NorFX Review: A Dubious Broker

NorFX Review: A Dubious Broker
NorFX does not have reliable repute and you must not put your savings with them. The firm working style is mysterious.
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NorFX is an offshore online broker company that claims to provide you access to trade in different markets. Also, they claim to offer benefits to customers without making any investments. However, you should not invest in a hurry to get profits.

The company holds several red flags. When you read this true and neutral review you should think again to make any deposits. Moreover, you can also consider many other brokers who unlike NorFX practice reliable trade activities.

It pushes the customers to get them registered urgently. They also provide you time to enter the business of your own will. They give you protection from negative balance and help fast trade activities. The company also pretends to ensure the safety of your data. However, the company does not look to do anything sensible.

you must look into several aspects, as a sensible investor, before investing hard-earned funds with any company.  NorFX seems working without any transparency and to have various red flags. The sale page of the company is missing some useful data.

NorFX Review

They also claim to provide a good platform for every customer so newcomers must get educational content. However, the company does not reveal any webinars or video tutorials that can help you get knowledge as a successful trader.

NorFX ( Review provides you the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies along with other modes of investment. They urge you to open an account and get high returns. However, they do not reveal the algorithm the software uses for work.

Trading through automotive modes is very important because they do not act emotionally like humans. However, you may choose to buy useless trade tools that can not attract good profits.  

NorFX claims to provide the traders a number of benefits like the support of experts, mobile platforms, and trade on huge scales. The company offers the customers high-level services from experienced people however there is no evidence that you are trading with skilled people.

You risk trusting anonymous people with your money. The founder’s data and a team of employees’ information are missing, raising even more concern about their services

The level of transparency they showcase is very poor to even earn your trust in the company. Consequently, if they were making any returns the same would be visible via similar traffic numbers. not only puts your money at risk but personal data may fall in the wrong hands.


How Operates has no commendable style of working on investments. They only claim to provide their customers access to discover several financial platforms through NorFX software. Moreover, the company does not provide any data that you can expect returns and understand their operational style.

The company also conceals the information about founders, creating more doubt about their claims. NorFX has shown customers leverage of 1:500 which is very high and this high leverage is also applicable to losses as you can suffer from losing high amounts.

NorFX does not provide any estimated data about the expected returns of the company.

Moreover, the company is not showing any trading activity going on. So, trade data of at least six months or more will important to provide you with an idea about the expected results of the investment.

Dubious companies offer a high percentage of bonuses to the public on the first deposit and show the wrong estimation of returns to attract you for investing. Accordingly, when you fall prey to them, they will not answer your queries and block access to your account.  NorFX does not provide details about what you can trade through their website or if there is any software available to download for the purpose.


Safety of Funds

NorFX does not guarantee any safety of funds and your money is not safe on the platform. The safety of your funds should always be a priority. They urge users you do not to have money to start trading.

However, the level of murkiness they expose only proves a hidden agenda which is to rob all your money. Do not invite your friends and family over for commission. Since you will not receive any payments. Also, you will be exposing them to scam potential.

NorFX does not have any trade transactions to show that customers can swiftly transact on the platform. So the only likely beneficiaries are the people behind the company. They might even be keeping money in personal accounts. They will urge you to wait for profits that will never approach. NorFX has no bank information to assert the safety of funds. 

Did You Know?

NorFX has a dubious image and shady past, but still there are less court cases, because most broker-consumer disputes are resolved by arbitration. Where, the alternative of a lawsuit in court is less preferred. As, most brokers require their customers to sign agreements at the time of accounts opening. 

Method of Deposit and Withdrawals

NorFX has set $5000 as the minimum investment amount and there is no doubt that it is a very high amount. The company has not provided the methods you can use to deposit funds in your account. Moreover, you should use the credit/debit card option to transfer funds to your account. Accordingly, with these modes of transfer, you will be able to get a chargeback period of up to 540 days. Transfer through Wire transfer and cryptocurrency transactions will not be reversible.

NorFX also does not provide any details and process of withdrawals. There is no proof that their customers have ever made any successful withdrawals. Thus you will waste a long time trying to approach your money after trading. NorFX may shock you with hidden charges and heavy commission. You must have an immediate approach to your funds but this type of dubious company will make several excuses to hold your investments for a huge time. 

NorFX Customer Support

NorFX claims to provide 24-hour customer support through phone and email given on the company website. However, the main issue is whether you will get a response to your queries or not. The firm provides a mysterious small location address; Krebsring 5444463 Osieres. The given location is copied and it has no concern with the company NorFX.

Accordingly, you will not get back a response to your queries and you should just save your savings from the firm. You must get a response to your query in a reasonable time if not on the spot. NorFX will block communication with you once they get an investment deposit from you. Active and responsive customer support helps in developing confidence between a trader and the firm. Also, it creates a user-friendly atmosphere and shows that they give importance to your trust.


NorFX ( Regulatory Status

NorFX is not being monitored by any regulatory body or government organization in the trade market. Accordingly, the firm is getting investments from the public in an unlawful manner pretending to offer trading brokerage. Moreover, due to the increase in dubious activities and scammers in different countries, they must follow the regulations and rules.

Also, you can count on these regulated forex brokers for pleasing returns. They operate via transparent tried and tested traits. Even so, you can easily find and verify the regulation data they avail.

Scammers on the other hand rarely showcase regulation certificates. NorFX will barely survive the market and they can disappear with all your money. Unregulated platforms breach trade laws to their satisfaction. Unregulated platforms do not reveal founders’ data since they risk facing criminal charges. The platform is not safe to invest your money.


Do the NorFX keep funds in a separate account?

NorFX does not keep the funds separate.

Do the company regulated?

The company is working at its own will without monitoring any regulatory body.

Is the location of NorFX is known?

The actual location of the firm is not disclosed.

3.1Expert Score
Horribly unreliable!

NorFX does not have reliable repute and you must not put your savings with them. The firm working style is mysterious and it seems that it only tries to trap people for investments. NorFX does not have previous records of successful transactions done by the customers. They are suspected to make negative earnings as they do not show the data on their webpage.

NorFX has not disclosed any information about its owners and believing in unknown persons will never help you generate any profits. You must accordingly invest with well-known transparent brokers for expert services to earn returns on investment. Moreover, you will Have a joyful trading experience with these traders, unlike

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NorFX Review: A Dubious Broker
NorFX Review: A Dubious Broker

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