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Chronology of an exceptional case (for the record)

April 14.2021:
– Youtube immediately suspends my account upon receiving multiple simultaneous false copyright claims of an individual (claiming he holds the rights to colorized editions of various public domain movies, without legalizing his claim through copyright registry).
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April 15, 2021:
– I send the following e-mail to the claimant:

‘To whom it may concern;

I’m informed by Google that my Youtube account is suspended due to your copyright claim.

You may have taken part in colorizing these movies. However, unless you fulfill the legal and financial requirements of owning the copyright of the colorized edition – and the restored edition of the original movie that you used to start with- , you can not claim so (adding a copyright graph to the video credits does not entitle you to that right).

Being a person familiar with such issues, I would like to ask you to send me the proof of ownership for the copyright of these movies, and/or remove your claim. I’ll be waiting for your reply and/or action before contacting Youtube on this issue.

Thanks in advance…
[email protected]

– I take the issue to ‘Youtube help forum’.

‘Re: Multiple strikes – account suspended

The ‘strike’ videos were uploaded months ago. They all passed copyright checks with ‘no issues’. No further warnings (regarding the change of their status – if any) were issued in the meantime.

Instantly, on April 14, the status of various videos are changed to ‘strike’ and my account is immediately suspended. ‘

Their response and following conversation:

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– I receive a negative and unsatisfactory response from the claimant.

– I decide to appeal the action.

April 16, 2021:
– As I prepare my appeal, I receive the following mail (One day after suspending my account, they inform me that they will now terminate it).
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– I share the issue on Youtube help forum. My message:

‘As I was preparing my appeal application, Youtube informs me that it deleted my account. Suspending yesterday, deleting today. What are you trying to do? You can’t stop me from appealing.’

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– Upon my post, Youtube help forum locks all of my messages. Only I can access it after logging in. They are not visible to any other person.

– I believe they will delete this one as well. But I will keep posting it to all relevant forums until they fix their methods and approach.

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