Oncidium Capital – Fraudulent Scheme of Evan Torok

Oncidium Capital is a private capital company based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The company has received serious allegations of scamming its customers through deceptive practices and shady means. 

In the following Oncidium Capital review, I will shed some light on these complaints and help you understand why you should avoid doing business with them. 

Here, the reviewer says that people should avoid doing business with Oncidium Capital and its owner Evan Török. 

oncidium capital

He highlights that Evan had received $20,000 through a wire transfer in December 2021. 

It was part of the transaction ‘underwriting fees’ Evan was charging the client for securing a position in a deal. 

However, Evan processed it through Renel James of Eros Global Administration which he claimed was an independent company. This company is a subsidiary of the Ninety One group, a UK-based firm. 

The purpose of the wire transfer was to fund the reviewer’s legitimate oil and gas project in the US.

In a Confirmation Letter, Renel had specified that Eros Global Administration assets Oncidium Capital for these services globally. 

Also, the reviewer highlights t hat Renel’s letter said her firm assists Evan’s company for projects like his. 

Moreover, the letter confirmed that Oncidium Capital had over $251,000,000 to meet the client’s requirements. 

The review points out that he sent the $20,000 to Oncidium Capital through KBFRX. It’s a FCA regulated firm. 

Afterwards, the money reached Renel James who gave the reviewer a receipt on 7 December, 2021. 

The reviewer says that the deadline has since passed but Evan Torok hasn’t completed the process and refuses to issue a refund. 

How Evan Torok Stole $20,000 from a Client (Complaint)

In his complaint, the reviewer highlights that Evan Torok has been behaving unprofessionally ever since he received the money.

He points out that the Oncidium Capital owner makes excuses about everything and doesn’t perform his duty as well. According to the reviewer, Evan has made excuses about holidays, medical problems as well as banking issues to avoid responsibility. 

The reviewer shares some text messages where the Oncidium Capital says his investment is “too low” or the quote is not worth his while. 

Additionally, he highlights that he has tried to maintain a professional dialogue with Evan Torok. 

However, the Onicidium Capital owner either ignores the reviewer’s messages or replies with a small vague message with no substance. 

Furthermore, the reviewer highlights that for the past 3 months, Evan Torok has been avoiding his phone calls as well. 

Because of such shady behavior for months, the review suspects that Oncidium Capital stole his funds. 

He hopes that he will be able to get a refund through legal counsel and additional legal action. 

The reviewer highlights that he has even contacted several government authorities in Cape Town and London. However, for the last two weeks, Oncidium Capital has been blaming the reviewer for their nonperformance. 

They claim that by getting the authorities and Renel James involved, the reviewer made the entire process more difficult. Nevertheless, the reviewer points out that he only contacted the authorities recently and it has been months since the transaction. 

“Oncidium Capital Blames its Clients For its Shortcomings”

When the reviewer had contacted Renel James, she told him that her firm had dissolved their partnership with Oncidium Capital. 

Although she didn’t specify any reason why she dissolved the partnership. Later, she began acting defensive and hostile towards the reviewer. 

oncidium capital

The reviewer suspects that she might have some shady dealings with Evan Torok 

While the reviewer is still waiting for his money, he warns others that they should be wary of doing any business with Oncidium Capital and Evan Torok. 

He suggests avoiding them as they prey upon gullible businesses and are seasoned con artists. 

Updates on the Oncidium Capital Review: 

The reviewer has posted several updates on his complaint against Oncidium Capital. I have shared them here: 

First Update: 

oncidium capital

The reviewer shares that he has met another victim of Evan Torok and Oncidium Capital. 

This person had a similar experience with the company. They have been waiting for 18 months to get their funding but they barely get any responses from these guys. 

In this update, the reviewer asks if there are other victims to please come forward and share their experiences as well. 

Second Update: Another Victim Lost $50,000 with Oncidium Capital

oncidium capital

This time, the reviewer shares the story of another victim of Evan Torok. The victim lost around $50,000 to this swindler. 

However, Renel James was not involved in the scheme because the victim was located in Europe. 

Also, the reviewer says the pattern is similar to how Evan had scammed him. He says Evan Torok poses as a successful funding provider when in reality he is nothing more than a sham. 

Furthermore, the reviewer highlights that the Oncidium Capital owner is trying to market himself as a proud christian to distract people from his twisted fraudulent scheme. 

Third Update: Another Victim Comes Forward After Losing $63,000

oncidium capital

Here, the reviewer shares the story of another victim who lost $63,000 to Oncidium Capital. 

He highlights that this victim is also from Europe. 

Like the other victims, this one had paid Evan Torok to get an investment. However, as soon as Evan received the funding, he stopped responding to the victim. 

Furthermore, Renel James behaved in a similar fashion. She threatened the victim to make sure he doesn’t share his tale anywhere else. 

Fourth Update: European Victim Lost $12,000 to Oncidium Capital

oncidium capital

The reviewer shares that Even Torok has scammed another individual in Europe for $12,000. 

He says Oncidium Capital is nothing but a criminal enterprise trying to scam other people. 

The reviewer highlights that Renel James and Evan Torok pulled the same scam with this victim. 

Fifth Update: More Information on Evan Torok

Here, the reviewer shares that he has heard from three more victims of Oncidium Capital now. 

Apart from that, he has been able to confirm that Evan has a history of abusive and threatening behavior. Furthermore, the reviewer confirms that Renel James is complicit in Evan’s shady schemes.

Also, he highlights that Evan is a regular “user” and uses multiple aliases to get more victims. 

Furthermore, he shares that he has heard from three more victims of this guy. 

In total, the reviewer has confirmed at least 10 victims of Oncidium Capital. 

Latest Update: 

The reviewer shares that the tally of victims has increased to 16. However, one thing he has recently learned is that Evan Toko is a regular narcotics user. 

Hence, the reviewer says there is no chance this man is a Christian because his activities are extremely vile. 

Also, the reviewer appreciates all the people who showed him support. 

oncidium capital

According to the latest update, there are a total of 22 victims so far. There could be more. 


After going through these points, it’s clear that Oncidium Capital is not as reliable as it markets itself to be. 

The firm has received serious allegations of defrauding consumers and business owners. 

You should avoid dealing with such businesses as you risk losing a lot of your money and energy. 

For example, Peter Kondrashev is a notorious oligarch who has been using his position to defraud investors of his ventures for years. 

On the other hand, you have the case of Foxane, an offshore broker using illegal marketing tactics to get more victims. 

Hence, beware of Oncidium Capital. 

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Oncidium Capital is a private capital firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. The firm’s owner has received allegations of defrauding multiple consumers through false promises and fraudulent schemes.

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