Huge Credit Card Scam

I am sharing my review of Nubank here because I don’t know what else to do with their terrible customer support. Those people botched my credit card instalments. I had to incur a lot of debt just to pay my already-paid instalments. Nubank’s customer support never responds through email, app, or any other method. They don’t care about their clients even though they make huge claims of giving people control over their money. Through their huge buying power and resources, Nubank is running an online scam. Their scam could cause people to get in huge debt. 

I don’t want anyone else to face what I had to face because of these sc*mbags so I’m sharing my review here. 

What is Nubank

Nubank homepage

Nubank is a digital banking company and a dangerous scam. These people are stealing money from people in Brazil, Mexico and all the other places they operate in. Nubank offers digital accounts, loans, and credit cards. I started using their services last year by opening a digital account with them. 

Their digital account doesn’t charge any fees so I thought they would be perfect for me. However, things went sour and then horribly bad when I got their credit card.

“Don’t get Nubank’s credit card! These people will rip you off without any second thoughts!”

Nubank is a unicorn startup and is worth billions. Still, they resort to shady tactics to make money. They claim to give people control over their money but that’s all just sweet talk so they can steal from them. To avail their services you would have to use the Nubank app. Their app is good and it’s probably the only reason why no one would think Nubank is a fraudster. 

My Experience With Nubank

Nubank Scam

How it all started

I had a terrible experience with Nubank this year. As I’ve mentioned, I was a regular customer of Nubank and to be honest, I really enjoyed using their services. So when a few months ago, they announced the launch of their credit cards, I was very excited. That’s why I applied for one of their credit cards as soon as I could. I just didn’t know that Nubank would turn out to be a devious scammer.

Applying for that credit card cost me R$70,000 without counting the constant stress and pressure I went through because of that. I must clarify that before getting their credit card, I had only used Nubank to transfer funds from here and there. The thought of getting a credit card from a digital startup felt exciting to me. On top of that, I had seen some of my friends with their credit cards and they all told me that it is a great thing. So I didn’t suspect Nubank’s credit card scheme at all.

When I applied for the credit card, the representative told me that it would take them a few weeks to process my request. At first I thought there would be a waiting list because one of my friends had to wait for 3 months to get her card.. However, they processed it within a week and a half. I was happy to get such a quick response and when I got my credit card, I can’t explain how great I felt. 

I used that credit card to make my usual purchases, like food, groceries, and stuff. There were instalments, of course and I paid them all in time. The thing is, I didn’t have any major expenses so paying those instalments wasn’t very difficult. However, one month, I had to make some additional expenses due to an emergency and the instalment increased. But even though the instalment had increased in size, I paid it. 

Nubank didn’t process my instalments

I don’t know why but after a few weeks of paying that big instalment, I received a call from an unknown number. The person claimed that they were calling from MasterCard and according to them, I hadn’t paid my credit card instalments for 3 consecutive months. Clearly it was a huge lie because I was paying them all properly. 

The person from MasterCard didn’t seem to believe me though. They kept telling me that I had to pay them the entire due amount ( the total of those 3 instalments) within a week otherwise they would take legal action against me. It was a huge nightmare because I made consistent payments with only a slight delay in the last month. To clarify this situation, I contacted the customer support of Nubank to find out why they hadn’t processed any of my instalments. 

Nubank’s customer support isn’t responding. They remain silent and ignore my emails and calls. There’s no way that they aren’t receiving my mail because I have sent them 4-5 emails by now. It’s obvious to me that Nubank is avoiding me because they don’t want to respond.

The person from MasterCard kept calling me and kept pressuring me to pay them the full instalments. At first I thought they were a scammer posing to be from MasterCard. I showed them my transactions and my payments through Nubank but they told us that they didn’t receive any of it. According to the representative from masterCard there was some sort of ‘technical issue’ with Nubank and I had to pay them the amount in full. 

I ended up paying MasterCard through another account. Nubank is a part of MasterCard’s network and they have authority to issue MasterCard’s credit cards but for some reason, these people don’t process instalment payments properly.

Nubank’s customer support is HORRIBLE and they don’t respond to any queries or questions. I contacted them through the website, as well as through the app, but they don’t respond anywhere. 

After this entire fiasco, I wanted to find out why Nubank didn’t process my instalments. I have tried to cancel my Rewards program subscription (which Nubank requests you to purchase many times) but again, they aren’t responding. These people are scammers. Once they get you trapped, there’s no easy escape. 

“Nubank’s credit card program is a scam. They don’t process your instalment payments properly and then bully you to pay more than you had to.” 

I had to incur more debt to pay off those instalments and I can’t find any solution to this problem either. Nubank is clearly a scammer. Here I was, thinking they were some revolutionary digital banking company but no, they are just an online scam, nothing more. 

No One Knows The Extent of This Scam

After undergoing so much, I started wondering how many people are facing this problem. I googled it but there aren’t any customer reviews of Nubank available on the internet. They are not present on any review site so I couldn’t find another user of this platform too. So no one can know how many people have actually become victims of this credit card scam. 

That is why I wrote this article. I want more people to know how terrible the customer support of Nubank truly is and why no one should take the risk of applying for their credit card.

Moreover, just imagine how badly they would treat their borrowers if they can treat their credit card customers this way. I feel bad for those who have not realized how huge this Nubank scam is. 

We don’t know how many other people have lost their hard-earned money because of Nubank and their terrible policies. They are rich and they have many resources to run this scam. I’m worried that before anyone would realize what’s going on, the damage would’ve been too much. If it can happen to a client who had an account for over a year, it can happen to anyone. 

Nubank Review: They ARE Scammers

Even though I have sent them 4-5 emails and have waited for weeks, I didn’t get any response from Nubank about my credit card fiasco. It’s obvious to me that Nubank is planning to steal from other people and has no intentions to provide good services. Their digital banking account is just bait so people would avail their other services, credit cards and loans. 

Nubank has no customer support so even if you lose your money or if they botch your instalments, you can’t do anything about it. I ended up in debt because of Nubank.

Please avoid Nubank and tell others to avoid them too!” 

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Nubank is running a scam through its credit card scheme. They are vicious thieves. Stay miles away from Nubank and its products.

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