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Oro House Recovery Centers Reviews – 2023

As a three-time recipient of America's Best Addiction Treatment Centers by the Newsweek and Statista annual survey of industry professionals, Oro House is consistently recognized as one of leading addiction treatment centers in the country.

Oro House Recovery Centers is a drug treatment center that has won awards and has locations in Malibu, Los Angeles, and other parts of southern California.

Oro House offers inpatient detox, as well inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery programs in a luxury setting.

As a three-time recipient of America’s Best Addiction Treatment Centers by the Newsweek and Statista annual survey of industry professionals, Oro House is consistently recognized as one of leading addiction treatment centers in the country.

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Oro House is Legit Script certified, licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS), and received the Joint Commission’s prestigious Gold Seal of Approval® to ensure client-patients receive the highest quality of care.

With a dedication to healing those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as underlying mental health issues, Oro House has a robust Alumni program to ensure the continued success of their clients.

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Oro House Reviews by Alumni

Here is a sample of Oro House Reviews written in appreciation by former clients.

My stay at Oro House was life-changing. The staff and fellow clients had created a strong family-like bond, which they instantly welcomed me into. The dedication of the staff helped me to form an enthusiastic and motivated view of not only my recovery, but also my life. If I ever needed advice or direction, they were there. The foundation created in treatment was solidified by the positive environment and acceptance I encountered during my stay at Oro House by the Sea. I am truly grateful for that experience.

– Jacob, Alumni

When I came to Oro House, I was a broken soul. It seemed like everywhere I went I was shortly rejected and misunderstood. I remember the first night I met Jared and Evan. As soon as I walked onto the Oro House property, I felt a sense of safety and serenity as they showed me around their beautiful house. Every day at Oro House was a spiritual awakening like I’ve never had at any other time of my life. In my humble opinion, the spiritual journey that you will find yourself walking every day wile at Oro House is going to be one that will change your life completely for the better. I now wake up every day happy and sober. My relationship with my family is completely healed and stronger than it has ever been and my life is so big. I love Oro House and I give them my highest recommendations to anyone.

– Gary, Alumni

We feel so lucky that our daughter found Oro House. Learning about addiction and what it takes to get sober is one thing. Discovering how to practice sobriety, no matter what, in the real world out there, is another, and this is where Oro House does such an impressive job. Our sense is that Oro House provides a healthy, loving family situation, full of compassion and without judgment. From the moment our daughter came to Oro House, we felt sure she was in a safe space to continue her recovery and we have only become more and more certain of that, the more we learn. Evan and Jared clearly take each person from exactly where they are, and create an individualized path and environment with just enough support and just enough challenge so that each member gets what they need to make the transition to a clean and sober life. We, as parents, feel tremendously comforted by the sense of well-being and serious progress we feel from our daughter.

– Parent of Alumni

Oro House is by far the most supportive treatment center I have been to. The inpatient and sober living are exceptional to say the least.

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