Option24.net – A Menacing Broker

Option24.net - A Menacing Broker
Option24 does not have any regulation document that shows that the company is regulated. Hence, avoid this firm.
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Option24 is an offshore broker offering the most sophisticated trading tools to investors. It claims to be a secure platform to invest your money. However, before you invest your money in any platform, you need to consider some factors in your mind.

The company provides an opportunity for all traders to be benefited. The platform arranges seminars, and webinars and offers trading tools to grasp more from the trading world. Beware, don’t trust what is mentioned on the website, and collect some facts before you invest your hard-earned money.

Option 24 attracts new clients with fascinating words to catch their attention. Don’t trust just by appearance, instead, go with a company that is genuine and reputable in the market. Option 24 claims to provide reliable education and a guide to understanding the market. Unfortunately, clients do not avail of any educational material on the website. This is only to attract people and sell the services.

We suggest you choose one of the best trading companies that offer transparent services and give the best trading experience. Choose a company that applies tried and tested traits and offers sensible results.

Option24 focuses on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, and metals, among other investment options. Option 24 is not done professionally. Trading is not a piece of cake, and you should fully understand the value of investing money and getting a profit. Option 24 does not show how it operates and how it handles volatility in the market. Stay wise and don’t get into a trap.

Did You know?

CFD (contract for differences) is an advanced trading tool. CFD is a contract between an investor and a CFD broker to exchange the ‘true value’ of a financial entity, that can be securities or derivatives.

Option24.net Review

Option24 provides live sessions, 5 days a week, and guarantees more than 1K+ trading instruments. The company offers a spread as low as 0.6 and offers very high leverage up to 1:888. This sort of high leverage may put you at a great loss. The system is not transparent to attract novice traders into the company.

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Moreover, the system does not reveal the algorithm the software uses to earn desirable profits. Hence, you will end up purchasing tools that will only make your trading experience worse.

Option24 assures its customers of personal account managers, access to market research, and complete video tutorials. Thus you should expect to find expert services from people who understand the market. Option 24 does not reveal any information about the founders and the employees. Scammers hide personal data from traders since they open clone companies and attempt to rob more innocent customers.

How Option24 Operates?

Option24 does not operate professionally, yet they promise massive attractive returns. They promise traders bonuses of up to $5000, and they assure investors of daily trading signals. To access their services, they have 16 platforms, accessible on multiple devices. Accordingly, the trading world is not child’s play and how Option24 aims to invest in a walk in the park is unknown.

Option24 operates anonymously, and it’s unheard of that unsung people will generate profits for you. The company expects you to share personal data, yet they do not reveal any similar information. The company claims to provide customer support on 24/5, but no one is sure about the feasibility. The software is compatible with MT4 and MT5 and it is the only positive factor for the company.

Moreover, Option24 offers various ways to collect funds and lure you into making a deposit. Also, promise a massive bonus on the first deposit and guarantee huge returns. Hence when you fall for the bait and make a warranty that is the end of business between you and them.

Option 24 does not reveal what is going on in trading activities. The system is not offering transparent services. The company is not showing the people working behind the system and they can get off whenever they want. This will end up in losing your investment as you won’t be able to trace them.

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No Funds Safety

The company does not reveal any evidence of successful transactions Also, they do not show a demo account to test the software before investing your money. We suggest you not invest with a company that does not give clear evidence. Your funds’ safety should be the company’s top priority. Option 24 operates anonymously, so beware about investing your money with this company. Also, your information is not secure and it may get into the wrong hands.

No Deposit and Withdrawals Policy

The company does not reveal what the minimum trading amount is. Clients do not avail of the funding options to invest their money into the account. If you still want to invest with a shady broker, you can use your credit or debit card. They allow you 540 days to request a chargeback. You cannot get your money refunded even if you are not satisfied with the services.

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw funds whenever you want. The company does not show any evidence of successful withdrawals made by customers. Scammers like Option24 will find ways to hold your funds and not pay you back. We suggest you choose a company that has a withdrawal policy and returns your funds on time.

Option24 Customer Support

Option 24 shows a location address; No.5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize, C.A. During our research, we find that this address has no relation with the company. This is just a trap to catch the attention of the investors. Once you deposit your money, you will not get any support and there is no credibility in the information they provide. Moreover, the support team says only good words about the company.

No Rules and Regulations

Option 24 does not have any regulation document that shows that the company is not adhering to regulation. Also, it is illegal to collect funds (in most countries, if not all) from a company that does not adhere to the regulation.

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Unregulated companies use false registration data to trap more victims. You should count on regulated Forex brokers that are transparent in investing. First, verify the regulation document and then invest your money.

3.1Expert Score
Zero honesty!

Option 24 does not offer transparent services and there is a lot of ambiguity. Scammers find multiple ways to trap clients into investing their money. Option24 even claims to have won awards that are unknown in the trading world. The company states nothing sensible.
We suggest you trade with a Forex Trading Company that is not only genuine but, professional, reliable, and transparent services. Make sure to read reviews from reliable sources and do complete research before you invest your money.

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Option24.net – A Menacing Broker
Option24.net – A Menacing Broker

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