containers next to EU containers. Then, they switch the coke between the containers. 

EU containers never go through searches because they don’t cross borders. 

Authorities believe that most of the cocaine that reaches Antwerp comes from Colombia. They send these drugs to Europe as it seems like a more ‘lucrative market’. Authorities have revealed that most of these drugs go to Holland from where they can reach all of Europe. 

Nordin El Hajjioui Extradition Requests Have Been Sent Since 2020:

The Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s office has been sending requests for the extradition of Nordin El Hajjioui to the UAE government since 2020. 

In that year, the public prosecutor had sent 3 requests to the United Arab Emirates. According to the Belgian authorities El Hajjioui is currently residing in Dubai. 

The Belgian authorities had arrested the drug lord in June 2020. However, he got a release by paying bail. Soonafter, he fled the country and reached Dubai.

Nordin El Hajjioui dubai

He began preparing for the extradition proceedings as soon as he reached UAE. The court in Dubai sided with the drug lord in all cases and rejected the three requests sent by the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s office. 

The cabinet of Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne told the media that they will have a look at the judgement. 

He signed an extradition treaty with the UAE government in December. However, the requests were sent before that. 

Also, the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s office says it will study the judgements of those three rejected requests to see what “initiatives” they can take. 

Nordin El Hajjioui Will Be Facing Multiple Trials

Belgian authorities are planning multiple trials against El Hajjioui and his criminal enterprise. However, he might not show up for these trials at all. 

The lawyer of Nordin El Hajjioui didn’t respond to any media requests asking for his comments. 


Stories of drug kingpins facing serious charges aren’t new. Recently, the Australian authorities filed charges against Mouhammed Bousaleh, the Lebanese drug kingpin responsible for importing heroin, ecstasy and cocaine to the country. 

According to the Federal Police, he is primarily involved with the ‘black flight’ drug, which is considerably popular in the Australian underworld. 

Like Nordin El Hajjioui, he was also last spotted in the UAE. His drug bust had made headlines in Australian news as well. 

Another similar case is that of Samir Azizi Dubai. He is responsible for running a tax fraud scheme involving multiple companies. Unlike El Hajjioui, he was arrested by the US authorities when he was trying to leave for Dubai. 


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Nordin El Hajjioui is a wanted drug kingpin currently based in Dubai. He is responsible for the import of hundreds of kilos of cocaine into Belgium and Europe.

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  1. Fat Nordin’s fat a$$ will be blown once he is under arrest for investigation by the US officials, then no Nordin will be found distributing drugs to any of the places in the US.

  2. Really after reading this article I was assuming if James Bond has to handle the same case not a single criminal could have fled anywhere if went to Dubai then 007 would have reached Dubai with a girl.

  3. 100 kilos of drugs being transported into Belgium and Europe it is not an easy task and what type of policing services they had that they didn’t get any information about.

  4. Black Flight drug the famous and the most demanded drug in the Australian underworld was also operated by Nordin, he was in the Australian news channels for drug trafficking.

  5. Their team working on exchanging the containers with EU ones, I can guarantee they don’t know what are they committing is a crime, thus don’t blindly trust anyone for money it can disrupt your future.

  6. If you are into drugs and want to get rid of it then the easiest way is to get involved in society start making new friends and explore your surrounding with loved ones, I promise you the habit will disappear without being acknowledged.

  7. I was also into drugs a few years back but when I started involving with my family members and spent time with my friends slowly and steadily the habit of doing drugs vanished. Thank You Jason for the help.

  8. If you are following these articles you will find that most of the scammers fly to Dubai after a warning is issued against them, thus Dubai should take the matter seriously and help the authorities to catch these crooks.

  9. I was impressed by the involvement of Interpol in the matter which will help the Belgian government to catch this crook after making several teens drug addicts.

  10. The name Fat Nordin came limelight after he started his business in Belgian and was caught in a drug trafficking case which made the government look into the matter and published a warning against Nordin.

  11. There are other operating groups within the drug cartels.

  12. 4.6

    why all my remarks have to go through approval ?

    is this a platform to openly express or you are controlled by government too ?

    + PROS: my view trust worthy opinion of review transparent
    - CONS: limited waits for approval for no reason hit like and comment and make me famous please
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  13. People like Nordin should not be left free in society, and should be imprisoned for life.

  14. It took 3 to 4 years for my brother to leave alcohol and cocaine, he got this habit when he was completing his graduation. We found that his attitude was changing and his aggression was far away from his control.

    There is a special place in hell for crooks like Nordin El Hajjioui.

  15. 0.6

    Some years back one of my neighbor’s kid, who was just 17 was found taking drugs with some seniors of his college. After investigation, the boys were caught but the main dealer was not caught, still, the police don’t have any solid proof to catch them. I blame crooks like Nordin. Without them, those illegal substances wouldn’t reach the hands of children.

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  16. 0.5

    My experience with drugs was very harmful, this thing made me worse than a wild animal, I started being alone and also became aggressive, once I hit my girlfriend too. So it is a request to all those teens who are trying these toxins just to flex or enjoy it. Stop it immediately!

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    • hope you are single now
      you moron
      we single people are not even getting a chance witha chick and here you are molesting woman

      shame full
      dont blame on things to cover your shit

  17. People like Nordin Hajjioui are filling this society with toxins. It is the responsibility of the youth to avoid these habits to make this world free of drugs.

  18. Parents need to keep a check on their children and also the types of friend circles they have. It is Psychologically proven that most of the time children follow the path of their friends blindly.

  19. 0.5

    Nowadays buying drugs is getting easier as buying vegetables from the market. Recently I was going through the records and found that most teens believe doing drugs are proud of the fact that they do drugs. Day by day drugs are capturing most countries and the reason behind all this is people like Nordin El Hajjiioui.

    + PROS: .
    - CONS: Drug dealer
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  20. My world was going well until my child was found to be indulging in these malicious activities of selling drugs, he was trying the shortcut to become a millionaire which led him to land behind the bars, we still are working on my project to spread the negatives of addiction to drugs and put every single child out of the addiction.

    I am happy to see platforms exposing these drug dealers. This matter needs a community effort.

  21. There should be some restrictions on the movie scenes where these drug mafias are shown with so much fame and making millions out of selling drugs.Even my brother got motivated to drink alcohol after watching the American Pie series.

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    We, the law offices of Hassan Al Reyami Advocates and Legal Consultants acting for and behalf of our Client Mr. Nordin El Hajjioui(“our Client”). Formally serves you this LEGALNOTICE to inform you that despite several messages and communications you have INTENTIONALLY and DELIBERATELY failed to remove the DEFAMATORY CONTENT published on your website against our Client under the link:,96785.html

    In light of your untrue, malafide, deliberate culpably defamatory statements made against our Client published and uploaded electronically we hereby demand you to remove the contents of your publication against our Client under

    on an immediate basis without fail. You can further review the judgement rendered and affixed by Dubai Courts and the order served by Public Prosecution of Dubai, which entails that our Client Mr. Nordin El Hajjioui is not found guilty of any charges and all the allegations raised against him were false and purposefully made with a malicious intent to politically defame our Client.
    Failure to remove/delete the defamatory publication uploaded electronically against our Client. It is evident that you have clearly committed the offence of defamation for which you are liable to be tried before a competent court of law. Moreover, by intentionally harming and destroying the reputation of our Client, you are liable to compensate the damages to his reputation that he has already suffered and still continues Failure to remove/delete the defamatory publication uploaded electronically against our Client. It is evident that you have clearly committed the offence of defamation for which you are liable to be tried before a competent court of law. Moreover, by intentionally harming and destroying the reputation of our Client, you are liable to compensate the damages to his reputation that he has already suffered and still continues to suffer. In light of the aforementioned, you are hereby called upon to REMOVE/DELETE the publication within 24 HOURS of receipt of this FINAL NOTICE for making such scandalous imputation against our Client failure of you which the herein law offices will pursue with filing a lawsuit against you wherein, we will seek for serious law enforcements against you which may traverse from material, moral and emotional damage, Interpol arrest warrant, freezing of your assets, enforcing relevant execution orders to stop your business operations, relevant injunction orders, and other forms of equitable reliefs.
    Your Urgent and Appropriate actions are hereby warranted
    Hassan Al Reyami Advocates and Legal Consultants
    For and on behalf of Nordin El Hajjioui

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