Overlake Reproductive Health – Rude Staff, Unskilled Doctors

Overlake Reproductive Health is a clinic in Bellevue, Washington that calls you a liar if you have a negative experience with them and post it online. 

They have become infamous for their sarcastic and insulting responses to their client reviews. Run by Dr. Kevin Johnson, ORH has been operating since 1997 but it seems the clinic doesn’t care about its patients anymore. 

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I have shared their various negative reviews and their responses to them below. It will help you determine whether you should trust them with your future or not: 

What Overlake Reproductive Health Claims To Be About

Overlake Reproductive Health is an fertility clinic located at 11232 NE 15th St #201, Bellevue, WA 98004, US. Their phone number is 425-646-4700 and their website is fertileweb.com. 

The clinic opens from 9 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 12 PM on weekends. 

Kevin M. Johnson, MD is the medical director of this clinic. He is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. 

Khurram S. Rehman, MD is the reproductive endocrinologist at this clinic. Dr. Rehan joined this place in 2007 and earned his medical degree from St. George’s Hospital Medical School at the University of London, England. 

This clinic is affiliated with several hospitals – Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, Overlake Hospital Medical Center and Valley Medical Center. 

Overlake Reproductive Health offers various services including:

  • Egg freezing
  • Artificial insemination (IUI)
  • Donor embryo program
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Gender identification
  • Fertility preservation

And many more. 

Even with all of these highlights, it wouldn’t be worth it to trust these people. This fertility clinic has a ton of negative reviews where people share the horrible experiences they had with this place. 

Some of the most common complaints against Dr. Kevin Johnson’s clinic are about the lack of care and unethical billing practices. Below are some of the many reviews I found on this place: 

Client had a Miscarriage, Overlake Reproductive Health Didn’t Care

Overlake Reproductive Health review

Cat starts her review by saying it’s a money-hungry clinic. The people were quite friendly initially and she spent $2,000 on testing. Moreover, she got pregnant on CLOMID in the first round but had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and the clinic started recommending her to do IVF. 

She shares that CLOMID was obviously working and thought it would be good to try it out again. It made no sense to jump straight to the most expensive treatment option. 

Also, the nurses and staff became extremely cold. When she told them that she had a miscarriage, they didn’t say sorry or anything. They simply told her that she will have to see the doctor before they could give her any additional information. She was calling the clinic because she was scared and didn’t know what to do but the staff responded very coldly. 

Moreover, when she had an appointment with the doctor, he didn’t know that she had a miscarriage. She points out that the communication at this clinic is horrible. 

This happened when she had talked to the staff on phone and email. She also highlights that whenever she calls the clinic, it goes to voicemail. 

Cat says that you’d expect kindness from a fertility clinic but the people at this place only pushed her to more expensive procedures. She suggests this place to become more emphatic and kind.

Staff Constantly Lies to Clients, Doctor Gave the Wrong Diagnosis

Overlake Reproductive Health review

The reviewer shares that the staff at the front desk has a terrible attitude. According to the reviewer, they were waiting for the doctor for 30 minutes and when they asked the staff why it was taking him so long, they told the reviewer that he was reviewing their documents. 

Later, they saw the doctor come in from outside and he told the reviewer that he was delayed by traffic. 

The reviewer points out that there was no reason for the staff to lie yet they did. What’s worse is that Dr. Johnson responded to this complaint and said that the reviewer is the one who lied, not the staff. 

The reviewer did an HSG test at Overlake Reproductive Health and they told them the results were very bad. They told the reviewer to take the test again which cost around $800. 

Obviously, the reviewer couldn’t trust them anymore after seeing how easy it is for them to lie. 

2 months later, the reviewer got pregnant successfully. 

In his response, Dr. Johnson takes credit for the reviewer’s successful result by attributing it to HSG testing. However, the reviewer points out that the test wasn’t even good enough for the doctor to use for diagnosis yet they asked them to pay again. Moreover, the reviewer says that they hated how the clinic refused to take any responsibility for the mistakes it made. 

Dr. Kevin Johnson responds very unprofessionally to the complaints on his clinic. I have some of his rebuttals below. 

Overlake Reproductive Health Withheld the Client’s Records for No Good Reason

Overlake Reproductive Health review

The reviewer shares that she was appalled by her terrible experience with this fertility clinic. She points out that the staff went back and forth with her and her husband about billing. Moreover, the staff lied to her during her interaction with them. 

Disappointed with this place, she decided to go to another provider. But OPH refused to release her records for the transfer. 

Client Missed Her CLOMID Cycle Because of the Staff’s Poor Communication

Overlake Reproductive Health review

Mercedes shares that she went to see Dr. Kevin Johnson with her husband. Dr. Johnson suggested her to change her thyroid medication and recommended a highly expensive brand. When she later discussed his recommendation with her Thyroid doctor, he told her that there isn’t any difference between her current medication and the one Johnson suggested. 

Later, Mercedes had an appointment with the finance counselor and made her and her husband wait for 40 minutes. The finance counselor recommended the couple to get a home equity line to pay for the procedure. Mercedes points out that Overlake Reproductive Health has terrible pricing. 

She had asked them for a specific prenatal vitamin covered by her insurance but they never sent her the prescription even though she called them 4 times for it. 

Whenever she called the clinic, her call diverted to the nurses’ voicemails and they never got back to her. Because of such poor communication, Mercedes missed her CLOMID cycle. 

Later, she called the clinic 4 times to request them to transfer her records to a different clinic. But they didn’t respond. Finally, she had to go there herself to get her records. 

Even with such a painful experience, she decided to give this place another try. She called them to do a day 3 ultrasound and blood work but the clinic refused to see her saying that she and her husband aren’t a good fit. 

Overlake Reproductive Health Overcharged the Client Multiple Times

Overlake Reproductive Health review

According to the reviewer, you should only go to this clinic if you don’t mind paying twice. She also points out that you’ll have to dispute their excess charges with your bank multiple times. 

This all happened when the reviewer had already paid for everything. 

Clinic Doesn’t Give Call Backs, Doesn’t Explain the Test Results, Calls Negative Reviews False

Overlake Reproductive Health review

Elyse shares that she had an incredibly unprofessional and unempathetic experience. Jamie gave her the test results but she had no confidence in her responses as she wasn’t able to answer any questions. 

Then the staff member told her that she can take the test again in 3 months which cost $253. She asked the reception to have a doctor call her so she could discuss the results but received no call back for 4 business days. 

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Later, she called again and left a voicemail with the office manager. Still, she didn’t receive any call backs for 4 business days. She also says that anyone is free to contact her to validate her claims because the clinic calls any person who posts a negative review a liar. 

2 days after she posted this review, the clinic called her husband twice during business hours. Moreover, the husband didn’t know it was the clinic’s number. 

She also adds that she had paid for the consultation along with the tests so she expected a competent explanation. 

Lied to the Client About Insurance Coverage, Client Suspects Scam-like Intentions

Overlake Reproductive Health review

Kevin’s clinic told Brendan that his insurance didn’t cover lab work. He verified this with his insurance provider and they told him the opposite.

Brendan highlights that the clinic only wanted to bill him through another program so they could overcharge him with a higher price. He suspects so because the clinic refused to even talk with his insurance provider. 

Dr. Kevin Johnson Botched the Procedure, Wasted $15,000, and Caused Tremendous Emotional Suffering

Overlake Reproductive Health review

Clinic Wasted Precious Time Ruining the Sample Then Called Her a Liar for Posting a Review

Overlake Reproductive Health review

More Overlake Reproductive Health Reviews You Must Read:

Overlake Reproductive Health review

This is an updated review because Kevin started bragging about his clinic’s success rates in his response. As you’ll see in the later section of this review, this is his go-to tactic. He adds a few statistics in his response, demeans the reviewer and tries to distract the reader from the issue at hand. 

That’s very petty in my opinion. 

Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review
Overlake Reproductive Health review

Horribly Rude Behaviour By Overlake Reproductive Health Staff Recorded

As you must have read above, this clinic is not great at interacting with clients. But what makes it worse is the inflated ego of Dr. Kevin Johnson who posts sarcastic and spiteful responses on the negative reviews of this place.

In most of his responses, Dr. Johnson calls these complaints false and fake. The thing is, there are too many negative reviews and are all of them lies? 

It’s a common tactic among shady businesses and scammers to discredit the complaints of their victims. For example, Rising S Company is a bunker manufacturer whose bunker killed 3 people recently. Still, the company calls it slander when people highlight the problems present in their bunkers. 

The tone of every response this clinic posts is sarcastic. Take this response for example:

Notice how they say  we are overjoyed with your terrible review of our clinic. They never apologize for their terrible service or the fact that they wasted the reviewer’s money and time. Instead, they add insult to injury by responding with sarcastic remarks. 

These responses expose the reality of Overlake Reproductive Health. They don’t respect their clients, they don’t even care about them. All they care about is their brand name and their bank balance. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if Overlake Reproductive Health starts attacking this review with the same sarcasm and allegations. You might see multiple comments saying “everything said here is false and a lie”. Keep an eye on the comments of this post. 

Below are some additional unprofessional and pathetic responses this company gave to its disgruntled clients: 

Overlake Reproductive Health review

Overlake Reproductive Health Review: Conclusion

All of these details suggest that you can’t trust Overlake Reproductive Health. This clinic has way too many issues to begin with. 

They lie to their clients, botch fertility procedures, and then start calling you a liar if you complain. Certainly, you can find a better and more competent clinic in Washington. 

You don’t have to go to such an infamous place when there are so many infertility clinics in Bellevue. 

2.5Expert Score

Overlake Reproductive Health is an unreliable and dangerous clinic. They blame you for their mistakes and harass you if you post a complaint about them online. It would be best to avoid this practice and find a more compassionate and responsible clinic.

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  • Egoist doctors
  • Disrespectful
  • Take no responsibility
  • Horrible communication
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